The Great White Shark Cat Ball Kitty Bed Giveaway! #KittenWeek

Eddie in Great White Cat Ball

Eddie senses a predator lurking behind his Great White Shark Cat Ball Kitty Bed!

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The Heart of Cuteness Exposed

Kitten Week Tidy Cats

Due to a rise in kitten-related cuteness attacks, Tidy Cats funded world-renowned animal behaviorist, adventurer and life coach, Lars Montana to observe kittens in their habitats in an attempt to save humankind from an epic slowdown in workplace productivity.

Here you can see Lars risking it all as he observes kittens in their own habitat.  Sure kittens look all innocent and cuddly but they have a secret weapon that puts humankind at risk:  the plague of distraction from overwhelming cuteness!

Lars Montana in Kitten Blind

Lars Montana risking it all observing kittens in their habitat.

Are Your At Risk of Exposure to Kitten Cuteness?

What better time than during #SharkWeek is there to bring to your attention to your own vulnerability of succumbing to a reduction in productivity due to exposure to kitten cuteness?

I was invited by Team Tidy to spend time with Lars at The Heart of Cuteness Research Facility, Site 12.  Lars forced me to admit that I  myself have fallen prey to kitten cuteness in my own habitat while trying to be productive.  What chance do I have with three cats sharing our home and now the addition of the super cute Great White Shark Cat Ball Kitty Bed!

Annie inside the Shark Cat Ball

“You are getting less productive. Keep looking at my cute face. ” Annie peering into the Great White Shark Cat Ball Kitty Bed.

Shark Cat Ball

Shark Tail? Don’t be fooled. That is a super cute kitten tail.

Eddie daydreaming  Shark Cat Ball

Eddie pondering why being less productive due to kitten cuteness is a problem.

 Tidy Cats Celebrates #KittenWeek and #SharkWeek

The Tidy Cats Team wanted to help you celebrate #KittenWeek and #SharkWeek so they are providing three Great White Shark Cat Ball Kitty Beds for three members of The Tiniest Tiger community.  I must warn you….your cats are going to love this kitty bed.  I barely got the bed out of the package and placed on the floor before the fur frenzy began with all three cats claiming their time in the belly of the shark!

The Great White Shark Cat Ball Kitty Bed Giveaway

Three members of The Tiniest Tiger community will receive the Great White Shark Cat Ball Kitty Bed courtesy of Tidy Cats in honor of #KittenWeek and #SharkWeek.

You must hurry… you only have 3 Days to Enter!!

How to Enter

Enter your information in the contest widget so we know where to ship your prize if you win.

Watch The Heart of Cuteness video documentary series where world-renowned animal behaviorist Lars Montana risks everything to save humankind from an epic slowdown in workplace productivity.

Leave a comment below this post telling us: What did you learn about kitten cuteness from Lars Montana?

This giveaway is open to USA only due to weight of package.

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  1. californiapoppy says

    kittens almost plan their attacks with their cuteness….distracting us, little devils…. LOL

  2. Peggy Rydzewski says

    That kittens are the cutest and he cant resist them,, then again who cant..

  3. You should never be fooled by the kitten cuteness. It’s a cunning ploy.

  4. Richard Hicks says

    instagram ID

  5. Dennis Downing Jr. says

    I love kittens!

  6. It is a plague of distraction.

  7. Altusbecky says

    Kittens are vicious little cute creatures

  8. Susan Beamon says

    Cuteness shouldn’t be underestimated. Kittens will sneak up on you every chance they get.

  9. Michelle W says

    I learned that kittens are planning their attack by distracting us with their cuteness. I know from personal experience that my cats are very smart and work together to make resistance impossible.

  10. Elines Acevedo says

    Cuteness attacks are real!

  11. Esther Lumsdon says

    Lars Montana has always been fascinated by kittens. And Cuetness Attacks are real!

  12. Barbara McIntosh says

    I learned, as I already knew, that kitten cuteness is impossible to resist and the best way in the world to spend your time! I never fight kitten or cat cuteness. it is impossible to resist.

  13. sandy weinstein says

    i learned that you cant resist kitten cuteness and their attacks which are premeditated, which i would have not thought so, they do some of the wildest things. however, we are having way too many real shark attacks in nc.

  14. Patchycat says

    I learned that the plague of overwhelming kitten cuteness is real!

    • Congratulations, you are one of the winners of the Great White Shark Cat Ball Kitty Bed!! Your Shark will be shipping soon. Thank you for being a part of The Tiniest Tiger community.

  15. Shadow Dance Ranch Kittehs says

    We agree with Eddie. What is the problem with being less productive due to kitten cuteness? xoxoxo Dancer and the SDR Clan

  16. Shari Breckenridge Klyn says

    I learned that resistance is futile. Kitten cuteness is here to stay.

  17. Lisa Pecora says

    I learned that Cuteness Attacks are real.

  18. Shelley P says

    I learned that Lars Montana has always been fascinated by kittens 🙂 And that kitten cuteness attacks are premeditated!

  19. tinareynolds says

    I learned just how darn cute kittens can be

  20. K Johnson says

    Kittens are irresistible with their cuteness!

  21. Lisa D Acord says

    I learned kittens are “painfully adorable!”

  22. Lisa Voyce says

    Ha! Funny take on people being taken in by kitten cuteness.

  23. Playing, hiding, napping, and eating are a kitten’s primary behaviors!

  24. Tesorina Bellini says

    I learned that Kitten Cuteness is an epidemic..You cannot stop watching them, once they take hold, you will never be the same. So adorable I can’t live without them.. Good for your soul, your heart, they bring so much into your life…Totally addicted to them…

  25. jules mcnubbin says

    it is a serious epidemic and you cannot resist!

  26. I learned that humanity may never be capable of extraordinary creations again, because access to cute kitten distractions is EVERYWHERE! Resistance is futile.

  27. OlmsteadKat . says

    I learned you cannot resist kitten cuteness

  28. hollymonster1 says

    Kitten cuteness is an epidemic and there is NO cure!!! Thank Goodness 🙂

  29. Deb Schaaf says

    Distraction by kitten cuteness has become a very serious epidemic!! (& a welcome one at that!!) 🙂

  30. Jenna Peak says

    I “learned” how kitties cuteness is distracting…but I knew that already. 😉

  31. Jana Leah says

    Kittens are too distracting, but I can get enough of them. Thanks.

  32. animallover64 says

    What is a widget? Why are these contests so complicated?

  33. Aneira Hasson says

    I learned that even though it’s premeditated and preventable, there is nothing I’d rather be doing than watching my kitten Gus chase his tail in circles all day, or scare himself when he walks in front of a mirror by accident, or waking up in the middle of the night to find him cuddled up on my chest!???? (This shark bed would be his dream come true)????????????

  34. Michelle says

    I learned you cannot resist kitten cuteness

  35. Sungold7 says

    I learned that I have an infinite capacity to appreciate kitten cuteness! And also, my cats Tony and Ziva would adore this shark bed. Thank you!

  36. Kittens are the best!

  37. Richard Hicks says

    I learned he is a hoot! And going to be a good investigator!

  38. Kitten cuteness is the best distraction ever!

  39. sexybrat says

    I learned that you need to hide out to watch them in their natural habitat.

  40. Kitten cuteness attacks: premeditated yes, adorable yes, preventable no 😀

  41. Ashley Sands says

    My cat Gizmo would love this

  42. Cat Fleming says

    I learned that it is useless to try to resist kitten cuteness!

  43. Marty C. says

    Kittens tend to accumulate and it’s awesome!

  44. lipstickcat says

    I learned you can never have too many kittens! One is not enough!

  45. Hayley Barrick says

    I learned that kittens are too cute!!!

  46. I learned that about any time you open your internet browser, prepare to see a video of a kitten doing something cute!

  47. Love watching all my cats. They are so cute and they don’t even try!!

  48. Sharon Forney says

    Kittens can make your life wonderful

  49. I learned that kitten cuteness attacks are premeditated! 🙂

  50. nono nonoc says

    Kitten cuteness is definitely addictive!

  51. Carol Corey Leuenberger says

    All we really know is that kittens are furry balls of unpredictable cuteness and they are around every turn just waiting to pounce – so premeditated, calculating and irresistible!

  52. Tammy Dusenberry Cole says

    I love kittens I could take them all !!!!

  53. Nancy Walsh says

    Don’t know how anyone can resist sweet kittens!

  54. Pat Ruppert says

    Who can resist the allure of kittens? Not me!!!

  55. Mary Jo Krause says

    That kittens are always fun!!!

  56. Azar Attura says

    NO One— I repeat NO ONE– is IM-MEWNE to …KITTTEN CUUUTENESS!! Beware!!!!! (and enjoy!)

  57. Kittens make you stop what you are doing.
    Sue B

  58. Judy Simon says

    cats are hilarious! I LOVE TO WATCH THEM HUNT EACH OTHER!! Too funny!

  59. I learned they are not Jonny cute and cuddly that their attacks are premeditated

  60. I learned the kitten cuteness attacks are premeditated!

  61. Rael Deth says

    Not only are they real, they are premeditated AND preventable.

  62. Susan Smith says

    Love the shark bed. Perfect for Shark Week

  63. Sharon A. Allen says

    I say we have kitten cuteness every day of the week! Fun for everyone and lots of workless days!

  64. Susan Pertierra says

    The kitten attacks are premeditated and preventable.

  65. I learned that he’s always been fascinated by kittens.

  66. Lars never stood a chance. I am proud to be contributing to the decline in productivity. Fun videos! I wonder how Joseph Conrad feels about it.

  67. Marilyn Hamill says

    Not much.

  68. Kimberley Jumper says

    That kitten cuteness causes you to get distracted from what you are doing.

  69. Cindy Loohoo says

    I learned that people the world over are obsessed with cute kitties. And cuteness attacks are preventable and premeditated. 😉

  70. The Island Cats says

    We learned that kittens are very cute! And like to attack.

  71. Kris Gilley says

    I learned that kitten cuteness attacks are premeditated! I always thought so; now I have proof from Lars Montana.

  72. Mary Kay Beattie says

    There can never be too much kitten cuteness!! >^..^<

  73. Laurie Nakamura says

    Watching Kittens are fun and entertaining! They are so cute!

  74. Daniel Scott says

    I learned that attacks of kitten cuteness are premeditated and preventable, but why would anyone want to prevent them?!

  75. Bonnie Owen Day says

    when you watch at play you do not get any work done

  76. Kim Henrichs says

    CUTE!! I learned that kitten attacks are premeditated and preventable.

  77. Kathleen Austin says

    Kitten cuteness has affected my for 50 years. I am a kitten cuteness addict

  78. Linda Szymoniak says

    I’m already addicted to kitten cuteness. Too late! Our Arata would just LOVE to win this.

  79. Monica Best says

    My cat Mouse would be a great shark kitty

  80. Holly E. says

    nothing that I didn’t already know; kittens are cute and dangerous — they give you adoption fever and you can’t stop with just one. If you see a kitten, RUN; that’s my advice because they are very infectious and there is NO cure for kitten cuteness (thank God)

  81. I learned that none of us are immune to the plague of distraction known as kitten cuteness and that’s the way it should be!

  82. i learned kittens are more dangerous than sharks!

  83. Theresa Spaid says

    Lars Montana thinks it dangerous to fall for all the kitten cutenss but I’m willing to take that risk!

  84. Jill Thorsen Spencer says

    Too much cuteness is distracting!

  85. The Shark CATBALL is beyond cute. OH, how we’d love one. Thank you for the opPURR-TUNA-ty to win one. 😉

  86. Taryn Eby says

    What did I learn? That Lars Montana knows me so well…”You’re looking at kitten videos on your phone aren’t you?” Yep – always!

  87. Anne Castellano says

    Cuteness is a dangerous foe.

  88. toni / RCTees says

    One of my favorite blogs, and now a Shark CATBALL giveaway?? (and yes, we use Tidy Cat litter). Abby NEEDS this catball…..really she does. =^..^=

    • toni / RCTees says

      I learned that I can’t follow directions. Sorry, I just got so darn excited. You can’t hate me for being overly enthusiastic….can you?

  89. Milene Mittelhauser says

    Cuteness attacks are premeditated and preventable. I always fall prey to them and hope I continue to do so.

  90. LearningforLife says

    We just moved to the coast and the shark bed would be a timely addition to our house!

  91. Some kitty will feel lucky when she wins our shark Cat Ball® cat bed design! This is a really great promotion, and the Tidy Cat documentaries featuring “Lars Montana” were quite entertaining!

  92. Attacks of kitten cuteness are premeditated and preventable

  93. My cats would all pile into the shark bed!

  94. j audette says

    Cuteness is a dangerous foe when it comes to…wait – look at Big Boo on his widdle perch…awww… >^..^<

  95. That everyone falls prey to the very real, and premeditated attacks, and said attacks are unpreventable.

    • Congratulations Mona! You are one of the winners of the Great White Shark Cat Ball Kitty Bed! Your Shark will be shipping soon. Thank you for being a part of The Tiniest Tiger community.

      • Thank you so much! I don’t know who is more excited the kitteh kids or me! Well, we know it’s me.

  96. Kris Blanchard says

    The attacks are very real, and they are preventable and premeditated!

    • Congratulations Kris!! You are one of the winners of the Great White Shark Cat Ball Kitty Bed! Your Shark will be shipping soon. Thank you for being a part of The Tiniest Tiger community.

  97. Holly Thomas says

    I learned the attacks are premeditated and preventable.

  98. Dana Rodriguez says

    I learned kitten cuteness attacks is both premeditated and preventable. 🙂