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Leave a comment below this post answering the question: What is your cat’s favorite summertime activity?

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  1. Carolyn Daley says

    Both of our cats enjoy time out on the patio. Mushu likes laying on the bench close to the screen so he can observe the birds. Nikko has a little green cat lounger that looks somewhat like a trampoline where air can flow underneath to keep him cooled off.

  2. LynneMarie says

    Sleeping on the tile floors to keep cool.

  3. Sleeping near the window

  4. Betty Curran says

    My cat’s favorite summertime activity is sleeping in a sunny window.

  5. Claudia C. Davis says

    My cat’s favorite summertime activity is sleeping…..well, its her fav year round all time activity.

  6. My cat usually enjoys sleeping, but she also loves to play with her catnip toys.

  7. sarah oswald says

    My cat’s favorite summertime activity is sleeping in the window basking in the sun he even does that all through the year too.

  8. Michele Baron says

    She loves to play with her stuffed mouse toy

    • Congratulations, Michele! You are the winner of the Pure Love for Pets Purina Prize Package! Your prize will ship directly from Purina so please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Thank you so much for being a part of The Tiniest Tiger community.

      • Michele Baron says

        Hello Joanne,

        OMG…Thank you so much for choosing me as your winner….I’ve been offline for a few days and was catching up on my email and opening this one was a delightful surprise…I am thrilled and Charlotte will be too…Thank you for your wonderful community.

        Warm regards,

        • Michele Baron says

          Hello Joanne,

          I received my package today – Charlotte and I are thrilled – I see hours of fun for her…I do have a question for you regarding my prize – kindly contact me directly at angel320@gmail.com

          Warm regards,

  9. Tari Lawson says

    My cat loves going outside earlier in the Summer and also napping in his window seat during the day.

  10. Lisa Voyce says

    The like to sit in the window more and chase and play with the crickets that get in the house.

  11. Playing with string. She purrs so much. a real hunk of love!!

  12. jules mcnubbin says

    buttons loves sleeping, licking himself, or watching the goldfish.

  13. My cap likes to nap in all seasons.

  14. Richard Hicks says

    instagram ID

  15. Mary McDonald says

    My cat loves to lie next to my fan.

  16. My cat loves to sun bathe in the window.

  17. My sister’s cat loves to play in boxes. 🙂

  18. Mary Jo Krause says

    I live in a rural area, no road nearby or no other cats or people so they love the outside in the summer.

  19. rosannepm says

    Lying in the window in the sun watching birds Rosanne

  20. Richard Hicks says

    In the summer, their fav activity is gazing at the birds through the window

  21. He loves to frolic through the garden and eat cat nip.

  22. Bonnie Owen Day says

    my cat-Snowbie sleeps most of the time on the couch with the Chihuahuas- I don’t think that she knows that she’s a cat

  23. my cat is all about laying in the sun!

  24. Lisa Pecora says

    Mt cats like to sit on the porch and watch the birds and squirrels

  25. Jennifer Reed says

    My cat’s favorite summertime activity is watching the birds outside from an upstairs window ledge.

  26. tatertot374 says

    My kitties love to nap in the summer.

  27. Connie Lee says

    I don’t have a cat right now, but when I did, they loved to chase the crickets and bugs in the yard.

  28. MichelleNelson&Famly says

    Our cats favorite summer activities are watching the birds and laying in sun puddles.

  29. Sitting in the sun watching the birds, 6 of them in a row every morning.

  30. Sitting on her cat post looking down on everyone.

  31. Tracy Melhinch says

    They fight over the same window, and watch the birds and squirrels!

  32. Sheree Harrell says

    I have 4 cats and their favorite thing to do in the summer is hang out in my covered porch (now unofficially called the catio) and watch the birds at the feeders and the anoles (lizards) running around my backyard going from plant to plant. It’s funny to go out there sometimes and if I want to sit in a chair also, I can’t because all 3 chairs are filled with cats. The 4th cat is either on the cat tree or just on the cement watching the lizards. It can get awfully hot outside but the cats don’t seem to mind it one bit.

  33. lazybones344 says

    My cat likes watching birds out the window in summer.
    Denise S

  34. channallocks says

    catching mice

  35. Sitting in the windows watching the birds outside

  36. Sharon A. Allen says

    Mini has many perches to watch the birds & all their action outside besides many rabbits & the cats we feed outside!

  37. Milene Mittelhauser says

    Cat TV, aka, sitting on the screened in porch watching the varmints in the neighborhood.

  38. My cats love to sit out on their screened-in “catio” watching for unsuspecting lizards and skinks in between sun-napping.

  39. Chickie Brewer says

    She loves to run up to the windows and looks outside.

  40. Holly Thomas says

    Oskar loves to watch and chat with the birds in our backyard.

  41. We live in Florida so it’s almost always summer here. Squirrels, birds, napping – year round, not just summer!

  42. Window shopping for birds & taking long naps of dreaming of window shopping for birds!

  43. Sitting on the window seat watching the birds and squirrels and napping

  44. Allison Colony says

    My cat’s favorite summer time activity is looking out windows, sleeping, and playing with her catnip banana.

  45. Looking out the windows and eating cat grass.

  46. Cat Fleming says

    My cats love to take sunny baths in the window.

  47. naturegirly says

    During the warm days of summer my furbabies love to sit in the sunroom on the large cat furniture and watch the birds come to the feeders. I throw leftover breads, cracker crumbs, popcorn and seeds out under the apple trees and the wildlife visits day and night. We have birds, raccoons, squirrels, bunnies, deer, opossums and skunks come by to check the fruit trees and there’s always something moving around to pretend to stalk. Sometimes a bug will walk on the screen and then they must guard their territory! 😉

  48. Shadow Dance Ranch Kittehs says

    We likes to sleep on the beds in front of the A/C vents (assuming momma turns it on for us) and eating lots of good noms. We even get in a few good zoomies after breakfast and before napping! MOL! Xoxoxo Dancer and the SDR Clan

  49. patricia caradonna says

    Patrick loves chasing lizards in the pool room during the summer months here in Florida.

  50. Martha M. Rowald Pearse says

    Watching the birds and chipmunks in the backyard that come to eat at the bird feeders.

  51. Leonardo’s favorite summertime activity resembles his favorite wintertime activity – sleeping.
    {in the contest I am Margot C___ on the automated entry form}

  52. To hang out on the back porch and watch the birds and wildlife pass through.

  53. Linda Szymoniak says

    Two of our cats – Koneko and Moko – mostly sleep. However, our Arata loves watching birds and bugs through our windows. He especially loves when a flying insect gets in the house and he can chase it.

  54. Susan Pertierra says

    My cats love to go out on the back patio and catch lizards or tree frogs that make their way onto the patio.

  55. Shelley Joy P says

    My cat’s favorite summertime activity is exploring the backyard and getting some sun.

  56. my cats like to talk to birds

  57. Theresa Spaid says

    Sitting the open window and enjoying the summer air

  58. Cindy Loohoo says

    Playing with Da Bird! 😉

  59. All 3 of my fur kids love to see the birds and the lizards that are abundant outside our big windows. They think they can get them, but alas that darn window pane gets in their way!

  60. Rascal’s favorite summertime “activity” is sleeping.

  61. Lounging in the sun! They just love it when I open all the windows and they can smell the fresh air and enjoy the sun on their bodies.

  62. sandy weinstein says

    i dont have cats, entering to donate to safe haven cat shelter and clinic for their pet food bank. if i did have cats think it would be watching the outdoor wild animals, thru all of my windows, have lots of deer, rabbits, squirrels, hummingbirds that stay around my house.

  63. They all love to sleep in the summer!

  64. Andrea Robbs says

    Sleeping in the cool sink waiting for me to turn on the water 🙂

  65. Judy Simon says

    looking out the window, watching all the activities going on

  66. Dana Rodriguez says

    My cat loves to lounge on the back of the couch so he can watch the birds and squirrels outside.

  67. Most of my cats just like to laze on the deck in the summer. My youngest though, Sophie, really enjoys chasing butterflies 🙂

  68. My cats love watching the birds and butterflies from their window perch. Anything moving keeps them entertained!