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Annie stalking birds

Annie stalking birds

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Cats Are Extraordinary Creatures

If you are sharing your life with a cat, you already know they are extraordinary creatures.  If Annie were a big cat, I am pretty sure she would be a leopard.  She loves to perch up high and stalk birds.  When Annie watches birds, she is all in.  Her posture shows she is fully engaged.

Annie focused

Annie focused on potential prey

She will stay focused on potential prey in the backyard much longer than the boys.  They like to watch too but they quickly turn to other activities while Annie may stay perfectly still ready to pounce for long periods of time.

I love watching our cats.  I never tire of observing their ear movement detecting sounds impossible for us to hear or their eyes catching the slightest movement. The swish of a tail.  The twitch of a whisker. Their strong legs enable them to leap extraordinary distances and to spring into action from sitting still to a full sprint in what seems like the blink of an eye.

Annie with JG Motor Mouse

Annie guarding her mouse

ProPlan partnered with filmmaker Darren Dyk, cinematographer and creator of the popular YouTube channel BeyondSlowMotion, to capture a #CatsTrueNature so we could better understand what makes cats so amazing. The stunning slow motion scenes in the video show the athleticism and strength of the cat’s anatomy.  You can watch the video created by Darren on the Purina Pro Plan True Nature site.

 Tips On How To Capture Your Cat’s True Nature

We want you to be inspired to help spread the word about how amazing cats are by capturing your own moments that highlight the true nature of your cat.  Darren Dyk created this video to give us tips on the best way to capture those moments.

Video Tips for Capturing #CatsTrueNature with Darren Dyk

Now that Darren has given you some great tips on how to capture your cat’s true nature, are you ready to create an image or a clip of your own cat’s true nature? Make sure to share your images on Twitter or Instagram using #CatsTrueNature and tagging @ProPlanCat. Your work might just be featured on!

The Purina Pro Plan GoPro Hero Giveaway

One member of The Tiniest Tiger community will win a GoPro Hero video camera to enable you to create your own slow motion moments of your cat showing their true nature. In addition to the GoPro camera the winner will receive coupons for Purina ProPlan for Cats!

How to Enter:

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Leave a comment below this post telling us what is it about your cat’s true nature that you love the most.  You must leave a comment to be eligible to win.  Don’t worry, it won’t be hard to think about what you love the most about your cat, right?

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  1. Jerry Lafferty says

    No winner yet? wow

  2. Bryan E. says

    Thank You for the giveaway…our cat, Ted, is more watchdog than cat: he guards our place, and is the first on at the door when a visitor arrives… a very curious cat !

  3. trisha mckee says

    I love my cat’s strength and resolve. She holds her own with three bulldogs and they are now all scared of her.

  4. Jaclyn Reynolds says

    I love watching our cats explore and find a cozy odd place to watch over a room!

  5. Jeanna Wise says

    I love how crazy my cat is always running through the house and very playful with my doggies.

  6. Samantha says

    I love how she’s the center of attention and nothing else matters in her eyes. We’re playing a game? She’ll lay in the center of it and be like “look at me!”

  7. BreanneT says

    I love my cat’s playful nature.

  8. jules mcnubbin says

    i love my cat’s playful nature. he is 10 yrs old but he could play for hours 🙂

  9. Karen Drake says

    I love my cats unique personality, she is a true princess.

  10. lmurley2000 says

    I love he’s exploration and how fun he is to have

  11. sarah oswald says

    I love that my cat is loving yet independent hes goofy but smart and somewhat sneaky but thats what makes him so lovable and I would change him one bit.

  12. I love that she is so sweet

    Denise Donaldson

  13. Cindy Loohoo says

    My cat Buster is the kindest cat I’ve ever had. He may scratch you mistakenly when reaching out for a touch–if you say, “Ouch! That hurt mommy.” Buster will look at you with his most loving and honest eyes and say with them–I swear!–“I’m so sorry, mommy, I wasn’t trying to hurt you.” His kindness and gentleness and loving personality are what I adore most. Love him!!

  14. tinareynolds says

    I love how cuddly and sweet he is

  15. Stephanie Larison says

    I love how playful and curious they are. Always into something and being silly with each other.

  16. I love the independence they show – it makes it so much more special when they choose to spend time with me when I know they could be off on their own.

  17. Lisa Pecora says

    I love how loving my two cats are–they even want to sleep with me, they want to do everything with me!

  18. brandy c says

    I love how sweet and cuddly she is

  19. Cats ALWAYS know things we don’t…and that is fascinating…and confusing.

  20. Daniel M says

    how he always liked to play and have fun

  21. Erica Carnes says

    I just love how independent they are.

  22. David Holder says

    I love that he doesn’t mind the kids playing with him but they are the ones giving him the most treats!

  23. I love my andy and the way he runs around and always twilling murrr murrrr

  24. sexybrat says

    I love that they care about themselves most, and you are second. It can be hilarious at times.

  25. ncsdave12 says

    My cat, Esmerelda, is a talker. I have no idea what she is saying, but she loves to tell me stories. And she has an extensive vocabulary. I am amazed at how many different sounds she makes. When she wants your attention, she announces it.

  26. I love that my cat stomps through the house. never seen a cat do that!

  27. Kim Henrichs says

    My cat Loki’s true nature is a loving peace keeper. She is the sweetest animal I’ve ever had the honor of adopting!

  28. My little Mia was the sweetest little kitty ever. She was always cuddled up with me.

  29. I love how the girls each have a different time of day that they spend with me. Anna helps me get ready in the morning and make breakfast and pack lunch. Then Abigail spends the evenings cuddling and purring her love. When it is not their time they are nearby but not as directly interactive. It’s like they are taking turns.

  30. Jerry Lafferty says

    His lovability, you just cant help but adore him.

  31. Danielle says

    I love the independence and how loyal they are. The best thing to cuddle up with.

  32. lifeskit says

    I like the fact that cats don’t require alot of maintenance. There are always there and normally don’t cause trouble.

  33. Shelley Joy P says

    What I love the most about my cat’s true nature is she is adventurous and curious which is fun to watch and makes you smile.

  34. Tracy Melhinch says

    That she is so loving and sweet…she lays on her back with her cute little paws in the air

  35. I love that my cat has a mind of her own, yet shows me affection.

  36. I like that my cat is so loving and affectionate

  37. nickie burke says

    I like how my mother in laws cat is care free.

  38. Dawn Monroe says

    I like that he is getting older so he is laid back but he can be fiesty when he wants to be. Id like to try the indoor and the senior formula.

  39. I love my cat’s affectionate nature

  40. margaretsmith says

    I liked that my cat is very affectionate. He seldom goes off on his own and usually stays in the room where ever my family or I are in.

  41. Danielle Marie says

    i love how he is really quiet when he is up to no good. he is plotting…


  42. Joan Garrison says

    I love that cats are not afraid to be themselves. They don’t care what we think.

  43. tatertot374 says

    I love that my kitties are fun and playful

  44. bleushman says

    how playful she is

  45. Andres Lucart says

    I love how they move!

  46. joey simmonds says

    Our cat is a member of the family and socializes with everyone in different ways. In the morning she loves attention from me. In the day, plays with the dog, at night will sit with my wife.

  47. Barbara Consbruck says

    I have four cats and I love that they all have their own individual personalities that are all quite different.

  48. queencatlady says

    I adore that my tortie Clove is true to her tortie nature: sassy, sweet, possessive of her person, Empress of the house, demanding of devoted servitude, and forever loving. Torties are often misunderstood with people equating ‘tortitude’ with being mean tempered, evil, or bad. Only true tortie lovers recognize that the tortie nature is really just the ultimate feline birthright: being royalty and treated as such. Torties are not mean, they truly love those devoted to them, they are just more likely to let you know when they are not pleased and then take action to ‘correct’ the situation! MOL!

  49. I love that cats are always themselves. And you can be yourself around them as well. They love (or hate) you no matter what.

  50. LearningforLife says

    I love my oldest cat, Lily’s, attitude of being the mommy of the house. She looks out for the others, grooms them, and shows concern whenever someone is upset. She even “mommies” my husband and I when we need it. She started her life as a feral cat and you would never know it now – she is all love.

  51. Deborah Zarett says

    I have five cats. They all have very unique personalities. I like watching them interact with each other.

  52. Katherine Hahn says

    I love how my cat has own unique personality, he is for the most part a sweetheart, but you can always tell when he is copping an attitude.

  53. Thomas Murphy says

    I love how relaxed and care free my cat is.

  54. msrodeobrat says

    I love that my cat is more cuddly than most cats!
    addictedtorodeo at gmail dot com
    Ashley C

  55. hawkshoe says

    I love that my cat adjusts his personality to fit each family member. He is cuddly with me, playful with my sons and submissive with my husband.

  56. My favorite character trait is Ollie loves everyone. He welcomes each new cat with love and affection. He naps with whoever wants to. He also knows when I’m feeling sad, he will come up on my lap or on the bathroom counter and wrap his front legs around my neck and rub against me, so very comforting in my time of need. He’s so wonderful.

  57. Maria Ward says

    I think my favorite character trait of my cat Charlie is his goofiness. We find him sleeping in cubbies in our closet. He likes to jump on our bookshelf and paw at our heads when we walk past. He runs up and down the hallways and then stops to see if we’re watching. He just cracks me up constantly

  58. Sherri H says

    I love how my cat Emma already has me trained. When I get home, She greets me at the door and acts very cute, knowing I will immediately want to give her a scritch or a treat. She further ensures my reward behavior by plopping down on the floor and rolling over with her white tummy in the air, begging for a tummy rub. She also chirps endearingly then weaves around my ankles. Who can resist?

  59. I love how cats are such individuals.

  60. Tammy Horn says

    I love watching when they stalk everything, toys, eachother, and sneak up on their prey. (toys)

    • Congratulations Tammy! You are the winner of the GoPro Hero !!!! Your GoPro will be shipping directly from the brand so please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. Thank you for being a member of The Tiniest Tiger community.

      • Tammy Horn says

        Oh My Goodness! Thank you so very much! The Tiniest Tiger community is one of the best out there, you guys are awesome! Huge Thank you!

  61. Tori4446 says

    The free abandon with which they approach everything!

  62. Azar Attura says

    Princess would wait for me behind the door and stand up when I cam in, so I could kiss her on her little frowzy head. Big Bad Baby Twinkle would lie under my covers like a very large lump, and meep at me when I walked into the bedroom calling her name. Sweet Cee Cee likes to sing and prrrp to me most dramatically from her plush bed when I walk in the door.

  63. AmandaSakovitz says

    I love how playful she is when I get home from work

  64. Patricia Ruppert says

    love watching my cats leap from countertops to furniture halfway across the room. So athletic!

  65. Annabellainla says

    I love how I can walk out the door and my cats come running up to me for attention – it’s like a competition to see who can get there first

  66. Lori Hope says

    I love to watch my cat chirp at the birds outside our windows.

  67. I love when my cat gets a kitten attack… Running around like a maniac, chasing who knows what, playing with anything in his path.

  68. Mary Hall says

    My Pumpkin’s true nature is to share head bonks with me all the time, even at 3 am when I’m sleeping but I just hug her and give her a kiss cuz she’s my best buddy.

  69. Lynne Pitts says

    The ability to go from completely relaxed to completely alert and back to relaxed is amazing!

  70. Rascal loves to cuddle. When I am feeling low, it is very soothing when she stretches out on my chest, tucks her head under my chin, and starts to purr.

  71. francesmary says

    I love the noises they make when they are watching a bird close by or scolding a chipmunk.

  72. Pamela Martin Lind says

    I love how my cat, Boo, never seems to run out of energy. Even at 2 years of age, she still acts like she’s 2 months old. I sure wish I had even half of her energy.

  73. Tracy Pryor says

    I love when my cat rolls over and puts her feet up in the air.

  74. I love how cats retain their “wild” nature even though we have “domesticated” them 😉

  75. Jillian Cameron says

    I love when my cat slow blinks at me. It’s so cute, and it makes me feel loved! <3

  76. Pat DeWald says

    I love my cat’s green eyes. I named her Esmeralda after the green-eyed red-haired gypsy in the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

  77. I love how she practices her killing bite while watching birds through the window.

  78. steve weber says

    I love how adventurous she is

  79. Shadow Dance Ranch Kittehs says

    Momma says she loves how we are all so different from one another and all so predictable. We try to mix things up a little, but we just like our routines. Xoxoxo Dancer and the SDR Clan

  80. Patchycat says

    Our newest addition is going through her first summer. She’s discovered squirrels & birds at the feeders. She chitters at them, then runs to me to make sure I see them too!

  81. Tim Stephens says

    Maddie’s not afraid to drive our dogs crazy even though she’s tiny compared to them… generally she makes the look stupid…

  82. I love that are cat loves to sneak up and then cuddle.

  83. I love how curious she is, if you are just laying there, she has to be curious and see what you are up to.

  84. I love all the different sounds my cats make.

  85. I love my cats need for adventure. She’s always so curious.

  86. Brittney House says

    I love how cuddley she is.

  87. Richard Hicks says

    I love how they have they don’t seem to care what happens.

  88. Peggy Johnson says

    I love how he follows me from room to room

  89. addrienne says

    i love how sweet she is with our big german shepard.. she comes out in the afternoon looking to cuddle and goes straight for the dog ..he looks at her like ..what are you doing.. but he accepts it and after some rolling and rubbing , shes done and moves on to chasing bugs.

  90. My cat Leonardo is a leaper of fantastic ability. getting on to our roof (via the fence) is nothing for him.
    {in the contest I am Margot C___ on the automated entry form}

  91. There are six kittehs in my household. There are so many amazing things about cats that I love, the list is long, but the one that humors me the most is their ability to be aloof, but demanding. In other words, ‘my cat is an asshole’. Come in from work, human you aren’t paying ME attention, so I’ll knock off EVERYthing off table. My water and/or litter box isn’t clean enough, here’s a present in your kitchen sink. Human, it’s time to get up, NAO, oh it’s Caturday, and you want to sleep in, well let me sit here an paw the blinds repeatedly to awaken you, oh, you’re going to ignore me, well I’m going to march right over to the nightstand, and while staring you straight in the eye, I’m going to turn the lamp over. Human, my heating pad has cut off, I want it turned back on, NAO, or *insert the name of one of the other five* is on my heating pad, and I don’t want to share, so I will stand here in your face, meowing, until you understand exactly what I want. It’s always entertaining in this household, cat hair is a way of life, and even my vet acknowledges I’m a well trained human.

  92. I have 4 cats. They are all so different. I love to sit back and watch them. I feel like they lower my bloodpressure and reduce my stress. I even trained my male cat to ring a bell at the door to go outside. I love how cats can even be trained. He goes to the door, reaches up and rings the bell and then sits back down and looks at me. If I do not get up immediately he will mow one time and then ring it again.

  93. margaretsmith says

    I love that my cat Shadow is so affectionate. He spends most of his time in whatever room I’m in and cuddles next to me in bed every night.

  94. All of my cats (5) bring clumps of moss that takes over the shady side of the roof as presents. They leave them around the back door or sometimes slip one in beside my bedroom door.

  95. Connie Lee says

    I love that they are so curious. Anything and everything catches their attention. It’s so much fun watching them discover an object.

  96. Connie KittyBlog says

    i love how much he loves me

  97. sandy weinstein says

    i love how she is so curious abt the things that i do, and how she loves me and misses me me when i am gone.

  98. Denise S says

    I love watching them acting on their natural instincts.

  99. Sarah Jestings says

    I love how much my cats love to cuddle

  100. Mary Jo Krause says

    The curiosity and the playfulness

  101. How curious he/she is.
    Sue B

  102. agordon10 says

    that she really is sweet.

  103. I love how playful they are.

  104. Theresa Spaid says

    I like watching their hunting natures but really love they loving nature when I got one on my shoulder purring and the other one hugging my leg purring!

  105. Judy Simon says

    I love to watch my cats “hunt” each other & jump out & scare the living beegibers out of the others. I love to watch them walk like Big Cats, with their shoulder blades moving slowly up & down. They are soooo cool! <3

  106. wetnosegang says

    I love her survival instinct. She saved herself by making her presence known to me as I was on my way home one night. I left her some food and she was waiting for me in the same spot the next night, and continued to do so until I was able to corral her and bring her home. Now, her survival instinct manifests itself in friggin’ adorableness.

  107. Marty C. says

    I love her resourcefulness. If there’s something she wants, she doesn’t stand and meow; she figures out how to get it herself, which is sometimes a mess, but always funny. She’s a rescue and having to fend for herself has left a mark.

  108. biggie55 says

    My 2 cats were rescues and are older cats now 13 and 12. I find there quietness calming but then they find the kitten in themselves and r up and about running and playing. They have redicovered the laser dot and im having as much fun as they are. I would never part with my babies.

  109. da tabbies o trout towne says

    Annie…manee thanx for sharin thiz videe oh, we will make sure de food gurl letz uz watch it when her comes home frum werk…N pleez ta tell yur mom we ree ceeved R copee oh The Tiniest Tiger… N we LOVES it ???

  110. Linda Szymoniak says

    We have three cats, and they each have their own unique personalities. My senior Maine Coon, Koneko, is very affectionate (and lazy, although he’s been more active since Arata joined our family). Moko is the single most affectionate cat we’ve ever had and is always in our faces for attention. Moko loves people, likes our dogs, but doesn’t like other cats – she’s a real roly-poly when you pet her. Arata is still young – turned one a few months ago and is full of energy yet very affectionate. He and Koneko have become very bonded and love to sleep cuddled up together.

  111. Holly Thomas says

    I love how he protects me from spiders.

  112. I love my cats adventurous and playful side, she has so much energy. She is always finding herself into a little mischief also. I swear she is not afraid of anything.

  113. Ken Hallman says

    Rescue cats!!!

  114. Raine Dawson says

    I love that four bottle kitties came into my life 7 years ago and their habits haven’t changed, they all sleep in the exact same place from when they were infants, my Indiana is still my big baby, and they continue to change my life for the better every day.

  115. Libbie Paxton says

    I love that my Cherry & my Casper were rescue kitties! They were poor babies wondering the streets. For them to have had such a hard and scarey life they are wonderfully loving. Cherry has the biggest heart. She is extremely loving and snuggly. Casper has a heart of gold. Hes my sleepy time buddy. He loves to head butt me till i wake up then lets me cuddle him all night to sleep. I love my wonderful fur babies!!

  116. Lisa D Acord says

    I love that my kitties love and miss me. Every day when I come home at lunch and again at the end of the work day, they come running to me for lovins.

  117. Daniel Scott says

    I love that Yoshi likes to sit in your lap and purr. This is especially true during the winter when I sit by the fire. I also like how he gets up every morning and “talks” until I feed him.

  118. Colleen Boudreau says

    I love how smart he is!

  119. saraminda says

    My cat has his own personality..he’s witty, adventurous, frisky, fun and playful! He’s very loving too, he’ll just hop up and plop on me for some mommy lovin’ <3

  120. Holly E. says

    I love that even though my tortie turned 15 yrs. old today, she’s still is active & agile as her 2 younger Maine Coon brothers who are 3 & 4 yrs. old!

  121. Victoria says

    I love everything about my cats true nature but I’ll just mention my oldest cat here. Alfred is my little guard cat, I adopted him when my husband was deployed and he’d fall asleep next to me every night and then once I was asleep he’d go roam the house making sure everything was safe. Now that my husband is home he checks on everyone in the house at night but he doesn’t sleep next to me because he knows I’m safe. He also senses who’s at the door, he’ll growl if he hears someone he doesn’t know coming or if he doesn’t have a good feeling about them. If I’m not feeling good he knows and will come cuddle with me. He can sense when I’m in pain too and will come lay next to me before I wake up to make sure I’m okay.