A Vacuum That Eats Cat Hair For Lunch #neatobestpetvacuum

Neato disclosure Neato hair ball image

Neato robotics Vacuum Eats Cat Hair for Lunch

With three cats in the house we seem to have cat hair accumulating ten times more than when we had one cat. I seem to find little dust bunnies lurking underneath the furniture or even blowing like tumbleweeds across the wide open floor. Paul and I both have allergies so keeping up with the indoor pet hair is a priority. We try to clean up every day to keep the house free from dust bunnies and cat hair, but it sure would be nice if we could schedule  the vacuuming to run all by itself!

Then I learned  the Neato Robot Vacuums are automatic and you can schedule your Neato to run daily. These robotic vacuums have no winding cords and are bagless. And no more dust and dirt particles hanging around because this powerful little vacuum can pick up dust and dirt particles up to .03 microns!  This little vacuum eats cat hair for lunch!

The Neato Robot Vacuums are recognized for their smart  navigation, powerful suction, design features and brushes to clean hard to reach spots and they work incredibly well for pet hair and dirt across a variety of floor surfaces.  In fact the Neato Robot Vacuums have been dubbed “Best For Pets” by industry experts and publications  such as DailyTekk, PC Magazine and PetGuide.

Eddie in comfy cocoon looking forward.

It’s true. I contribute to the cat hair situation in our home.

Neato Botvision™

The Neato Botvision navigation enables the vacuum to navigate around objects, into tight corners, under beds, move across carpet to hardwood to tile with ease and has powerful suction and brushes.  The laser-guided navigation is the same technology used in the Google driverless car.   I think this video will help you get a better idea of the amazing features of the Neato Vacuum.


Neato Best For Pets Sweepstakes is Coming!

neato logo Would you like to have a little robot doing your vacuuming for you too?  Check back on November 20th to find out how you can win one of the Neato Botvac 85 to clean up the pet hair in your home.  Let me know what you think about this cool vacuum and if you would use one in your home in the comments below.


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  1. 'Sharon Pellegrino says

    I need one of these so bad. I have 8 cats but struggle keeping up with the cat hair due to a permanet condition that makes it impossible to vacumn anymore. What a dream this would be. Great idea

  2. katboxjanitor says

    Eddie – don’t worry about contributing to the cat hair situation.
    Your family love every hair of yours…on or off your handsome self.

  3. Roxanne Coryell says

    I’d LOVE one of these!!! I can’t keep up with the cat hair around here, and neither can my old vacuum 😉

  4. I absolutely could use one of these! I hope good luck is on my side with this giveaway!

  5. WolfsRealm says

    this looks great. i’m wondering about the capacity though. does it have the ability to know when it’s full? too bad there’s no way for it to empty itself too.

  6. naturegirly says

    Thanks for sharing the new products! This really looks like something any cat household should give a try!

  7. I would SOOOO use one (or two) of these. With 4 cats of my own, and a shelter currently housing another eight, I could probably wear it out in no time flat ! I know all the sweeping and vacuuming wears me out, lol

  8. that is sooo cool, i’m gonna check it out, OR maybe i’ll get lucky and win it!

  9. Nicole Dallal says

    I wonder if he could cope with 10 cats and 2 german shepherds… hmmmm. Let’s give it a shot.

  10. That is neato (did you see what I did there?) I would definitely use one of these in my apartment. I have some areas that are very difficult to get to with a standard vacuum cleaner.

  11. yes. yes i would.

  12. Patricia Ruppert says

    Are you kidding me? I SO need this! With 4 cats, one of which is long haired, there is always cat hair flyin around, not to mentio litter outside the litter pans

  13. Oh, yeah I would definitely use the Neato Robotics vacuum in my home! I have 3 cats and their hair is everywhere, no matter how often we vacuum. Of course, it really collects under the couch and beds……we all know how it is 🙁

  14. Looks like a great tool to keep the fur balls from floating across the floor!