Give Thanks for Cats and Warmth

Annie in front of fire

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The Polar Vortex Returned With an Icy Blast

Typically we have Fall days with mild temperatures to enjoy the autumn leaves. Usually November is sweatshirt weather  and the cats are able to play all day in the sun room. The weather is normally mild enough that we can leave the doors open to the enclosed sun room and not even have to fire up the furnace.

Eddie and Annie watching the snow

But this November, the polar vortex returned with an icy blast and brought with it the first significant snow of the season. Eddie and Annie watched the snow falling with great interest from the warmth of their bedroom perch. With their sun room privileges limited due to the cold, the three cats play, wrestle and sleep by the warmth of the fire.

Cat Naps By The Fire

Annie and Mercy in front of fireplace

The cold weather reminds us to slow down a bit as we prepare for the winter ahead. I  admit that I like the feeling of being cozy by the fire, drinking hot tea with a good book and the company of our cats.  Paul’s mom loves the fireplace too because it helps keep her warmer and she enjoys watching the cats play.

Mercy on the mantle

When Mercy has had enough togetherness with Annie and Eddie he heads to higher ground. Mercy has staked his claim to the mantle above the fireplace. Not only is it super warm but he can survey the entire house from this vantage point. Annie and Eddie have not challenged Mercy for this space. They seem to know that their older cousin needs his alone time.

Eddie by the fire glow

Eddie prefers to sit a bit further away from the fire but still bask in its glow. I often find him curled up on the ottoman close to Paul’s mom on the afternoons the fire is burning.

Annie in front of fire

And Annie, well she pretty much camps out by the fire. Even when the fire is out, she will stretch out long and wait until we light it again.  Times like these make me feel warm inside too as I give thanks for our cats that enrich our lives and make our family complete. I am also grateful for the safety and shelter of a warm home. So much to be grateful for. This week along with so many other things, I give thanks for cats and warmth.

Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving week!

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  1. We got that kind of weather here too. Looks like your kitties have some warm places to lay. So cute.
    Sue B

  2. catchatcaren says

    LOVED the coziness and warmth in this post! Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving week too!

  3. Savannah so enjoys having our gas fireplace turned on. She lies on the couch, facing the flames, and become mesmerized by their motion and the sound. It has nothing to do with any warmth as it doesn’t provide any; just ambiance! So many homes in California do not allow wood fires in the fireplace any longer.

  4. Ann Richter Hickox says

    My heater is Ralphie – he loves to lay on top of me when I’m sleeping, anyway, which is a definite advantage during the winter (not so much for the summer, however :P). During the day when I’m not home, I have various warm blankets and cat beds laid out, and when I come home after work, he’s usually been snuggled up in one of them, but once I do get home and sit down, I become the warmer – I think he is secretly in love with my microfiber robe 😉 I’m thankful for Ralphie, as he’s helped ease me through the grief of losing Peanut, and he’s begun to take on some of her habits – she was very vocal and talked to me a lot, and he’s doing that now – and I sometimes wonder if he senses my sadness and is trying to help. I am thankful for having found The Tiniest Tiger and being part of the ‘family’, I very much look forward to seeing the emails and the adorable pictures of the ‘kids’. Thank you so much, for sharing your lives with me. <3

  5. My cat loves my electric infrared heater stove. It looks like a real fire so he is really cute sitting there watching the flames. The heat blows out at the bottom and he likes to sit and lie in front of it. He rolls and stretches when I go over there and pet him.