Feline Philosophy Bracelet Giveaway

Eddie with Purr Bracelet

The New Feline Philosophy™ Bracelets

We love our cats for many reasons, but one of them might be their ability to keep us calm. We can learn a lot from our cats too and perhaps one of the most valuable things is to live in the moment, listen more, talk less and purr.

Feline Philosophy

Our new bangle statement bracelets are not only a beautiful accessory but a way to help you Adopt a Feline Philosophy to stay mindful throughout the toughest of days.

The Feline Philosophy Bracelets are made exclusively for Triple T Studios of stainless steel and are nickel and lead-free.  The stainless steel bangles are strong,  resilient, and will keep their shine.  I have been wearing mine for several months now and they look good as new!

Live in the Moment Bracelet

Live In The Moment

We created the bracelets after asking you which feline philosophy you liked the most.  The top three phrases were chosen.   Our cats remind us to slow down, take our time and live in the moment.  By living in the moment, we are more likely to enjoy the journey of our lives instead of racing towards a finish line of goals we have set.

Listen More, Meow Less

Listen More, Meow Less

Have you noticed that listening is becoming a lost practice?  More often than not, I am observing people not listening but zoning out and looking at their screens.  Our cats remind us to listen more and speak less.  Our cats listen closely to the sounds around them.  And they only speak when necessary…like when breakfast is a minute late.

Purr Feline Philosophy Bracelet


“If there were to be a universal sound depicting peace, I would surely vote for the purr.”Barbara L. Diamond

I agree with Barbara L. Diamond.  The Purr should be the universal sound depicting peace.  Our cats keep us calm with their purrs.  We too can try to be a calming influence for our friends when they need an anchor during stormy weather.

The Feline Philosophy Bracelet Giveaway

One member of The Tiniest Tiger community will receive one of each of the three new Feline Philosophy bracelets; Purr, Listen More, Meow Less and Live In The Moment.  If you can’t wait, you can learn more about the new statement bracelets here Triple T Studios.

How to Enter

Enter your information in the contest widget so we know where to ship your prize if you win.

Leave a comment below this post telling us:  Which Feline Philosophy do you relate to the best?

This giveaway is open to everyone!  Void Where Prohibited.

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  1. Eugenia Hall says

    Purr, definitely purr.

  2. “Purr” works for me. One simple word that says so much!

  3. Live in the moment is so true! Currently dealing with cancer and this saying is so true.

  4. jandsfox_143 says

    Live in the Moment!

  5. Trisha McKee says

    I love the Purr message. Just reminds me of contentment, feeling all is right in the world at that moment.

  6. My fav is live in the moment.

  7. Live in the moment all the way!

  8. Michele Demaio says

    My feline philosophy is definitely- “PURR” … (the best moments in life need no words!)

  9. I relate to the Purr bracelet Rosanne

  10. I like all three, but Purr is one of my favorites.

  11. Jeanne Owens says

    I like the “Live In The Moment” one. I think I relate to it most.

  12. Connie Tucker says

    I like the PURR the best, contentment is the absolute best!!!
    cslmwt (at) hotmail (dot) com

  13. Danielle Marie says

    live in the moment but the purr one is my fave.


  14. “Purr”

    There’s nothing a purr can’t express.

  15. Shadow Dance Ranch Kittehs says

    *Live in the Moment* Life is too short to worry about what was or will be. xoxoxo Dancer and the SDR Clan

  16. I like Listen More, Meow Less.

  17. I really like Live in the Moment because you should enjoy every minute of everyday
    Cathy Truman

  18. Dana Rodriguez says

    I love Live In The Moment

  19. I love the Purr bracelet.

  20. Marilyn Hamill says

    I like Purr. Because.

  21. Shelley Joy P says

    I can relate to “Live In The Moment” the best 🙂

  22. Sierra M. Koester says

    I absolutely love the “Listen More, Meow Less” bracelet. It’s a great reminder for us all to take time to listen to others instead of focusing on what we want to say ourselves.

  23. Dorothy Hubbard says

    I would have to say Purr.

  24. Kathleen Austin says

    Purr is perfect

  25. Listen more, meow less!

  26. Purr!

  27. disqus_0S16OLSCOR says

    I like Purr, a very comfortable satisfied sound.

  28. I relate to Purr since that’s what my cats do most.

  29. I would like to Purr with the all 5 of my cats!

  30. PURR would be my choice.

  31. Carol Corey Leuenberger says

    My choice would be “purr”! Actually would love to own them all!

  32. Oana for Marley says

    Unfortunately we have two favorites:
    Live in the moment – what wonderful simple wise philosophy!
    Purr – what a serene expression of pure zen! 🙂
    Love you and adore your spirit Joanne, sweet Gracie and Annie+Eddie+Mercy! Love you all! ?????

  33. Barbara McIntosh says

    My choice would be “Live In the Moment”. It is the way I try to live–not looking back to what might have been or looking forward to what might be. I enjoy life for what it is now.

  34. Cat Fleming says

    It would have to be listen more, meow less! How often do I find myself zoning out when someone is talking to me! It’s my biggest failing & the bracelet would be a great reminder to me.

  35. Eileen Briesch says

    Listen more, meow less. Listening is a lost art.

  36. For me it would be listen more, meow less. thank you

  37. Linda Szymoniak says

    I guess Purr would most closely match my own philosophy.

  38. Purr…for sure!!!!

  39. These bracelets are so adorable! I would have to say I relate most to live in the moment because everytime I try to plan something it falls through!

    sheila ressel

  40. Theresa Spaid says

    Live in the Moment. Appreciate your time with your family human and fur kids, so you need to live in the moment for all the many wonderful memories.

  41. PURR says it all. Good conversation starter too.

  42. Milene Mittelhauser says

    Listen more, Meow less. Definitely.

  43. Listen More Meow Less