Cat with Bow Tie Scarf Giveaway

Eddie in bow tie


Our Eddie is a very happy cat.  He has a gentle demeanor and is content to hang back and observe while Annie explores anything new.  I rarely place articles or accessories on our cats but one day I did place the bow tie you see in the photo on Eddie.  I know I am not objective, but isn’t he a dapper little guy?

When I saw this Cat with Bow Tie Scarf, I immediately thought of Eddie wearing his bow tie too.  The cats on the scarf are strutting around with their tails help high and curled. And that is how Eddie walks around our home.  His tail seems to always be up and curled.  He is a happy little guy and I know every time I see him he makes me smile too.

The Cat With Bow Tie Scarf

Eddie with cat with bow tie scarf

Eddie with the Cat with Bow Tie Scarf

The Cat with Bow Tie Scarf is made of voile for a soft and light weight feel. This is the same material as our Curious Cat Scarf and the Leopard Print Scarf.  This scarf is a generous  35″  (90cm)  x 71″ (180 cm), making the scarf long enough to tie in a variety of fashionable ways.  This scarf is available in three colors: black, beige and teal blue.

We thought you might like this scarf too.

The Cat with Bow Tie Giveaway

cat with bow tie scarf

The Cat with Bow Tie Scarf is available in Black, Beige and Teal Blue

Two  members of The Tiniest Tiger community will win their color choice of the Cat with Bow Tie Scarf from Triple T Studios.

If you can’t wait and would like to get your own cat scarf for you or for a gift pounce here: Triple T Studios Cat Style Scarves

This Giveaway is Closed.

Congratulations to Mona and Stephanie!!


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  1. Thank you! I’m so excited to have won.

  2. Peggy Johnson says

    I would choose the black

  3. KimberlyReid says

    Very difficult to pick my favorite, I would choose the teal probably!

  4. sexybrat says

    I would pick the black one.

  5. Judy Simon says

    I would love the black scarf!!

  6. Judy Thomas says

    I love them all but would pick the black one please 🙂

  7. They are all so pretty but the beige one goes with everything and I could wear it with everything!

  8. Julie McDonough says

    They are all so pretty, but I would like the black one. Thank-you for the great giveaway.

  9. The Black one matches my cat.

  10. I would love to win the teal colored Cat with Bow Tie scarf!

  11. Jean Collier says

    Since I have all three of the other scarves, I think the teal would be a great change!!! Especially for summer 🙂

  12. Well, though they all are interesting and have their own touch of flair, I think the best would be the black background with the white cats… one, I have an albino appropriately named Squishee, two- black would match most of what I own and three- since moving to the desert the new white is actually the color of sand. Nothing stays really white out here. How do you find such interesting things to give away?!

  13. Dana Rodriguez says

    All are pretty! I think black would be my choice.

  14. hawkshoe says

    I would like the blue.

  15. Roxanne Coryell says

    I would LOVE to win the beige scarf! 😀

  16. Connie KittyBlog says

    oh goodness, they are all so beautiful.. um.. probably the black would go with more, but darn if that teal isn’t delicious

  17. Patchycat says

    Teal! That is a great blue!

  18. Eddie is so cute in his bow! If I won I’d like the black scarf.

  19. biggie55 says

    Teal would be great as both my cats are black

  20. Milene Mittelhauser says

    I like the beige.

  21. Marianne Ray says

    I am trying to enter the contest, but I am unable to enter a comment. I like the teal blue scarf best! I already hit submit because I though maybe then it would allow me to actually enter a comment. Could you please tell me how I can enter a comment?

  22. Sara Kallenbach says

    I like the teal one best. But, they’re all cute.

  23. Rhonda Druhan says

    I really like the black one!

  24. stephanie says

    Black or blue. So cute. And Eddie is very dapper in his bow tie!

    • Congratulations Stephanie! You are a winner of the Cat Bow Tie scarf. Your black scarf will be on its way to you today!! Thank you for being part of The Tiniest Tiger community.

  25. Je Burns says

    I would like the teal, they are all great tho =)

  26. Barbara McIntosh says

    I would love to have the black and white scarf.

  27. I have your other kitty scarf in black and love it! I would love to have the bow tie one in teal for Spring

  28. Eddie is indeed so dapper and adorable! *SNORGLES* to him from all of us. And what a lovely scarf! All of the colors are beautiful, but I choose the brown/beige one. Thank you for the opPURRtunity to win!

  29. katsrus says

    Very pretty colors. I would love a teal one. Thanks for the chance.
    Sue B

  30. Erin kull says

    I like teal.

  31. pilch92 . says

    I like them all, but I guess black would be the most versatile.

  32. Dennis Downing Jr. says

    Teal please!

  33. Jocelyn Jensen says

    Eddie is adorable! Black is my choice please.

  34. Beige please

  35. catchatcaren says

    Love them all but I think I like the beige best!

  36. Lorri Garelick Langmaid says

    All they all beautiful but I love the blue on the best!

  37. I’d definitely chose the teal scarf.

    • Congratulations Mona! You are a winner!! Your teal Cat with a Bow Tie scarf is on its way to you today! Thank you for being a part of The Tiniest Tiger community.

  38. Theresa Spaid says

    I like the black scarf with red bow ties.

  39. Keri LaPensee says

    They are all Lovely but I would pick the black as it goes better with most everything!!

  40. Eddie looks very dapper in his bow tie, and everyone knows bow ties are cool. 🙂

    All of the colors look lovely, but the teal is particular nice.

  41. Sandra Gaultois says

    I think I would pick the black but love them all!!

  42. Mary Jo Krause says

    It would be so hard to decide which color they are all so pretty!!!!!!!!

  43. I’d love to have the teal.

    I love the black too, but I already have one of your black kitty scarves. 🙂

    Eddie does look sweet in the bowtie. I’m pretty sure my cat would have the stare of death if I put a bow in him! 😀

  44. Linda Szymoniak says

    I like all the colors but think I’d go with the Teal Blue if I’m lucky enough to win.

  45. Holly Thomas says

    I would like it in black.

  46. Meredith Rose says

    I would love to win the scarf in a beige color!

  47. Ann Richter Hickox says

    Aw geez, he looks absolutely adorable 🙂