The Heart of Cuteness! #KittenWeek

Kitten Week 2015

Meet Tim, the Alpha. Looks Innocent Enough, Doesn’t He?

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The Heart of Cuteness Observation Site

As a member of Team Tidy, I was invited to visit the Heart of Cuteness Research Facility, Site 12.  Here I was able to meet Lars Montana , who had bravely gone in to observe kittens in their own habitat.  I was able to chat with him about his thoughts and observations from his kitten research and compare notes from my observations of big cats in Africa.

The 5 Kittens of Kitten Pod 17A

Kitten Pod

While  waiting for Lars to finish his journal entry for the day, I familiarized myself with the kittens that make up Kitten Pod 17A.  Each kitten has a unique purr-sonality and their own traits that cause an overwhelming level of cuteness.

Kitten Pod 17 A

Kitten Pod 17A

I spent some time analyzing the traits of each kitten as observed by Lars. Animal behaviorist Lars Montana, received a research grant from the Tidy Cats Innovation Lab to investigate his hypothesis that “the epic slowdown in human productivity caused by kitten cuteness is both premeditated and preventable.”



I could overhear Lars being interviewed for the documentary  The Heart of Cuteness.  Just the words used to describe the kittens he was observing set off uncontrollable squealing and outbursts of “awwwww” from members of Team Tidy.  In fact, when we were shushed for the second time, I realized that we  might not be immune to the plague of distraction known as kitten cuteness either.

This finding struck a chord with me as I was forced to admit that I  myself have fallen prey to kitten cuteness in my own habitat while trying to be productive.  Here is an example of  kitten cuteness wreaking havoc in my own office.

Annie and Eddie wrestle for warmth 5

Annie and Eddie keeping me company while I work

Lars invited me to crouch down and observe Tim, the Alpha of Kitten Pod 17A. It appeared that Tim might be readying  himself for world domination.

Tim, the Alpha

Tim, on top of the tower contemplating world domination

Tim looks innocent enough, but that is part of his power.  Lars warned me not to make eye contact with Tim. But then this happened.

Tim the Alpha Kitten Week

Look how cute!!! awwwwww.

Fortunately for the sake of humanity, Lars’ observations were documented and you can learn more about his findings by watching The Heart of Cuteness episodes.

Has Kitten Cuteness Finally Met Its Match?


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  1. Celine Oriet says

    HI Joanne, I flag all important emails and yours have its own folder. I’m recapping on this one and so I wonder if these kittens got adopted and that little cutie alpha Tim is to die for and yes his eyes are mesmerizing!

    P.s. Annie and Eddie are so adorable!!

  2. Andrea Robbs says

    Brilliant!!! So funny…there is no coming back from eye contact.

  3. Lars gave me a BIG reminder: That I TOO can be sucked into being ‘Kitty Prey’ that will totally distract ME being productive in my work space. Darn it … does that mean that I dare NOT go see the Tiger Kitties Denise has rescued and for whom she is seeking homes? What to do … WHAT TO DO?!?

  4. I got sucked right into the Lars Montana documentaries and watched them all! Ah, Tidy Cat is doing great marketing. Their Marketing team hit a home run!

  5. da tabbies o trout towne says

    Joanne…what a fun post !!! ……. enjoyed and I wanted to say….oh wait…a kitten video….I’ll be right back ~~ ??? Laura