DIY Cool Cat Treat For Hot Summer Day

Annie put her left paw in

Annie is left pawed like me.

The other day I saw a video about making an ice ball for cats, but the video showed using a balloon filled with water and then frozen.  I knew Annie would love playing with ice, but I wasn’t fond of using a balloon, so I changed up the method a bit and made an ice bowl for our three cats.

Super Easy Ice Bowl to Keep Your Cats Cool

glass dishes for ice bowl

1 bowl and 1 container

This cool cat treat is so easy to make, you will already have everything you need; one bowl and one container.  I chose clear glass because that is what we have in our kitchen.  Just make sure you choose a freezer-safe container.

Annie tests the water ice bowl

Annie inspects the water

Fill the bowl with water.  You can add tuna or chicken juice or even cat treats to freeze into the ice bowl.  I chose to just go with the water this time because Annie is fascinated with ice and I thought she would enjoy experimenting with the clear ice bowl just as much as if there were treats inside.

Annie checks frozen water

Annie tests to see if the water if frozen

Pop the bowl into the freezer.  I left our bowl in over night and forgot to tell Paul.  When he went to get his ice cream I heard him say…”What the….?”.  By now, wouldn’t you think he would know these things have something to do with the cats?

Annie tested the ice and I got her approval the water was frozen and ready to go. You might need to run hot water around the bowl to get the ice to release from the container.

Next, simply place the ice into the larger container. Add about 1/2 inch water to the container to enable the ice bowl to slide easily.

The Cats Love It!  Well Annie Anyway.

Annie left paw in

Annie puts her left paw in. and then she shook it all about. 🙂

As predicted, Annie is the first to put her paw into action.  As you can see, Annie is left pawed…just like me.  After a few minutes, the boys decide to check out the ice.

The boys check out the ice

Mercy is not impressed. Eddie is not sure. Annie drinks some water.

Mercy is not impressed.  He watches for a few seconds, saw there were no treats, yawned and moves on.  Eddie quietly observes Annie making sure it is safe to approach the ice bowl.

Eddie observes

Eddie observes while Annie shows him the water is safe.

Annie moves a little closer to Eddie showing him the water is safe to touch.  Eddie remains unconvinced.  Annie alone stays to play with the ice.  As predicted, she is the cat who enjoys playing with ice the most.

Annie plays with ice bowl

Annie puts her right paw in.

Sometimes it is difficult to get a good photo of Annie because as soon as she sees the camera, she turns away.  In the photo below, I am getting…the look.

Annie no photos please

No photos, please!

So, I put the camera down.  Annie resumes play.

Annie right paw in ice

Annie resumes play

When she heard the camera…she stopped and gave me the look, this time standing up.

Annie, I said no photos

I said, no photos!

Message received loud and clear.  We let Annie enjoy the ice bowl in the sunroom by herself while we found other things to keep ourselves occupied.   It is clear who is the boss in our house.

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  1. I think Emma would turn up her nose at this … unless it is coated with catnip leaves!

  2. Shadow Dance Ranch Kittehs says:

    My meowmy, Cherokee, likes to have the ice cubes in her water bowl to play with. She and Annie would make good playmates. Both of them are bold and curious. Most of the rest of us are not fans of getting our paws (or anything else) wet! xoxoxo Dancer and the SDR Clan

  3. Love that curious Annie! My Cookie was the same way with the camera for most of her life. I have to time my broth cube with awake time–if it’s nap time it can melt and no one cares!

  4. Annie had lots of fun! I wonder if we’d like that.

  5. How cute! Such an easy way to keep them cool and entertained.