Snow Day For Cats!

Eddie Snow Day

Snow Day for Cats!

Our cats, Annie, Eddie and Mercy had a big snow day!  Snowflakes kept falling most of the day and with all twelve bird-feeders filled to the brim, they had plenty of entertainment too.   Snow is not unusual for us in the winter months, but this snow accumulated to about 8 inches. Big flakes fell heavy throughout the day even covering over my tracks from filling those feeders earlier in the day.

Eddie was quick to climb to the top of the Cat Power Tower.  The bird feeder on this side is a favorite stop for cardinals.  Eddie’s style is relaxed.  He likes to quietly observe and doesn’t move around too much from place to place.

cardinals snow day

If you look closely I think he is smiling.

Eddie watching snow top of CPT

Annie on the other hand gets excited and sometimes can’t decide where to look first or for how long.  Annie claimed the middle level of the Cat Power Tower. From this vantage point she could take in all the bird and squirrel activity in the back yard.  Annie looks left and right, turns one direction and then another.  She just knows she is going to miss something if she chooses to look only one direction.

Annie snow day Feb 2015

The bird feeder on the apple tree  caught her attention.  She couldn’t seem to believe what she was seeing.

Annie head tilt Snow day

There must have been close to 20 black birds feasting at the feeder on the apple tree.

Black bird feast snow day

Mercy also enjoys the backyard bird activity, but he prefers to stay on the other side of the sun room away from Annie and Eddie.  Honestly, I think especially from Annie because she doesn’t settle down as quickly as Mercy might like.  She jumps up and down the tower and turns from side to side.

Mercy watching birds  snow day

After a lengthy birdwatching session, Eddie decides it is time for a nice cat nap but Annie is still engaged.  I love this photo of the two of them.  Eddie trying to take a nap, while Annie remains in the stalk position still fixated on the birds.

Annie and Eddie Snow Day

Paul and I seemed to have as much fun watching the cats as the cats had watching the birds.

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  1. Always fun to watch the cats. Like everything is always new to them.
    Sue B

  2. What a wonderful room for feline nature observation! We have big windows and many feeders, but nothing like a sun room.

  3. What a beautiful area for them to observe from!

  4. What great Bird TV! If we set up feeders here, the squirrels would commandeer them. Not that Squirrel TV would be a bad thing, though!