PetSafe Pagoda Water Fountain Giveaway

PetSafe Drinkwell Pagoda Fountain Taupe

Keeping Your Cat Cool on Hot Sumer Days

Hot summer days are here and that means providing fresh water for your cat is extremely important. On  super hot days even healthy pets can suffer from dehydration, heat stroke or sunburn.  Cat parents need to take extra precautionary steps to help keep their cats safe and healthy this summer.

Water is essential to your cat’s overall health and well-being. Water supports vital organ functions and is responsible for important bodily functions including digestion and waste removal. Unlike our bodies, which are made up of 55-60 percent water, a cat’s body is made up of 80 percent water, and can result in serious health issues if a cat becomes dehydrated.

Dehydration occurs when fluid levels drop to less than normal, due to either reduced water intake or increased fluid loss.  You want to make sure your cat has access to plenty of clean, fresh water especially on hot days.

Free-Falling Water Fountains Are Perfect for Cats

DIY Annie water cat garden

PetSafe Fountain in our Sunroom

One way to help ensure your cat is receiving enough clean, fresh water is with the use of a pet fountain. Cats prefer to drink from a moving water source so providing  filtered, oxygenated water entices your cat to drink more and get the hydration needed to keep them healthy.

We keep a PetSafe water fountain in the sunroom during the hot summer months to make it easier for Annie, Eddie and Mercy to stay hydrated.  Sometimes we toss in a few ice cubes to keep the water cool and Annie loves to play with ice cubes.

PetSafe is Sponsoring Pet Hydration Awareness Month

PetSafe is sponsoring Pet Hydration Awareness Month in July to help cat parents learn more about the importance of proper cat hydration.  PetSafe developed an infographic outlining important facts about your cat and their hydration needs.  The infographic shows the recommended daily water intake for pets, one ounce per pound of body weight, and the steps to take if a pet becomes dehydrated.

PetSafe_Pet Hydration Month Infographic 2015

The PetSafe Pagoda Drinking Fountain Giveaway

One member of The Tiniest Tiger community will receive the PetSafe Pagoda Water Fountain in the new Taupe color. If you can’t wait, you can learn more about the PetSafe fountains here: PetSafe Free-Falling Water Fountains

How to Enter

Enter your information in the contest widget so we know where to ship your prize if you win.

Leave a comment below this post telling us: How you provide fresh water for your cat and why you would like to win the PetSafe Pagoda Fountain.

This giveaway is open to USA only due to weight of package.


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  1. Nancy Blue Moon says

    I change the water in their bowl several times a day..I’m sure they would love a flowing fountain..

  2. Sonya_Morris says

    I am constantly emptying his water bowl and refilling it daily. I would love to have this to keep his water fresh!

  3. MARIA simon says

    my dog would love this and I would put for her at door

  4. Louise Langlois says

    I am away at work for 9 hours. This would keep Dusty’s water fresh.

  5. ktgonyea says

    We keep several bowls filled around the home for the cats and change the water at least twice daily.

  6. tinareynolds says

    I love this the cats would love it in the family room where they spend the most of the time

  7. Kathy Gale says

    I have a bowl close to their food bowls. I periodically put ice cubes in it to help keep it cool and encourage them to drink more.

  8. Mary Whyte says

    Our baby was rescued from a high-kill shelter where he had very little access to clean water, so we try to have fresh water for him every day, Since we both work, it would be WONDERFUL to have a fresh fountain that he could access during the day and not ever have to be subjected to going without fresh water again anytime he wants it!

  9. My cats currently use a large ceramic bowl, one drinks out of the bathroom faucet and toilet 🙁

  10. Cindy Shepard says

    I would love to win this for my rescue cats. Great looking automatic waterer.

  11. addrienne says

    i change the water in their bowl several times a day. i would love to have filtered flowing water all day for them instead.

  12. Linda Bradshaw says

    I have a few bowls of water in different locations of the house. I have 4 cats that would love to have this.

  13. Jennafer211 says

    I have several water bowls filled with fresh cool water around the house. They will let me know if they are empty!

  14. Andrea Clifton says

    I give my dogs fresh filtered water from my fridge but I would love to have this water fountain for them. I think they would really enjoy it.

  15. Richard Hicks says

    We just have a regular water bowl that we refill daily. The pagoda would be nice as it is aesthetic and would encourage them to stay hydrated

  16. Jana Leah says

    My cat would love a water fountain. It would encourage her to drink more water. Thanks.

  17. Stephanie Davis says

    the only way i have to provide fresh water at this time is to continually refill the bowl throughout the day.

  18. Our cats love water fountains, but the problem with the cheaper ones is that they tip over easily. Our biggest cat, Frankie, loves to test his strength. This one looks very sturdy.

  19. elizabeth Sunderland says

    I have a cat and 2 kittens. I provide them with fresh water everyday. I know the kittens love to watch a faucet drip so I’m sure they would LOVE a water fountain.

  20. I use large glass water bowls, my fountain went up! This would be a great addition to out Asian inspired home!!

  21. Andrea J. Schedel says

    I have one large bowl filled a few times a day, but would love to give them something like this. A long time ago I used to let my faucet drip and they loved that, but then that was when I lived somewhere “all bills paid” and we weren’t so worried about water supply.

  22. Leslie Nowak Mccrea says

    My cats need this!

  23. A cat fountain is essential for feline health and wellbeing and this is a gorgeous one–thanks for giving us the opportunity to win one!

  24. Subhadhra Gunn says

    I used to have a Drinkwell Kitty waterfountain for my indoor-only furbabies, and they loved it. But, it broke in moving. So now, I have a regular doggie water bowl in the kitty room and a small bowl of water in the kitchen, when the weather gets hot, like it has of late.
    They would love this PetSafe Pagoda Fountain since they try to lap the water as I’m pouring it slowly into their bowls.

  25. I have two water bowls for my cat but I’d love to win the PetSafe Pagoda Fountain for her.

  26. I have various bowls around the house made of different materials (stainless steal, ceramic, etc) because it seems like each of our cats has a different preference. We have a plastic fountain but it is SO hard to keep clean. I bet this fountain would be so much easier and healthier!

  27. Pat Ruppert says

    Looks nice and big, would be great for our four cats

  28. I have two large bowls and two smaller bowls downstairs that I refill daily. I’ve read about these type of water bowls and am intrigued.

  29. K Johnson says

    I just have a water bowl out right now which I refresh daily, I would love to try something like this for them.

  30. One of my cats likes a fall of water to drink from, and currently neither of the fountains provide that.

  31. elizabeth Sunderland says

    I have a cat and 2 kittens. I give them fresh water everyday when I fill the dogs water bowl. I would love this water fountain about as much as my animals would.

  32. Melinda Stephens says

    I try to put a new bowl of water out for them a couple times a day. We also have a pet fountain, but it is dying and doesn’t work well anymore. I’d love to replace it.

  33. I have two water bowls out that I refill with fresh water each day. I would like to use this in my kitchen so that my pets drink more water.

  34. Ginabgood1 says

    I have 5 rescues and my son also has 5 rescues. Loving the idea of these water fountains to help keep them healthy!

  35. Deb Schaaf says

    Our cats apparently prefer moving water to still water–they always move the bowl to make the water slosh & ripple before they drink (makes a big mess & is not good for the wood floors!) My hope is that a water fountain would alleviate that problem.

  36. cezovski says

    My vet recommended one of these fountains because my cat tends to get urinary blockages and needs fresh water at all times. I would love to get this for him.

  37. Ashley Sands says

    My cats love these fountains, but the cheaper plastic ones have always broken. I would love this one!

  38. Altusbecky says

    I honestly just give my cats water multiple times a day ..this would make it so much easier

  39. Sharon Forney says

    I have a pet fountain in my kitchen but would like to provide another one in the bathroom where they prefer to drink out of the water faucet

  40. We have bamboo water bowls in the kitchen and den, and we have a water fountain in the master bathroom, but it is about to die…and it’s so hard to keep clean. There are a bunch of pieces to take apart and clean with toothpicks and a toothbrush every week and I scratch up my hand trying to get to the bottom of the part that stores the water. Our three cats love the fountain and will be lost without it- especially our Turkish Van rescue, but the motor is not sounding good!

  41. Tammy Dusenberry Cole says

    I have 1 water bowl for Tess downstairs. I think she would like this fountain

  42. Mary Jo Krause says

    All m pets would love this!!

  43. Judy Simon says

    We have 8 water bowls/fountains. The cats just love the water. I even have to place a small metal bowl in our bathtub for those who like to tip the bowl & watch the water trail down the tub. We constantly give them fresh water. They let us know too!

  44. Kat Poling Olmstead says

    I use a regular bowl right now and am constantly cleaning it everyday. I would love fresher water for my shelter rescued baby.

  45. mickeyfan says

    I have 3 bowls of water available at all times, but my cats DO love to drink out of the faucet, so pretty sure they’d love a fountain.

  46. We keep water in three areas of the house, fresh every day, for our two cats. This fountain looks like it would be very enticing for cats to drink from with the flowing water, would love to try this!

  47. Elines Acevedo says

    We have 2 stiness steel bowls for the kitties but Romy especially always jumps up to us when using the simj so she can get running water. We would like to win because I know the cats would enjoy drinking fresh running water.

  48. Nan Bieraugel Royce says

    I make sure my three cats have fresh water in their bowl two times each day – every time I scoop the litter box, I rinse and refill their water. I had a fountain for them at one time, but it was flimsy and didn’t work well. This one looks just the opposite and I’d love to let my fur babies try it! Thanks!

  49. dianebaum says

    I have four pets who are always drinking and constantly need to have their water bowls filled. Until, I read your info I had no idea how much water they needed per day.

  50. Debbie Donofrio Koundry says

    WE have 4 cats which 3 are boys and for their urinary health lots of water is good. I feed them a very wet pate canned food to try to keep them hydrated. I think they would love this fountain and it will make me feel better. I am constantly giving them fresh water now to encourage drinking.

  51. I have three indoor and two outdoor water stations for the cats and the dog. Each are rinsed and filled daily (sometimes twice). Mike the dog and The Doppelgänger our feral cat friend can each find and drink from the water bowls just fine. Leonardo however, prince of pusses that he is, can simply not comprehend water in a bowl. I have to pour water for him, while he is looking attentive and possibly thirsty; then he has to put his paws in it to verify that it is water. Then he MIGHT drink it. We do this twice a day at least.

  52. Patchycat says

    We currently have a fountain for the cats, but it is old and ugly. It would be great to win a pretty, new one!

  53. Mary Jo Krause says

    This would be awesome my cats would love it!!!

  54. Judy McGee says

    I have used pet drinking fountains for a few years now but haven’t found the ‘right’ one yet. My kitties do love the moving water and perfer the fountain over the still bowl of water. The pagoda fountain is the next fountain I wait to try for them

  55. We have to use a regular house bowl and her litter is always getting knocked in, making it impossible to keep clean.

  56. nickie burke says

    This would be great to own.

  57. Bonnie Owen Day says

    I have 4 water bowls through out the house I refill them twice daily and even add ice cubes to them to make the water cooler I love this fountain I have one cat who loves drinking out of the leaky faucet

  58. jules mcnubbin says

    i have a bowl i keep refilled in the kitchen. i would love to have this gorgeous fountain!

  59. tatertot374 says

    I have a bowl that I change out a few times a day. I would love to win as my kitties would love this. Thank you!

  60. cynthiac says

    My cat drinks her water from her paws, dipping daintily. I think she would enjoy the fountain since she likes dipping from a running faucet.

  61. Tari Lawson says

    I put fresh water in my cat’s bowl every day. I would love a fountain because I think my cat would like it. He tries to drink out of the faucet quite a bit.

  62. Jenna Peak says

    I have 2 stainless bowls of water out at all times for my 1 small cat. Haha

  63. Daniel Scott says

    This would be perfect for Yoshi, right now we have to have a dripping faucet to encourage him to drink.

  64. Cyndi Dye says

    I use just a regular ceramic water biwl. It’s difficult to keep water in it all day while I’m at work because my cat loves to play in water. I would love to have this as her water source because she could still play in it, but would definitely drink more of it.

  65. Kris Gilley says

    I have water bowls upstairs and downstairs for my cat. I think she would drink more if we had this fountain for her.

  66. Shadow Dance Ranch Kittehs says

    Our momma refills all five of our large water bowls everyday and the two smaller ones on the counter several times a day! She also fills the 3 bowls on the barn each day and the two in the cathouse. Hers has a full time job just filling our water bowls! MOL 🙂 xoxoxo Dancer and the SDR Clan

  67. Carol Corey Leuenberger says

    I have 2 cats & 2 dogs. My cats have a small bowl on top of my desk and find them drinking from the big dog bowl in kitchen too! Also when i am getting ready for work they want to drink from faucet in the bathroom!! Stella goes in the tub too! (I tend to run late at times!) Would love to have a fresh water dispenser and the cats would too!!! thanks

  68. wetnosegang says

    I have a sink cat. I can’t use the bathroom faucet without her budging in, so I’ve wanted a cat fountain so she could have her own faucet. And then I could brush my teeth without having to dodge the cat.

  69. Debra Pratt says

    My furbabies would love this. I have two bowls of water – one up and one downstairs – and my babies only get filtered water. But I am refilling their bowls a lot, especially in the warmer weather. This fountain would be awesome!

  70. I have 5 water bowls scattered around the house in my multi cat household. I also add a little water to their wet food. My older cats especially love the moving water so since my current fountain got destroyed last week in a power storm surge I would love to give them this one.

  71. I have a drinkwell plastic fountain for my kitties but; would love a better one.
    Sue B

  72. sandy weinstein says

    i have 3 bowls of water in different parts of my house that i refresh as needed. funny thought they prefer to go to the one in my bedroom instead of the kitchen where they are feed.

  73. Catherine Vaicaitis Lechner says

    My husband and I had two Siamese males, Tiger who was a Seal Point and Jackie who was a Chocolate Point, that lived to be 23 and 24 years old. Then we adopted my father’s female black cat, Shadow, after my dad passed away. After Shadow died, we adopted Kristel and Alanna, who were both Domestic Shorthairs, Starr, a female Seal Point Siamese, and Marshall, a Chocolate Point Siamese. Marshall, Kristel and Alanna have all crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge. Starr will soon be 18 and we are so happy to have added 2 male Siamese Snowshoes, Lorenzo and Rico. So I guess you would say that throughout the years we have always watched their water intake in order to keep them as healthy as possible. It would be absolutely the cat’s meow if I won this beautiful PetSafe Pagoda Drinking Fountain for them. Their hydration and well being is our utmost concern. =^.^= They wanted me to let you know that they would love going to the fountain for a drink after a long day playing and sleeping!

  74. Kathleen Austin says

    I love this fountain would love to improve the water our cats drink.

  75. Shelley Joy P says

    I give my cat water in a bowl and change it often to keep it clean. I’d love to win the PetSafe Pagoda Fountain because I think my cat would drink more with a moving water source and it would keep her water clean.

  76. Candi Ausman says

    I am lucky to now live in a place with its own water supply from natural springs. I’ve always wanted to give my cats a ceramic or metal water fountain, however. My 2 (and maybe, soon, 3) cats would probably be amused by the fountain and I would be amused watching them.

  77. Melissa White says

    I have a very old pet drinking fountain. It would be nice to get a new one since we now have four cats, not just the two we had when we bought it.

  78. ecrosheck says

    Both my cats were using a fountain waterer, but the pump broke so now I fill up the bowl portion with fresh water daily. They would love a new fountain with falling water.

  79. I have bowls of water for my cats, but they slide around and need to be changed often, so this would be great!

  80. Jerry Lafferty says

    I just pour water everyday into an old big mixing bowl, our cat loves to try to try to drink the water from the pitcher as I pour, I think he would really enjoy the running water of the Pagoda Fountain.

  81. biggie55 says

    My cats are elderly and wont drink the water unless its ice cold. I had borrowed a fountain to see if they would use it, as one of the cats is a nervous nelly. And they loved it so i would really like to get one of there own.

  82. Jennifer Reed says

    I currently refill water bowls every morning with fresh water but I would love to have a PetSafe Pagoda Fountain for my cat. She would love it!

  83. I refill a high ball glass Every night before bed, a glass I lost to my cats when I lazily filled it w/water and placed it on my night stand for ME! They expect it it NOW!

  84. my little guy Marley has some urinary medical issues so i change out his water bowl every 2 hours throughout the day and then set out three bowls for the night

  85. I currently keep a big ceramic bowl of water for my Frannie. I change the water out every day when I feed her in the afternoon and whenever i notice anything (food or other debris) in it. Frannie’s afternoon meal in wet food so she gets some hydration from that, too. I tried a plastic fountain once but it grew mildew pretty quickly and I gave up on it, so I I think ceramic would be much better for both of us.

  86. Kim Henrichs says

    I use a different kind of fountain and I don’t love it – this one looks a lot nicer and cleaner

  87. Bowls, bowls, bowls!

  88. Cindy Loohoo says

    Wow, the timing of this contest is interesting. I just brought my cat Buster to the vet for a checkup and they said he was dehydrated. AHHH! So…maybe this moving water fountain would encourage my boy to drink more. We have noticed he doesn’t drink much. I have four giant water bowls around the house for my kitties to drink from, by the way. I wash their bowls and freshen the water morning and evening. GREAT giveaway! Thanks!

  89. Michelle Juárez says

    I have a pet fountain, but because it’s plastic, it traps bacteria and gets dirty easily. A ceramic fountain would be ideal for my two kitties.

  90. Wow, very stylish – Great for the cats, and great looking!

  91. Chris D. says

    I have several bowls of water all over the house & one of our two rescues loves to drink out of the sink.

  92. Pat Ruppert says

    Would love to have this for my 4 kitties

  93. da tabbies o trout towne says

    what an awesum give a way guys !!! best fishes two everee one ~ ???

  94. Holly E. says

    My cats have a Drinkwell fountain, but my one cat thinks it’s for playing in! I’d love to have a second one so my 15 yr. old tortie has a nice clean place to get her water from 🙂

  95. Thank you for the opportunity to win this beautiful fountain, and we hope that all of your readers make it their business to include a fountain, of whatever type, for their cats’ wellbeing! Our cats drink a lot more since we gave them theirs, and since they are all “seniors”, it’s vitally important that they do!

  96. At friends’ houses, I have seen the success of water fountains for pets. Now it’s time for me to get on board for the health of my rescues.

  97. Kathy Gale says

    I haven’t tried a fountain for my cats, but think they would love the running water. They love it when I drop ice cubes in their water dish, chasing them around, so maybe the running water would encourage them to drink even more.

  98. Marilyn Hamill says

    I have a Cat-It upstairs and would like to use this downstairs.

  99. Heather Bigler says

    Whiskers stays hydrated because his Red Sox bowl is always filled with fresh water. Also, he gets “sink drinks” anytime we are at Whiskers beck and call.

    • Congratulations Heather! You are the winner of the PetSafe Pagoda Fountain!! Your fountain will be shipping directly from the manufacturer to please allow several weeks for your fountain to arrive. Thank you for being a part of The Tiniest Tiger community.

      • Heather Bigler says

        Thank you for choosing us to win the fountain, Joanne. Whiskers loves his fountain and it really helps keep his renal disease in check.

  100. Theresa Spaid says

    I have a large bowl that I keep filled up downstairs and a smaller one upstairs. I have 2 cats and 2 dogs so it would be nice to get a pet bowl for their water. I use my old bowls now.

  101. Keri LaPensee says

    Our Belle loves to drink from the bathroom faucet and I believe she would absolutely love this!!

  102. Linda Szymoniak says

    We currently have four Treeing Walker Coonhounds (down from five, after I lost my deaf girl, Ran, back in April but am hoping to adopt another dog in the next month or so) and three cats (all rescues). I have four large bowls of water inside and two outdoors (the cats are indoor-only so they never drink from the outside bowls). No matter how often I change the water, the dogs do tend to get some slobber in them, and I would love for my cats to have a clean, fresh supply of water they don’t have to share with the dogs. This would be perfect!

  103. Milene Mittelhauser says

    I keep the cat’s bowl in my bathtub because for whatever reason, that is where they want to drink their water. I am hoping that if I had a fountain, they might drink their water in the kitchen.

  104. I have a kitty named Dusty who loves to drink water from the faucet! And my baby Prince would love the fountain too since it has two sides of water flowing and he hates to compete with Dusty for anything!

  105. Holly Thomas says

    My cat Oskar drinks a lot of water each day, I refill his bowl several times, I think he would really like this!

  106. Dana Rodriguez says

    That is a lovely fountain.I change my cat’s water a couple of times a day to make sure it i fresh.I would love to have this so my cat would constantly have fresh water.