Book Giveaway An Ordinary Toad’s Extraordinary Night

AOTEN Book CoverHow An Ordinary Toad’s Extraordinary Night Came To Be

My focus during my zoology studies was  on big cat conservation and they are considered charismatic megafauna.   The term charismatic megafauna refers to large well-known animal species that attract a disproportionate share of the public’s attention.  The tiger is the world’s most popular animal according to a survey conducted by animal planet. The big cat even beat out the dog for the number one position. These species have the “it” factor that grabs the public’s attention and desire to save them. The koala certainly is charming, but a small toad…perhaps not.

Toads and Frogs Need Protected Too!

What about all the living beings that aren’t cute and cuddly or fierce and admired.  Driving one day, I thought about toads.  Then I wondered why frogs seem to be the preferred amphibian.  I imagined a young toad named Andrew. I wish I could tell you why his name is Andrew but I honestly don’t know. But I began to tell Gracey, she was a great listener, the story of a Andrew the young toad that wondered if his life might have been better had be been hatched a frog.  And that is how An Ordinary Toad’s Extraordinary Night
came to be.

One Year Anniversary

An Ordinary Toad’s Extraordinary Night was published on the day that we lost Gracey.  As you can understand, I wasn’t as enthusiastic as I might have been when the book was first available so I thought in honor of Gracey and her inspiration to help all living beings, I would reintroduce the book and offer two friends of The Tiniest Tiger a signed copy.  The illustrations are wonderful and are the work of the talented Rachael Mahaffey.

Andrew WalkingWhat Do You Like About Toads and Frogs?

I thought it would be interesting and perhaps fun to find out what you like about frogs and toads.   It can be anything at all about these wonderful amphibians. One winner will be chosen from the most creative comment. You can leave a fun fact about toads or frogs, or upload a photo of  you in a toad costume, your choice!

When you leave your comment you will be entered to win a  signed copy of our new book An Ordinary Toad’s Extraordinary Night.

The An Ordinary Toad’s Extraordinary Night Giveaway

Two  friends of The Tiniest Tiger will win a signed copy of An Ordinary Toad’s Extraordinary Night.  This contest to open to everyone, everywhere!

To Enter:
Enter your information in the contest widget so we know where to ship your prize if you win. Tell us in a comment below what you like about frogs and toads.  We love all living creatures.  One book winner will be chosen at random and one book will go to the most creative comment!

The comment below this post is important. If your name is drawn and you didn’t leave a comment, another winner will be chosen.

The Rules:
This contest will end on June 3, 2014. Please one comment per person. I will enter all names in to The winner will be notified by email or through facebook depending on the contact information you provide. If you connect through facebook, check your Other messages not just your main messages. Make sure you are watching for an email from us. The subject line will say An Ordinary Toad’s Extraordinary Night Winner! Void where prohibited by law.

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  1. susansmoaks says

    we used to have african dwarf frogs as pets, they have since died but they were great pets

  2. Amanda Whitley says

    i used to have frogs when i was younger. i just liked that they were cool looking

  3. I love hearing their song 🙂

  4. Lorri Garelick Langmaid says

    Love the way they jump around!!! They so cool!!!

  5. I like that there are so many different books written about frogs and toads so we can learn about them.

  6. Aarone M. says

    I think that they are cool!

    • Congratulations Aarone! You are a won a copy of An Ordinary Toad’s Extraordinary Night. I will be putting that in the mail to you right away! Thank you so much for being a part of The Tiniest Tiger community.

  7. jenn1864 says

    I like that a group of frogs is called an army!

  8. Andrea Amy says

    I like that they eat bugs! And I think they are cute 😀

  9. My favorite thing about frogs and toads is that they eat mosquitos!! lol 🙂 Gotta love THAT!

  10. Kids always have fun catching frogs and tadpoles.

  11. Audrey Skinner says

    I love toads and frogs because it reminds me of my childhood and all the wonderful hours we would spend watching and chasing these creatures. It was such a simple but wonderful time.

  12. Ann Richter Hickox says

    I have always loved toads and frogs. When I lived in Michigan, we lived right near a swamp, so I was able to catch HUMONGOUS bullfrogs and awesomely cute tree frogs, and I loved it when all the tadpoles grew up and there would be what seemed like billions of baby toads hopping around – they were adorable!!!

  13. lazybones344 says

    I think some of them are kind of cute.
    Denise S

  14. Sherree Smith says

    I can’t believe I missed it, but I don’t have this book! I love to sit outside at night and listen to the frogs in the creek–it’s nature’s song, and I love all of nature.

  15. This book looks so cute! I like learning about all the different species of frogs and toads.

  16. Favorite of ours and the illustrations are amazing.