Lion Guardians Celebrate World Lion Day

Lipap with Lion Guardian logo

Lipap Ole Sayioki, Lion Guardian.

Today is World Lion Day!

Today is World Lion Day (August 10th). To honor the day, the Lion Guardians are meeting with their communities to share stories about their lions, talk about what peaceful coexistence means, and explain what they do as Lion Guardians.

The Tiniest Tiger Community Supports Lion Guardians

Thanks to your support of Triple T Studios, The Tiniest Tiger Community is sponsoring Lion Guardian,  Lipap Ole Sayioki. He monitors a very important zone in Olgulului Group Ranch called Oiti  that provides connectivity between Amboseli National Park, Oswean and the Matapatu hills.  Lipap is currently monitoring the movement of two sub-adults and one mature male African lion in his zone.

Wild Lions Are Threatened

African Male Lion

Most African lion news of late has focused on trophy hunting of wild lions. The poaching of Cecil the lion brought forth a global uproar. These voices uniting are instigating discussion and prompting changes to help save wild lions.

Trophy hunting is one of the threats against the African lion, but the big cat suffers from loss of habitat due to encroaching human population, loss of prey due to the bush meat trade and  human-wildlife conflict due to retaliation from livestock owners when lions kill their cattle.

Protecting Lions is a Community Effort

As part of the World Lion Day celebration, the Lion Guardians will be showing the video, Lion Guardians – Sustainable Coexistence Between People & Lions in Africa. 

You can celebrate World Lion Day with the Lion Guardians by watching this video.  It will give you a better understanding of how important the  participatory approach is to the conservation of wild lions.  Please take the time to watch this 11 minute video today on World Lion Day.  I promise you will not be disappointed.  Let me know what you think.

 About Lion Guardians

Lion Guardians conservation model is adaptable to various cultures and wildlife species. Founded on local value systems, community participation and science, it is based on a decade of research and rigorous measures of success.  The Lion Guardian approach includes recruiting young, non-literate Maasai and other pastoralist warriors to learn the skills needed to effectively mitigate conflicts between people and wildlife, monitor lion populations, and help their own communities live with lions.  This solution based conservation model  is successfully transforming people who were once lion killers into lion protectors.

Thank you for being a part of The Tiniest Tiger community and for helping save wild lions.

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  1. Thank you very much for this video. It was in places very difficult to watch, but its ultimate message is a positive and inclusive one and I am sharing it to social media, with hope and *PRAYERS* that it will be honored.

    • Thank you for reading and watching the Lion Guardians video. It is hard to watch in some places but those images are part of the whole picture of what is happening where lions and Maasai live. The program has been tremendously successful and let’s hope only continues to grow.

      • We can all change our views and our actions to benefit not only ourselves, but other living beings. Huge props to the Lion Guardians!

  2. da tabbies o trout towne says

    Joanne….many THANX for sharing this video…..I truly enjoyed watching it. What an awesome way to help the peoples of Africa, their livelihood, the conservation of all the animals; especially the lion. I hope this program continues to grow and is…. and stays as… a huge success for man and lion alike. Thanx again for sharing the video, it wins an academy in my book ~~~ ??? laura

    • I like the beginning of the video when you can hear the lions. I love that sound. I think this type of conservation is so valuable because the people who live with the lions must care about lions in order to save them. Conservationists must take care of the people as well as the lions in order to make a program work. Lions must be worth more alive than dead to save them. Thank you so much for reading and sharing the video.

  3. What a great program! I shared on Twitter!

    • Thank you so much for reading and sharing. Lion Guardians is one of my favorites. This participatory approach that includes taking care of the people that live with the lions has the potential to do more to save lion lives than some of the other approaches that have not been doing as well.

  4. This program is so exciting! Thanks for sharing the information and the video.

    • Thanks you for reading Bernadette. It is an exciting program founded by two young women that were brave enough to stand up and speak their mind of what they thought needed to be done to save the lions.