Cats Imitate Kitty Cat Coin Bank

Annie and Eddie in box

Cats and Boxes

It is certainly no secret that cats love to play in boxes. Whenever we get a delivery, as soon as I unpack the box, and remove the tape (Annie likes to chomp on the tape), Annie jumps right in and begins to play.  After he comes back out from under the ottoman, making sure the loud truck has left the driveway, Eddie joins Annie and the shenanigans begin.

The two cats will play off and on all day long and probably through the night if Paul didn’t lock the box with the crinkly brown paper up in the sun room so he can get some much needed rest.  The cats take turns hiding inside the box while the other sneaks around waiting to be pounced upon. Sometimes Annie and Eddie team up and hide inside the box waiting for Mercy to walk by.  But Mercy is smart enough to take the long way around the box on his way to the sunroom.

The Itazura Kitty Cat Coin Bank

A few days ago, after I unpacked a larger box, I took a few moments to watch Annie and Eddie playing.  I couldn’t help but notice their behavior reminded me of the Itazura Kitty Cat Coin Bank.

Japanese Kitty Cat Coin Bank


Have you seen this cute coin bank?  The kitty hides inside the box waiting patiently to pop out to take your coins.  When I saw Annie hiding inside the box with just her ears and eyes showing, she reminded me of the kitty inside the coin bank.  Then when I saw Eddie keep coming back to check on her, I imagined the two cats pretending that Annie was the kitty inside the coin bank and Eddie was looking for a coin.

You can see the cats playing kitty cat coin bank in this short video.  We hope you like the video.

Cats Imitate Kitty Cat Coin Bank



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  1. Too cute! My cat loves to chew on the tape on the boxes I get, too.

  2. Ah, the box game! So much fun.

  3. da tabbies o trout towne says

    guys…we gived yur mewvie 984 paws UP…for act shun & suspenze… ??

    sorrre ya dinna find any coins tho…
    hay.. look under de sofa cushionz…

    sum times looze cash like… coins & hundreds

    findz it way ther ~~~