The Jackson Galaxy Toys By Petmate and Catification Giveaway!

Annie with JG Motor Mouse

Annie guarding her Jackson Galaxy Motor Mouse

The Jackson Galaxy Collection by Petmate

Our friends at Petmate teamed up with Jackson Galaxy to create a new line of cat toys.  The Jackson Galaxy Collection by Petmate is sure to have something for every cat not only to enjoy  but to enhance  Cat Mojo!  A few weeks ago, Annie and Eddie were asked to review a couple of items from the new collection and I have to say both were a big hit here at our house.

Annie and Eddie with JG mouse

Eddie claims the Jackson Galaxy Motor Mouse but Annie is not too happy about that.

The Jackson Galaxy Motor Mouse

As soon as I placed the Petmate Jackson Galaxy Motor Mouse with Catnip on the floor, Eddie decided to claim the toy but Annie wasn’t  happy about that. Usually she is the first to try out anything new, so Eddie must have really wanted this new toy.

Annie and Eddie inspect the JG motor mouse toy

Annie and Eddie inspect their new toy.

Eddie decided to be generous and share the new mouse toy with Annie.  They both had a lot of fun batting it around and figuring out how to make the mouse “dance”.  When you pull the tail on the mouse, it shakes and scurries a little bit along the floor.  Both cats really like ground play so this toy was perfect for them.

Eddie playing with the JG mouse

Eddie plays with the mouse while I place the Comfy Cocoon down beside him.

Annie was curious about the Comfy Cocoon and watched closely as I placed it down beside Eddie.  Eddie is our little cave dweller so I guessed he would enjoy the comfy Cocoon the most. This Comfy Cocoon provides a feeling of security for your cat because the front and middle sections adjust to your cat’s size and snuggle preference. And there is a back zipper providing an escape route should your cat need to make a break from some of their house mates.

Eddie in comfy cocoon

Eddie being a “caver” in the Comfy Cocoon

Eddie just got all snuggled inside the Comfy Cocoon when Mercy decided to check out the action. Mercy and Eddie get along just fine, but boys will be boys, and Eddie doesn’t like to be in a position where he can’t make a quick getaway.

Eddie in comfy cocoon profile

Eddie watching where Mercy is going

When Mercy moves in a little closer, Eddie evaluates his next move.

Eddie in comfy cocoon looking forward.

Well, it is time for me to make my escape!

Eddie decides it is time to exit out the back of the Comfy Cocoon.  I made sure the rear zipper was unzipped so that he could make a quick getaway.

Eddie peeks from the rear of the comfy cocoon

Eddie escapes quickly but leaves the Motor Mouse behind.

Eddie, also known as, Houdini makes a quick escape but leaves the Motor Mouse behind.

Annie with JG Motor Mouse

Annie guarding the Jackson Galaxy Motor Mouse toy.

Guess who was ready to pounce as soon as Eddie left the Motor Mouse inside the Comfy Cocoon?   As you can see, Annie and Eddie really like both of these products from the collection.

The Jackson Galaxy Collection by Petmate includes a variety of wands, toys, scratchers, tunnels and tents to help create an ideal cat environment.  Each product speaks to natural cat behaviors — Hunt, Catch, Kill, Eat, Groom and Sleep.

Catification: Designing a Happy and Stylish Home for Your Cat (and You!)

Catification cover image

In our post Why Environment is Important to Your Cat’s Health we talked about Jackson Galaxy and Kate Benjamin of ‘s  book about how your home  can be both functional for your cat and stylish for you. for your cat. In a new book, Catification: Designing a Happy and Stylish Home for Your Cat (and You!)  there are  DIY projects from cat beds to cat patios in a beautifully designed full-color book.

Even if you aren’t a DIY enthusiast, I think you will find inspiration and ideas to help make your  house a more cat friendly environment.  The book was available for pre-order back then but I am happy to tell you the book is now available and one lucky member of our community will be receiving a copy with their Jackson Galaxy toys!

The Jackson Galaxy Collection by Petmate and “Catification” Giveaway

One member of The Tiniest Tiger community will win an assortment of Jackson’s new cat toy collection and a copy of Catification: Designing a Happy and Stylish Home for Your Cat (and You!)

Our friends at Petmate  would like to know a little more about your cat’s play preferences so they will know which assortment to send to you.

  1. When you play with your cat, does she:
    1. Jump from furniture, swatting at the toy
    2. Crouch low to the ground, hunting the toy
    3. Ignore the toy and continue to sleep on the couch
  1. A stranger visits your house, does your cat:
    1. Stare at the visitor while perched high on her cat tree
    2. Hide under furniture, stalking the visitor’s feet
    3. Ignore the visitor and continue to sleep on the couch
  1. When your cat finds a bug in the house, does she:
    1. Bat and play with the bug
    2. Stalk the bug until she kills it
    3. Ignore the bug and continue sleeping on the couch

Count up your responses:

If you answered mostly “1” then your cat prefers air play – the Jackson Galaxy Air Prey Wand is her toy of choice!

If you answered mostly “2” then you cat prefers ground play – the Jackson Galaxy Ground Prey Wand is her toy of choice!

If you answered mostly “3” then your cat prefers sleep over play – the Jackson Galaxy Comfy Cocoon is perfect for those long cat naps!

How To Enter

Enter your information in the contest widget so we know where to ship your prize if you win.

Leave a comment below this post telling us whether you think your cat prefers, Air Play, Ground Play or Sleep over Play!


This giveaway is open to everyone!!


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  1. I have some pretty lazy cats, but they sometimes get in that jumping mood so I would say air play. They really like to wait at the end of the hall way to attack your legs when you walk by lol.

  2. Meagan laviolette says:

    Both Air and ground, but definitely prefers air! She’s all about flying up after things!

  3. Ground play

  4. mary potter says:

    Air play

  5. Indoor cats- both air and ground

  6. Cyndi Meyer says:

    Indoors = Ground Play

  7. dreamseason says:

    My cat Ian at a year old is basically still a kitten so he enjoys it all!

  8. Out of my five, two are ground and two are air. One is terrified of everything.

  9. Mary Jo Krause says:

    My cats would enjoy all, now that winter is coming and they are stuck in the house they need indoor stimulation. And I am not a bad cat mom, I live in a rural area so my cats have plenty of space outside and are not near the road.

  10. salleefurjesslyn says:

    We have two 10 year old kitties and between them they cover all bases of play (ground and air) and plenty of sleep, a good brushing and lots of love.
    The mail can catch the fastest most cunning house mouse !

  11. LynneMarie says:

    She prefers air play.

  12. Laurie Emerson says:

    We have 3 and they are definitely Air Play kitties!

  13. Airplay for my Kitty!

  14. Four of mine like Air Play and the other three like Ground Play!

  15. Marilyn Nawara says:

    Mr. B prefers ground play mostly with occasional air play

  16. Richard Hicks says:

    Our cats are air play for sure!

  17. Megan Filzen says:

    Purcy is a GROUND PLAYER.

  18. My cat is a ground player.

  19. Jill Myrick says:

    My cats Moses and Scooter prefer ground play.


  20. Lisa Pecora says:

    My cats are air players!

  21. Carolyn Daley says:

    I have one cat the prefers air play and the other one likes to play with anything on the ground.

  22. Karen Drake says:

    My cats prefer ground play.

  23. Debra Hall says:

    my kittys prefer ground play

  24. our cat likes air play

  25. My cat likes to chase the laser dot on the ground (and behind the couch!), so he’s a ground player.

  26. channallocks says:

    my kitten play air ground doesnt matter he plays everywhere

  27. I think most of my cats enjoy ground play, but I do have one tree dweller who would be air play… but I would run with ground!

  28. Camille Hector says:

    Definitely Air Play

  29. KittehLover says:

    Sometimes my kitteh plays with ground wand toys, but mostly she is just lazy! So she’d probably enjoy the comfy cocoon the best. Love Jackson Galaxy too!!

  30. Angela Cash says:

    I share my home with two ground players, one air ninja, and a little old man kitty who loves to snooze.

  31. Most of my cats are air players, for sure, but honestly they will got after most anything, heh.

  32. My albino is a ground player, she’s so laid back even a pebble entertains her. She loves to poof out of the blue as well. My tuxedo guys is another story, he loves ground and table play and has split personality- in the daytime he hides from everything that makes a noise outside the house, at night he’s raring to get out the door to explore (on leash of course- I don’t want him to become Coyote Candy!)

  33. I have all of the above!!!!

  34. Both girls are definitely ground players!

  35. Sheree Harrell says:

    I have 4 cats and one likes air play and the other 3 like ground play. The only thing is when ever the doorbell rings they all go and hide in the closet until they feel safe enough to come and meet the guests.

  36. Lacey Woodruff says:


  37. naturegirly says:

    All my babies hide when company knocks on the door. Most never know we even have a cat except for the cat hair on brown chair blanket. 😉

  38. Sammantha D. says:

    Well I have four cats. One is an air, one is a ground, one is a sleeper – and the fourth well it just depends on the cycle of the moon and which side of the bed she woke up from. Ha!

  39. Sharon A. Allen says:

    My cat Mini love ground play best of all. My Mini gets her bugs & bats them around! I love all Jacksons shows & I know I will find a lot of ways to make my home better for my cat.

  40. that book would be so awesome i bet – and helpful, as i need more ideas! and i know my cats would LOVE any and all of those play toys, but especially the tunnel – comfy cover tunnel :)!

  41. Patchycat says:

    We have air vs ground play cats, but caves are THE thing on which they all agree. Tunnels, tubes, boxes – you name it. So Option 3, the Jackson Galaxy Comfy Cocoon is the way to go for me.

  42. Lisa D Acord says:

    We have several “air” toys so I’d like the ground play toy. With six cats of various personalities, all the toys would work in our house. 🙂

  43. Sheila K. says:

    My geriatric kitty-boy prefers Sleep over Play!

  44. Autumn Reid says:

    I’m wondering…Is this giveaway open to Canadians? The post says it is open to everyone, but the entry form says US only?

  45. PriscillaA says:

    My 3 girls mostly prefer ground play. My one girl can spot a bug so tiny and stalks until she kills it.

  46. Amy Sikes says:

    I actually have cats with very different personalities. 1 is an air cat, 2 are ground cats, and 1 is a sleep cat!

  47. The cocoon. I’d have fun watching the cat inside it.

  48. Trish Hamme says:

    Have 5 Cats , 2 are air play , 2 are ground play , and 1 loves sleep & cuddles !

  49. My cat prefers ground play. Her favorites are twist ties and straws.

  50. Raine Dawson says:

    I have 5 cats so it’s hard to narrow it down but I know they’d all enjoy the Cocoon for sleep over play. Great toys, definitely a lot of thought and his expertise have gone into the line- not just something he branded!

  51. Cindy Loohoo says:

    My kitties LOVE mice! I am pretty sure that means they are ground players. 😉

  52. Lisa Mills says:

    Both of my girls are ground players!

  53. My cats are lazy and would love the Comfy Cocoon.

  54. Melissa White says:

    I think my cats are all more airplay types.

  55. Connie KittyBlog says:

    with seven cats I have all three 😉

  56. I think Leonardo is an air play kind of guy, though really he likes it all.

  57. I have some that like air play and some that like ground play. Thanks for the wonderful contest.
    Sue B

  58. #1 air play

  59. My cat seems to be a ground stalker even though #1 is a combination of all 3 answers. He does stalk bugs til one of us kills it, but my bulldog mix took over the bug stalking, she smacks them with her paw til I kill it!

  60. francesmary says:

    My boys are mostly ground players. I am excited to try some of Jackson’s new toys. I think he has a treat/puzzle toy coming out that would be great for Nigel since he is very food motivated.

  61. Patricia Brousseau Caradonna says:

    My cat has a brain injury so he definitely prefers ground play.

  62. My cats are older and prefer ground play although they have their moments of air play.

  63. MaggieMae definitely prefers ground play, she loves stalking things. And I think the 2nd question needs to have “runs to the door to greet anyone who visits” as an answer. I think my cat is part Labrador Retriever 😉

  64. The Island Cats says:

    We were lucky enough to review and giveaway some of these toys, too. That fuzzy mousie is one of our favorites now. And Zoey loves the Comfy Cabana.

  65. Milene Mittelhauser says:

    Sleep over play would be a big hit at our house. I suspect the two of them would get in it together.

  66. Andrea Waltz says:

    Courage the Cat is #2…

  67. Lisa Pleines Cochran says:

    Definitely ground play — they love them some balls!

  68. Theresa Spaid says:

    They race around so I guess it would be ground play. They are older kitties so not so much on the air play

  69. Holly Thomas says:

    Oskar prefers Air Play.

  70. Linda Szymoniak says:

    We have three cats. Arata just turned one and loves ANY play, but of the three is probably the most interested in Air Play. Our Koneko prefers ground play (he’s older and a bit on the chubby side. My Moko isn’t as much of a player, so I’d say she prefers Sleep Over play.

  71. I have two cats. One would prefer air play and the other (12 years old) prefers ground play.

  72. Groundplay

  73. It’s a toss up between 1 and 2, but I’d have to give a slight edge to ground play.

  74. Shelley Joy P says:

    My cat prefers Air Play.

  75. Jacquelynn Franklin says:

    I have 7 cats, the oldest is 19, the youngest is 5. I have 2 cats that are flyers, 3 cats that are grounders, and 2 that are couch surfers!

  76. Groundplay!

  77. RiverfrontCats says: