Rachael Ray’s Dinner For You and Your Cat #NutrishforCats Giveaway

Annie with Nutrish Bag

Rachael Ray’s Dinner for You and Your Cat

Our friends from Rachael Ray’s Nutrish for Cats sent us a Dinner for Two package. Right away, Annie was interested in finding out what was inside the brown paper bag.

Both Annie and I were happy to find not only Nutrish for Cats but also two great recipes straight from Rachael Ray’s kitchen for Paul and me too.  We chose to prepare the Teriyaki Chicken with Brown Whole Grain Rice for our dinner and selected the Real Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe with an appetizer of Ocean Fish & Chicken Catch-iatore for Annie, Eddie and Mercy.

Nutrish dinner for you and your cat

Both our meal and the cats meal are made with simple wholesome ingredients.  Rachael Ray’s Nutrish for Cats foods are made with real meat like chicken or fish and the high quality protein is always the first ingredient. There are no artificial flavors or preservatives and no meat by-products.

Since Rachael Ray Nutrish launched in 2008, proceeds from sales have raised more than $6 million for Rachael’s Rescue, which helps animals in need.  Your cats will love the  taste and you will love the good work Nutrish is doing to help rescue animals.

If you would like to try Nutrish for Cats pounce on the link to get a $2.00 off coupon for the Natural Dry Cat Food and a Buy 2, Get 1 Free coupon for the Natural Wet Cat Food.

Click here:  Rachael Ray Nutrish for Cats Coupons.

Nutrish Coupon imageDinner Preparation Time

Dinner time preparations began, and I gathered our serving dish, cutlery, dishes and the cats’ dishes too.

Nutrish Dinner Table Setting

Cook and Cats in the Kitchen

When I began to cook the sauce, it smelled wonderful!  It wasn’t long until not only were Annie, Eddie and Mercy supervising my cooking, but Paul came into the kitchen and said something smells great!

Annie was super interested in the chicken preparation.

Annie waiting for her dinner

Mercy kept moving a little closer too.

Mercy waiting for dinner

But it was Eddie that was first to pounce when dinner was served.

Eddie eating Nutrish Dinner

It didn’t take Mercy long to join Eddie at the dish.

Eddie and MErcy eating Nutrish

After all three cats were full and happy it was time for their after dinner entertainment.  Annie was the first to play with the Cosmic Cat Big Ol Catnip Sack that our friends from Nutrish sent in the gift bag while Eddie and Mercy attacked the paper bag.

Annie with Nutrish cat nip

Then it was our turn to enjoy the Teriyaki Chicken with  Brown Whole Grain  Rice we prepared for our dinner.  The recipe is delicious and I am sharing it with you here.

From the Kitchen of Rachael Ray

Rachael Ray's Teriyaki Chicken


For the rice:

  • 1 1/2 cups chicken stock
  • 1 tablespoon butter
  • 1 cup brown whole grain rice

For the sauce:

  • 1 cup chicken stock
  • About 1/3 cup Tamari or soy sauce
  • About 3 Tablespoons Mirin (rice wine)
  • About 3 Tablespoons dry sherry
  • About 2 Tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
  • 3 Tablespoons sugar
  • 2 thin slices fresh ginger root
  • 1 large clove garlic, crushed.

For the chicken:

  • 2 Tablespoons high-temperature cooking oil such as peanut or canola
  • 4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
  • Sea salt and coarse black pepper
  • 2 mild frying peppers, such as cubanelle or Anaheim, seeded and cut into thin strips.
  • 1 bunch scallions, cut into 2 inch pieces.


  • In a small pot, bring the stock and butter to low boil. Stir in the rice and cover; reduce the heat to a low simmer and cook according to the package directions.
  • Place the sauce ingredients in another small pot and bring to a boil. Let reduce by about half, 15 minutes at medium heat, at a low boil.
  • Add about 2 tablespoons cooking oil to a skillet and heat over medium-high heat. Season the chicken with light salt and pepper to your liking. Cook for 8-9 minutes, turning occasionally; remove.  Add the peppers and stir for 2-3 minutes, but let them remain tender-crisp. Add the scallions and toss for 1 minutes more; remove from the heat.
  • Slice the chicken across the breasts into 1/2 inch thick pieces.
  • Arrange the rice on plates or in shallow bowls and top with the peppers, scallions and chicken.  Drizzle the sauce evenly over the chicken and rice, then serve.

The Nutrish for Cats Giveaway

One member of The Tiniest Tiger community will win a  Nutrish Prize Package that will include a bag of new Nutrish for Cats and a sampling of Nutrish for Cats wet food. This giveaway is open to residents of the USA due to the prize containing food.  Sorry about that.

To Enter:

Enter your information in the contest widget so we know where to ship your prize if you win. Tell us in a comment below if you were cooking for you and your cat would you prefer to cook the salmon or chicken recipe.

The comment below this post is important. If your name is drawn and you didn’t leave a comment, another winner will be chosen.

This contest will end on July 27, 2014.  Void where prohibited by law.

This post is sponsored by Rachael Ray Nutrish. All thoughts and opinions are our own. As always, thank you for reading and supporting our sponsors.


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  1. Melanie Comello says

    I would most definitely cook salmon, I love it and so does my cat Hammerhead 😉

  2. susansmoaks says

    i would have to cook chicken

  3. BreanneT says

    I’d cook chicken.

  4. Betty Curran says

    I’d pick Salmon. That’s a big favorite here.

  5. I would pick Salmon.

  6. Stephanie Douglas says

    Wild caught salmon of course. We need those Omega 3’s!

  7. Wendi Watson says

    I would have to cook chicken he is more into chicken than salmon!

  8. I would cook chicken.

  9. I would cook chicken.

  10. Eric Rathbun says

    My cats like fishy stuff more than chicken so I would cook salmon for them

  11. Heather Dawn says

    My cat would love for me to cook salmon!

  12. Barbara Fox says

    I’d cook chicken. I can’t stand salmon so I pretend my cat doesn’t like it either 🙂

  13. Annabellainla says

    I would cook chicken for us since I’m unfamiliar with the taste of salmon
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  14. Jennifer R says

    If I were cooking for my cat, I would cook chicken.

  15. Samantha Daleo says

    I would cook her salmon.

  16. Darlene Carbajal says

    I would cook salmon. 🙂

  17. Sherry Henry Eckman says

    I would do salmon because my cats gravitate toward that taste the best!

  18. Sarah Jestings says

    I would cook chicken 🙂

  19. K Johnson says


  20. Debra Hall says

    i would have to cook chicken i do it about once a month as a treat

  21. Jill Myrick says

    I would cook chicken as both of my cats will eat chicken but only one of them will eat salmon.


  22. Lisa Voyce says

    It would be chicken. The cats love chicken.

  23. If I was I cooking for me and my cat, I would you cook salmon.

  24. What a nice treat all the way around, thank you for posting such delish giveaways! My cats are fish fanatics and everytime I have salmon or tuna I’d better share or risk loosing my entire plate by cats underfoot.

  25. Mary Jo Krause says

    Would love to win some Rachel Ray Nutrishe foods!!!!

  26. I would pick chicken.

  27. I would def cook chicken…we’re not big fans of fish.

  28. I think chicken, Leonardo loves that.
    {in the contest I am Margot Core on the automated entry form}

  29. sandy weinstein says

    i would use salmon, even though more expensive, i feel cats like salmon better. i cook salmon for my dogs. you should never give raw salmon to your pets.

  30. We would love either salmon or chicken. I most often cook chicken!

  31. Mags Germann says

    All of us LOVE natural food.. and we LOVE SALMON…it is what keeps up healthy.. 🙂

  32. Barbara McIntosh says

    I would cook salmon because my cats love it and, also, because I never eat chicken.

  33. I would cook salmon for my cat!

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    I’d cook salmon. i HATE salmon, but i’d sacrifice because my cats love it and they mean everything to me. 🙂

  35. Elisabeth says

    I would go for the chicken as I’m personally not a big fish fan.

  36. Alyson Amsterdam says

    We love chicken and seafood – so do the kitties, so they would be very happy if we cooked either for them! Since salmon is a special treat for them, I’d cook salmon, I think.

  37. Connie Marie says

    I would probably cook the chicken recipe even though Salmon is my favorite.

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    I would cook salmon 🙂

  39. I would cook salmon for all five of my kitties.

  40. Fisher and Jobi says

    In honor of my former pet fish, cats and I do not eat fish, but we do love chicken. I will pass the recipe on to Catdad, as I am banned from cooking.

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  45. Michelle says


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    We would love the chicken!

  48. Definitely chicken because I have at least one cat that doesn’t like seafood.

  49. Chicken! My cats love it almost as much as the human members of the family do.

  50. I would cook chicken. Thanks for the giveaway.
    Sue B

  51. mullin77 says

    I would cook salmon for my cat Jasmine
    Cathy Truman

  52. Sheree Harrell says

    Definitely the chicken. I have 4 cats and none of them like salmon, they are more into tuna. The teriyaki chicken sounds really really good – it’s like the first recipe I’ve seen when you make the teriyaki yourself instead of just from a bottle. The cats would get the wet food as I’m trying to get them off of dry food.

  53. Theresa Spaid says

    Sneaky and Mushu Love their chicken so it would have to be that.

  54. Cathy Keisha says

    TW loves Teriyaki Chicken so she would cook that. I love salmon. Right now I’m loving the Nutrish salmon kibble but TW says the wet food is too expensive.

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    oohh Chicken delight!~

  58. ktgonyea says

    I would go with the Salmon 🙂

    ktgonyea at gmail dot com

  59. Mary Jo Krause says

    Love the tiniest Tiger and Love Rachel Ray Nutrishe, let me win!!

  60. Cat Wisdom 101 says

    Chicken for both except hubby who is vegetarian.

  61. I would cook organic chicken so I could control the quality and nutrition better for both us-and I have done this.

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    Chicken for both of us 🙂 !!!

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    Sounds good, my cat would like chicken. She eats just about anything, though.

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    I think I would make chicken, though my cat loves salmon as well! She’s always begging for samples of most any kind of meat that I cook.

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  69. samessing says


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    Chicken wins hands down every time! 🙂 Good giveaway. Thanks! I love RR and TTT! 🙂

  71. My kitties and I both love salmon. They love to supervise me when I am cooking, just like Annie and Eddie >^..^<

  72. catchatcaren says

    this was just FANTASTIC!! A zillion times better than mine! xoxoxo

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    I would cook salmon for both (all) of us. Preferably wild salmon and I’d grill it with citrus for myself and plain for the crew.

  79. Youtube subscriber as Amy Orvin

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