Himalayan Blue Pagoda Drinkwell Fountain Giveaway

Himalayan Pagoda

PetSafe Introduces New Color for Drinkwell Pagoda Fountain.

After garnering the majority of votes during the DIY Network’s Blog Cabin 2014 People’s Choice voting period, PetSafe® brand is proud to announce that Himalayan Blue is the new color offered for its popular Drinkwell® Pagoda Fountain.
More than 390,000 votes were cast for the next pet fountain color, with Himalayan Blue beating out Taupe by receiving 76 percent of votes. PetSafe’s Drinkwell Himalayan Blue Pagoda Fountain is now available.

Your Cat Needs Water

Did you know your cat needs approximately one ounce of water per pound of body weight each day? Ensuring proper pet hydration is extremely important to PetSafe.

“Dehydration in pets is a serious issue that can lead to major health problems,” Randy Boyd, president and CEO of Radio Systems Corporation, makers of the PetSafe brand, said. “PetSafe is proud to offer products such as the Drinkwell Pagoda Fountains that provide unlimited access to fresh, free-falling water, which is essential to a pet’s overall health and well-being.”

As the only pet fountains developed by a veterinarian, PetSafe’s Drinkwell pet fountains were invented in 1994 by Dr. Mary Burns, after noticing that her cat, Buckwheat, would only drink from a running faucet and would wait all day for Dr. Burns to turn the faucet on for her. In addition to providing the moving water source that cats (and dogs) seek, PetSafe’s Drinkwell pet fountains aid with proper metabolism, energy conversion and temperature regulation, as well as promote healthy kidney function and prevent urinary tract infections and disease in pets.


Pagoda fountains PetSafe

Available in Red, Traditional White Too!

Also available in Red and Traditional White, the PetSafe® Drinkwell® Pagoda Fountain is a stylish, ceramic fountain that freshly filters and continuously recirculates 70 ounces of free-flowing water for pets, keeping it cleaner and fresher than a normal water bowl. The ceramic design is more hygienic, easy to clean (top-rack dishwasher safe) and looks great in your home. The upper and lower dishes provide two drinking areas for pets, and the dual patented free-falling streams add oxygen for freshness, which encourages pets to drink more.

Features of the Fountain You and Your Cat Will Love

  • Ceramic design is more hygienic, easy to clean, and looks great in the home
  • Dual patented free-falling streams add oxygen for freshness and encourage pets to drink more
  • Upper and lower dishes provide two drinking areas for pets
  • Low-voltage 12V system with submersible pump for safe and quiet operation

The Himalayan Blue Pagoda Drinkwell Fountain Giveaway

One member of The Tiniest Tiger community will win the beautiful Himalayan Blue Pagoda Drinkwell Fountain.

 How To Enter

Enter your information in the contest widget so we know where to ship your prize if you win.

Leave a comment below this post telling us whether you have a water fountain for your cat or if you would like one.

 This giveaway is open to residents of the USA only due to weight of fountain.


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  1. Connie Tucker says

    No we don’t have a water fountain for our cats, but I have been thinking about getting one for them.

  2. I do not. I have never seen anything like this before.

  3. californiapoppy says

    I do NOT have a water fountain for my cats… I have four cats…Squirty, Mortimore, Milley and Squirty. Cheryl Reinhardt californiapoppys@yahoo.com

  4. Donna Kellogg says

    My cats just have a water bowl

  5. AngelaCisco says

    I do not but seems like a good idea.

  6. I do not. I have never seen anything like this before.

  7. I do not currently have one for my cat. Didn’t even know they existed but it’s an absolutely slick concept so am hoping to change my current non-possessing status here shortly. 🙂

  8. Emily Morelli says

    I don’t have one but I think she would like it.

  9. jules mcnubbin says

    i have a petmate fountain that my pets use, its old and not very attractive! they would LOVE this one!

  10. I do not have a water fountain for my cat.

  11. Betty Curran says

    I don’t have a fountain and I know they would love to have one.

  12. trisha mckee says

    I do not have a water fountain for my cat, but I would love to have one.

  13. Brittney House says

    I do not have a water fountain.

  14. We don’t have one for our cats, but I know they would love this.

  15. Karen Dunlap says

    I do not have a fountain for the cats but have been looking to purchase one.

  16. Laurie Murley says

    No i dont but she would love this

  17. Lisa Pecora says

    We do not have one but they would love one!!

  18. Allison Colony says

    I don’t have a fountain, but would like to have one for my cat. I think my cat would love to have one.

  19. Angela Cash says

    I have one fountain and a couple of water bowls around the house for my cats. They all seem to prefer the fountain so I would love to get another.

  20. Richard Hicks says

    We do not have one…..only water bowls for them

  21. Samantha Daleo says

    We do have a fountain but its old and discolored and not as free flowing as this one.

  22. Karen Drake says

    We don’t have a water fountain for our cats, I would love to have this in the Blue.

  23. I don’t have a water fountain for my cats. I have considered it though since they like to drink out of the bathtub.

  24. Loki had a stainless steel one but the pump died. 🙁

  25. tinareynolds says

    No we dont we just a simple dish love the benefits from this

  26. Mary Jo Krause says

    My cats would love this in blue!!!

  27. Lauren Eggers says

    No I dont, and she wont drink from her bowl even if its fresh. She does like to drink from the toilet though 🙁

  28. Carolyn Daley says

    No, I do not have a water fountain for our cats. I think both of our boys would have fun with it. I am curious to see how my Snowshoe Siamese reacts because he would probably play with the streaming water.

  29. I do not have a water fountain for my cats.

  30. No, my cat doesn’t have an official fountain. I have caught him trying to drink from the tub faucet, though.

  31. No, I don’t have a water fountain for my cats!

  32. nickie burke says

    I do not

  33. I do not

  34. Shadow Dance Ranch Kittehs says

    We had one, but it stopped working. No, it wasn’t our fault either, no matter what our Momma says! We would sure like to have one like this though. It is beautiful.

  35. Connie KittyBlog says

    I have one, but I have seven cats

  36. Tanya White says

    no but he likes to drink alot of water and him and my dog would share it

  37. No, he doesn’t have a fountain, he shares a bowl with the dog. (His choice!) But I’m sure he would love this one. I know I would, it’s beautiful!

  38. No I don’t have one, but would love to!

  39. I have a fountain for my boyz, but it’s old and not a very nice fixture in my kitchen. I know that both my boyz and I would love an updated fountain! Plus the blue ceramic is a beautiful color!

  40. I have had a fountain in the past but it became too much work to keep clean. The blue ceramic looks beautiful. Both my cats enjoy drinking from faucets so getting another fountain would be great and I love the sound of falling water.

  41. My kitties don’t have a fountain, but i would love to let them try one! I’m sure they would enjoy it 🙂

  42. queencatlady says

    My kitties have had a water fountain for quite a few years now that shows its wear and tear and signs of being on its last leg, so having a new one to last us another several years would be a dream and give me piece of mind they were getting the water they need in the way they like it.

  43. No my cats don’t have one, they share the dogs water bowl

  44. Carol Roberts clark says

    no mam i do not have one for my cats

  45. amysmeltzer says

    no but I think it would be good

  46. No fountain here, a water bowl or a slow drip from them bathroom faucet.

  47. I don’t have one as of yet, but planning on getting one. I have a cat room with several rescued former feral cats, and a water fountain would be perfect for them.

  48. Camille Hector says

    Nope, that’s why I’d love to win this

  49. I have one that is clunky and ugly. AnD lOUD!

  50. KittehLover says

    I would love a water fountain for my kitteh!

  51. katboxjanitor says

    I do have pet fountains, but I could use an update on one of them (after about 6 years of use). This one would be awesome for both feline and (visiting) canines.

  52. I would love to have this fountain for making sure everyone gets a turn, since I have bossy cats and one fountain.

  53. I don’t currently have a fountain, but would love one. Thanks!

  54. I don’t. But I do have a cat that loves to drink out of a faucet, so sure he would love this!

  55. Lorena Keech says

    No we don’t have a fountain.

  56. Elines Acevedo says

    I don’t but, i would really like to.

  57. I do not have a fountian for my 3 girls. I am sure they would love it.

  58. Sharon A. Allen says

    I don’t have a fountain for my Mini, but he would love a blue one! I think I would also just love watching my Mini using it and for me to just relax while doing it.

  59. Mechele Johnson says

    No, but it would be really nice! One of our cats is very picky and only likes running water out of the tap! It is pretty annoying to always have to go turn it on for her and then remember to always turn the taps off. My kids are constantly getting the cat a drink and then walking away and forgetting to turn the tap back off when she is done.

  60. April Brenay says

    I’d love to my kitty could use one!

  61. I do have a fountain but it’s not this nice!

  62. We have used a fountain for the past twelve years. A few different kinds. They are wonderful and I will continue to use one as long as I have kitties.

  63. Danielle Sauers says

    I don’t currently have a water fountain for my cat, but I know that she would love to try this one!

  64. We don’t have a fountain for our cats, but I’ve been intending to get one for a while now.

  65. No we don’t have a water fountain for our cat.

  66. Peggy Sharpe says

    Snow Leopard

  67. Eugenia Hall says

    Not yet, but we’ve actively considered getting one.

  68. Alex V. Racey says

    THANK YOU so much for all of the good info and tips on how to be a better person to all of my feline friends & how to help all that I can to big cats also! I have nine cats now that I have rescued from the streets. It is my” full time job” caring for them on a fixed income. I would love a water fountain for my babies to enjoy for better health. =^..^=

  69. I imagine this fountain would be two fold- relaxing for humans as well as airated for the felines. I like multi-purpose tools!

  70. Dwight Inokuma says

    Kamalani would love this beautiful fountain to call her very own.

  71. MichelleNelson&Famly says

    We don’t have a fountain for our cats however I’m sure they would love it. The

    Drinkwell Pagoda Fountain is beautiful.

  72. Julie McDonough says

    I don’t have a Drinkwell fountain, but my cats love fresh water and would love this. I have a cat with urinary tract issues so anything that will encourage him to drink more water is great.

  73. I would love this for my kitty

  74. I have an original Drinkwell fountain, but my current kitty, Hugo, is FIV+ and gets chin acne. i bet having a ceramic fountain instead of a plastic one would help clear that up!

  75. My boys would love this!!!!

  76. Krystal Grohman says

    We don’t have a fountain, but I know my gang would love this.

  77. Myshimicat says

    My cats don’t have one but might like this one

  78. Roxanne Coryell says

    We don’t have a fountain, but I know my kitties would love one!!!

  79. No we do not have a water fountain

  80. Marilyn Hamill says

    Very pretty! I use a plastic Cat-It fountain, but this one would be nicer.

  81. WolfsRealm says

    i’d love to have a fountain that looks that nice. currently i just have tubs of water in the bathtub so that when my cats decide to ‘go swimming’ they don’t get water everywhere.

  82. I don’t have a fountain, but I think Rascal would enjoy it.

  83. Milene Mittelhauser says

    I don’t have a water fountain, but really would like to try one.

  84. Susan Beamon says

    I have had a fountain, but it broke. I haven’t replaced it yet. It would be nice to have one because right now Niles splashes the water in the water dish to get it moving before he drinks. That, as you can imagine, makes a mess, water on the floor, dirty water in the dish and wet footprints all over the house.

  85. We do have a wonderful fountain like this one only white. I would be thrilled to win this fountain to donate to Community Concern For Cats; they rescue feral kittens and all are fostered so I know one of the fosters would be so appreciative to receive this should I win. Thank you

  86. Melissa White says

    We have a small fountain, but with 4 cats we could use a larger one.

  87. Raine Dawson says

    I have a small fountain, it’s very nice but with 5 big kitties that don’t always share I also still use bowls. I really like the 360 design of the Pagodas.

  88. Linda Szymoniak says

    I don’t currently have a fountain for our three cats but have been wanting one. I’m absolutely in love with this one – even the color as I would put this on our kitchen table for the cats and my kitchen is blue. Right now my cats are sharing water bowls with five rescued Treeing Walker Coonhounds, one especially who leaves a lot of “back wash” so I want the cats to have heir own, clean water.

  89. Sheree Harrell says

    I have a while Pagoda fountain, but I would like to have a blue one as I have 4 cats who love to drink from the fountain. Plus I would love to have one for the catio.

  90. lazybones344 says

    No, I don’t have one.

  91. Sherree Smith says

    I had a fountain for my cats that they loved, but it sprang a leak and I had to toss it out. I want to get them another one because they love the moving water, and the movement keeps the water fresher for them.

  92. Shannon Baas says

    no, I don’t have a fountain for my cat.

  93. Holly Beth Jarvis says

    My baby Jasper has a plastic fountain, but he doesn’t care for the plastic. Would love to be able to give him a ceramic one!

  94. We used to have a plastic one but have learned that plastic is not good for some cats, so we need to get a ceramic one.

  95. disqus_0S16OLSCOR says

    No I don’t have a water fountain for my cat.

  96. Goodness, with a Sheriff who is in the honors program for plumbing, I don’t understand why I have neglected this part of his education. What a great opportunity to expand his field of learning. Great choice. Best of luck to all.

  97. Lacey Woodruff says

    I have a drinkwell already that my cats LOVE!!

  98. Tammy Dusenberry Cole says

    My tess will love this 🙂

  99. I have a fountain but could always use another since I have five cats.

  100. no our cats will love a water fountain

  101. David McAuliffe says

    My cats will lick this up!

  102. NO I do not have a fountain for my cat Rosanne

  103. I know some cats who would love this fountain

  104. I have the plastic drinkwell fountain. I would love to win one of these.
    Sue B

  105. I have one fountain now downstairs but could really use one upstairs as well as I have several cats.

  106. sarah oswald says

    No I do not have a water fountain for my cat I never heard of this before.

  107. Lynne Pitts says

    Had a fountain but it seemed to spend its time getting clogged. My boys would love one, though.

  108. Russ Kawecki says

    We need an extra for our babies. Currently have the drinkwell 360

  109. Oliver Mellors says

    I used to have an older design of cat drinking fountain, but it developed a leak where the impeller motor screwed into the frame. And the frame was plastic. This design is ceramic, so it would be preferable based on that fact alone; if it’s less likely to leak as well, so much the better.

  110. Christine G says

    I have tried many drinking fountains, but I am not a fan of plastic. I have tried stainless steel as well, but I am not a fan of a metallic taste in water so I imagine my cats wouldn’t either (then again, I wouldn’t like to eat mice, so who knows?) Anyway, these fountains are beautiful and ceramic, and my cats AND I would be thrilled to own one.

  111. No I don’t have a fountain yet, but MaggieMae loves to drink out of the bathroom sink. I know she would love one!

  112. I have 3 Drinkwell fountains for my 18 cats (and several water bowls as well) but more is always better! I would love to try one of these.

  113. Tammy Partridge says

    i do not have a fountain at this time but would like one, as my cats drink from the bathroom sink

  114. I don’t have a drinking fountain for my girls but have been wanting one. The higher quality fountains always seem to be just out of my reach price wise, so I’ve got my fingers crossed

  115. Stephanie Jones says

    I have a fountain, but it’s old and plastic. I’ve definitely been considering upgrading to ceramic or stainless lately, and I would love this fountain! One of my three furbabies is particularly fond of running drinking water.

  116. Vicki Andrew says

    I have the lotus fountain and my cats love it, easy to clean and change the filters. They love the fresh water and it was great over the summer. Want to give this to my daughter for her kitties

  117. My kitties had a fountain but the motor died on us a few weeks ago. So now they line up at the bathroom sink.

  118. At the moment, my kitty Mina loves to drink water out of the bathroom sink. She drinks from her bowl from time to time but I find myself opening and closing faucets throughout the day…This would be a great option for her! Thanks for this wonderful offer! =^..^=

  119. where would one find the code word on the newsletter?

  120. Patricia Ruppert says

    My 4 cats would love one of these!

  121. not yet! my kitties have sinky-drinkies all day long! we need a fountain!

  122. Judie Cooper says

    We do have a water fountain, but with 6 cats and a dog we could use a second one. I love giving my cats water with the fountain.

  123. Cindy Loohoo says

    We do not have a water fountain for our kitties. I have always wanted one!! I think they are a very cool concept and I think my kitties would be completely intrigued! I think it could very well encourage more drinking and I would love to have one to try! Great giveaway, thanks!

  124. Mary Jo Krause says

    My cats would love it!!!

  125. Trisha Kilpatrick says

    I do not have a water fountain for my cats. They used to drink from a water fountain that was not designed for cats until their fun clogged it up. Sometimes we let the water in the sink drip for them. Usually, they get their water from a bowl.

  126. I has one that was plastic and was not happy with it. I think the ceramic would be much better.

  127. Holly Thomas says

    No, but I would love to have one.

  128. Theresa Spaid says

    No I don’t have a water fountain I have to keep putting fresh water in for them. It would really be great to get one.

  129. Sharon McCabe says

    I think both of my cats would love to have this fountain!

  130. I would love to win the blue fountain for my cats. I have a plastic fountain for them, but it is difficult to keep clean.

  131. Ashley Sabol says

    My cat, Shelby, has chronic UTI issues, so this would be perfect for her since she doesn’t have a water fountain!

  132. Judy Simon says

    We would love the white Pagoda Drinkwell water fountain. My kitties love to play in the water & drink from the fountain. If the fountain isn’t going, they go to the faucet! We could really use another fountain for 11 kitties <3 Thank you!

  133. my kitties do not have a fountain, so it would be so cool to win this.

  134. Yes. They drink out of a big dog Drinkwell fountain along with my dogs. Everybody loves it!

  135. Ann Richter Hickox says

    I have a Drinkwell fountain, this is the third one I’ve had in 14 years. The ones I usually get are the plastic variety, and they’ve worked great – they’ve made some innovations with the motor and the fountain parts, so now it’s even easier to clean. My Ralphie loves to drink out of it, and out of the water faucet, and the bathtub faucet, and any glass of water I happen to set down for my own self, and I’d really like to get away from the plastic fountain – this one would be perfect, and I love the new color!

  136. Eric Rathbun says

    I do not have a water fountain….I can only imagine the amount of water my cat would splash out of this

  137. Meredith Rose says

    My cat Edith would love a Blue Pagoda Drinkwell water fountain she loves water, including licking the tub after a family showers to get a drink!

  138. Mary Beth Elderton says

    I have one upstairs…I would love to put this beauty in the living room!

  139. I do not have a water fountain for my kitties.

  140. Sammantha D. says

    No, we don’t have one. We did a long time ago but it gave up the ghost. I think some of our newer cats in the family would love one!

  141. Shelley Joy P says

    I do not have a water fountain for my cat but she would love one. I’m sure she would drink more too 🙂 She likes her water fresh so I’m changing it often. This would be great!

  142. Allison Colony says

    I love this – I don’t currently have one but would love to get one for my cat. My sweet Star would love this too – she drinks a fair amount of water, and this would make it more healthy for her.

  143. We have a Drinkwell, too, but I feel like I can never get it totally clean (even w/the brushes made for cleaning it).

  144. yes, we have the drinkwell platinum. My cats love their fountain; the only problem is that the one cat is always dunking his toys in it! He’s a goof ball 🙂

  145. Lisa D Acord says

    We have one Drinkwell, but with six cats, another fountain would be great. Especially since my Sophie has to be separated from the other kitties and I know she doesn’t drink enough water.

  146. Kayte CookWatts says

    Yes, we did, but it died recently and it wasn’t as pretty as this one.