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Cat Moon Necklace

Our Cats Light Up Our Lives

For many of us, our cats are our moon.  Annie is my moon.  She was there for me with her bright eyes shining during moments of overwhelming sadness after losing Gracey. When I am blue, I feel a little cold nose and Annie’s soft fur against my neck as she nestles in under my chin. When she gets settled I wrap my left arm around her and she purrs me back to comfort.

Gracey was there for me when I lost my dad.  I don’t have the words to fully explain the comfort that our cats bring to us, but if you are reading this, I think you know exactly what I mean.

Most days I go along and smile when I see reminders of loved ones around our home.  When there is sadness, Annie seems to know and  comes to comfort me.  Annie is my moon.

cat moon quote

The Cat Moon Necklace

The Cat Moon Necklace pays tribute to your cat companion who is always there for you.  The necklace is made in the cabochon style from a zinc alloy and is lead and nickel free. The cabochon pendant measures 1 inch (25 mm) in diameter, not too big and not too small.

The necklace comes with the 20 inch  (50 cm) chain with a 2 inch (5 cm) extender and a lobster clasp and weighs about 10 g.

The Cat Moon Necklace comes in a pretty organza draw string bag and is gift boxed.  Included is a small card with the image above of a cat reaching for the moon and quote by an unknown author.

The Cat Moon Necklace Giveaway

One member of The Tiniest Tiger community will receive the Cat Moon Necklace.  If you can’t wait, you can learn more about the necklace here Triple T Studios.

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Leave a comment below this post telling us:  How has your cat helped you through your darkest hour or a rough time?

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  1. Connie Tucker says

    I’m an excessive worrier and my cat helps distract me with his antics.

  2. Richard Hicks says

    my instagram Id is

  3. Trisha McKee says

    My baby kitty is fifteen years old, the same age as my daughter and they have both brought me joy by forming such a special relationship. every baby pic has the cat in it, peering in at my daughter. They follow each other around and the cat is always waiting for her when she’s gone.

  4. This will be for my friend and her 2 cats. She has many health problems and her cats can always make her laugh.
    Thanks for the contest.
    slehan at juno dot com

  5. My Trouble..yes his name is Trouble has gotten and stayed by my side when I have my down times and he always rubs his head on my cheeks and licks my face wiping away any tears I might have cried. I have treasured him since day 1 when I got him at 5 weeks old.

  6. michellecooke says

    my cats purring helps me calm down when stressed

  7. Carolyn Daley says

    Our cats are always a comfort. They show us affection and snuggle up with us in bed. Just putting them is therapeutic.

  8. Maggie Fornaciari says

    My cat always knows when I’m sick or depressed and gives me extra cuddles and kittie kisses

  9. Brenda Carson says

    When I found out my cancer had returned my cat Foxy stayed by my side night and day. He gave me the will and determination to get better to take care of him and his 8 fur siblings and my grandson.

    He is always with me and watching over me. He is an angel sent from heaven to encourage me and help me recover

  10. Andrea Robbs says

    Lexy always knows when I need her around. When I am down, she is right there with a warm snuggle and purr. It is just what I need.

  11. Maureen McCauley says

    Just by being there when I’m sad. Always come to sit or lie down next to me.

  12. They always seem to know when I need them and it seems as though they take turns in comforting me.

  13. Candi Ausman says

    My cats have helped me through dark times simply by being there. I’m relieved that I never had to give them up at the worst time.

  14. All of my dogs an cats over the years have helped me through my darkest hours. They give me purpose…

  15. Dana Rodriguez says

    Unconditional love!

  16. My cats always show me how much they love, but when I am sad they seem to know it and cuddle with me more!

  17. These are gorgeous! And my cats are the lights of my (often very harsh) life — I always tell them they keep me going and keep me sane through all the stresses of life.

  18. Vanessa Hamilton says

    My cats have been my greatest refuge, always, but never more so than thru my divorce after 30 years of marriage. They remind me – especially at night – that I’m never truly alone.

  19. Nancy Blue Moon says

    When I was recovering from open heart surgery they were a great comfort to me…

  20. Rebecca Hendricks says

    They always know when I’m upset, and at least one or two will come to sit with me and be petted.

  21. Shirley Lalonde says

    My baby girl know when me or my mom are sick. She comes and lie down on my lap and gives me kisses.

  22. Evelyn Chuter says

    I had a kitty that was 21 years old. She comforted me through the death of my youngest child and my husband shortly thereafter. It was me and her together always. If I shed a tear, she was right there with me cuddling and purring and trying to comfort me. She was my heart and soul and definitely my Moon. I lost her just 6 months ago. I have adopted since she passed. I now have 11 kitties.

  23. Mary Jo Krause says

    Because they will always come purr and cuddle when you are down and they make you feel better!!!

  24. Milene Mittelhauser says

    I’m a tax professional. Nothing relieves stress as well as coming home and loving on my two.

  25. Joyce Peace Hutson says

    My cat D0ot was with my mom when she went for her ‘Promotion”. She left us with a peaceful look on her face and Dot was there with her. She still goes in Mom’s room and sits in the window.

  26. with the unconditional love

  27. channallocks says

    cuddle with us

  28. My cats are always there for me, to cuddle whenever I need them to, and sometimes when I don’t.

  29. Richard Hicks says

    Both my cats sense when something is not right and I snuggle with them in bed

  30. Shannon Baas says

    by being there when I need someone to listen.

  31. Cary Hillman says

    Beautiful necklace

  32. Whenever I’m upset, my Squeaker will come and rub against me and purr and look at me with big eyes, then rubs and purrs some more. He is absolutely my moon!

  33. After an orthopedic surgery, or two, Tux is my companion and fun when I am grounded and cant get about…of course he is always that.

  34. My Tobias always knows when I need him most – he’ll just come by and lay down beside me and look up at me with these big moon eyes.

  35. Sadly, I lost my ‘Moon Kitty’ one month ago today. My other kitties bring me much comfort, but my sweet Callie was the one who always ‘knew’ when Mummy needed an extra purr, or head butt or two. This would be a sweet reminder that her love is still there, wrapped around my neck, like her wee paws used to be.

  36. My kitties comforted me after Squeaky passed. They knew I was sad and they would cuddle more or head bop me. Beautiful necklace. Thanks for the chance.
    Sue B

  37. Shadow Dance Ranch Kittehs says

    We all take turns comforting our momma when she needs a helping paw to get through this life. Each one of us is her Moon. Most of us were here for her when Papa passed away, with the rest of us showing up soon afterwards. We listen to her tell us the stories, remembering how Papa would play with us, cuddle with us and how much he loved us all. xoxoxo Dancer (Papa’s boy) and the SDR Clan

  38. Sharon A. Allen says

    When I lost my Smeaggy my Mini found me & has been my Moon ever since. When people don’t understand why I am sad or sick & can’t get out of bed, Mini is there and puts his paw around me & lays down beside me.

  39. disqus_0S16OLSCOR says

    By being my constant companion, something to hold and hug has helped me in some tough times.

  40. Cats are my salvation on earth! Presently, I am the caregiver of two furbabies. They always know when I need stress relief and how best to administer their affections!

  41. I have a lung disease and sometimes have coughing fits. My little 1 year old kitten has started running to me when I have them and meowing, pawing at my chest and rubbing her face on mine. I love her so much 🙂

  42. My kitten has helped me get through the loss of my 18 yr old Neko, who passed from a very quick moving cancer 3 months ago. Because of her, I am able to laugh again and while my heart will never be healed, she has shown me that I have so much more love to give.

  43. They are always there for me, patiently waiting to offer whatever I need at that moment; comfort, love, laughter, joy, empathy…often all at the same time!

  44. I’ve lived with cats all my life and like some distant planets, I have many moons. Among them was Bumble, whom I adopted not long after my mother died, and shortly after her own barn-cat mother failed to come home. We needed one another, and she was my faithful, loving companion for many years. Sometimes at night when I’m wakeful, I fancy I can still feel her curled against my shoulder, nose snuffling into my ear.

  45. I’m not a morning person, but you can’t help but smile when Fuzz the Alarm Clock Cat is staring right in your face in the morning.

  46. I had just moved into a 6th floor apt and i was lonely. I had to move to virginia with my son as i need someone to care for me as i was ill. I was only able to take one of my five cats and that was the hardest decision. But my cay Biggie was so in tune with all my problems he gave all the love and staying by my side 24/7. I could not ask for anymore. He lived till he was 2o years old and i miss him so much now especially as im disabled and need his company. Now i have stephan and cassie and im so glad i got them they are the best .


  47. Holly Thomas says

    Oskar came into my life as a sickly stray kitten 2 years ago, he saved my life more than the other way around.

  48. My cats have helped me through my 8 year, ongoing battle with breast cancer. I was alone through most of my treatments and it was really hard, but my cats were there for my every step of the way. Whether it was a nice cuddle after a chemo session from my Pygmy girl, or Lego, sitting on my bald head, keeping it warm and making me feel like I had hair again, or a lovely mew and kiss from my Boogie girl….all this and so much more; my cats have made this journey much more bearable and I feel stronger when they are with me.

  49. Every time I look at them they make my heart swell. Every. Single. Time. I adore them. And they are the funniest kitties I’ve ever had so I laugh…a lot.

  50. When sick and post surgery all three have taken up a spot on/next to me until I can get up and around. They take turns eating, etc. but make sure that I always have at least one if not 2 of them with me at all times. Purring helps you heal better and three times the purr is super therapeutic. Love my babies and they love me.

  51. When I had several major surgeries, my cats seemed to sense my pain & cuddled with me extra close. And like you, when my dad died last year, they were there for me.

  52. Drama Kitty, Precious, has always been my moon, my comfort, my familiar. For 19 years, since the moment I found her outside in the monkey grass, till the moment she decided she was not going back to work with me for the week(I used to supervise a day treatment program for adults who struggled with serious mental illnesses), and every night as she sleeps on my back to comfort me from nightmares she has been the brightest part of my world. Every day that she is still with me is a gift, and I dread the day when my moon and I must part until we’re both among the stars.

  53. Linda Szymoniak says

    My cats AND dogs have been with me and given me extra love when I lost my mom and dad just nine months apart. They’ve done so much for me.

  54. We aquired our 3 cats at different times in totally different ways. So sometimes we have squabbles, loud squabbles. I recently had surgery I my upper body, when I arrived home my husband settled me on the couch. One by one all 3 cats jumped up and settled down on my legs to comfort me. No squabbles not even a grumble. They knew I needed their help healing.

  55. Claudia Carney says

    My kitty was my comfort as I dealt with a parent with Alzheimers. Then when feline kidney failure severely impacted her quality of life, my little angel gently spoke to me with her eyes and gave me the strength to compassionately help her end her suffering. Still with me in Spirit, she then gave me the courage to go on to make a huge change in my life and begin anew. I still feel her presence with me every day.

  56. Rascal sleeps on my chest with her head tucked under my chin. This makes my journey through kidney failure easier to cope with.

  57. Shelley Joy P says

    My cat helps me through things by making me laugh and giving me cuddles. I feel less stressed thanks to her and it helps.

  58. Sheila Smith Sasser says

    My kitties know when I’m sad and come sit in my lap or sleep in my arms and give nose taps ro say everything will be okay. I would live ro win this beautiful necklace.

  59. Sierra M. Koester says

    My kitties have been here for me through thick and thin, and I cannot imagine life without them. I hope I win this beautiful necklace.

  60. Theresa Spaid says

    No matter if there is death in the family or I’m just down, Mushu stays with me and hugs my leg and purrs. I feel really calm with him there with me.

  61. Katheryn Cox says

    My sweet Larry Girl (named as a newborn kitten, before sex was known, and she never would answer to anything else) was what got me through a rough time. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia at 17, after spending 2 years in excruciating pain. She never left my side during my times of being stuck in bed, unable to move. I no longer have my Larry Girl, but she is forever in my heart.

  62. I had a cat named Buffy, I was little when he was born right in our bathtub. He was the only kitten from the litter we kept but he was mine. I carried him everywhere as a kitten like a child with his back paws around my hip and his front around my neck. This worked well as he grew since holding him in a traditional fashion would have never worked. He knew me inside and out. He could sense when I was happy, anxious, or sad. When I was sad is when he sparkled most. He would sit with me, let me cry in his fur and listen to him purr. His eyes were gentle and soothing. He reassured me that everything would be OK. I was heartbroken to lose him at the age of 17. I had hoped he would live forever but I knew that wasn’t possible. I carry him with me all the time and remember his gentle nature and the way he cared for me.

  63. Cyndi Hess Dye says

    I love my fur baby! She greets me at the door when I come home from work, and she sleeps next to me at night. She talks to me all the time, and is one of the sweetest cats I have ever had. She definitely rescued me. <3

  64. I adopted a cat from Wayside Waifs in Kansas City, back in 1993. I was single and lived alone at the time. Sam was so loving and such a wonderful companion for this lonely lady…and he helped me pick the right man to marry! He went over the Rainbow Bridge many years ago but I still love and miss him…such a sweet boy!