Cat Walk Tote And Accessories Giveaway


Triple T Studios Cat Walk Tote Trio

We are excited to introduce to you the new Cat Walk Tote and Accessories from Triple T Studios. This vegan friendly trio was designed by us and is made exclusively for us.  We wanted to create an elegant tote and accessories that are practical but with a bit of added whimsy . We hope you like them too.

The Cat Walk Tote

Cat Walk Tote Front

The Cat Walk Tote features a happy cat walking with their tail up and curled! The black cat stands out against the winter white tote.


Cat Walk tote close up stitching

The cat is carefully stitched in place for not only a high-end look but for durability.

Cat Walk Tote back

The back of the tote features a whimsical trail of cat paws creating a pretty pattern across the bag.  The cat paws are carefully stitched in place too.

The Cat Walk Cosmetic Bag

Cat Walk Cosmetic Bag

The Cat Walk Cosmetic Bag features the same black cat on the front and the cat paws walking across the bag, but we added the cute cat ears on the top for added whimsy.  This cosmetic bag is sure to make you smile and it fits purr-fectly inside the Cat Walk Tote

Cat Walk Cosmetic Bag BackThe Cat Walk Phone Cross-Body Bag

Cat Walk Phone Bag

We like to be hands free sometimes when we are out and about so we created the Cat Walk Phone Cross-Body Bag just the right size for your phone, cards, and basic essentials.

Cat Walk Phone Bag


This versatile bag come with no  only the generous  60″ cross-boy strap but an additional wrist strap for those times you might want to loop the bag around the strap of your Cat Walk Tote or your wrist.

Cat Walk Handbag with smaller bag

The Triple T Studios Cat Walk Trio Giveaway

One member of The Tiniest Tiger community will receive one Cat Walk Tote, one Cat Walk Cosmetic Bag and one Cat Walk Phone Cross-Body Bag. If you can’t wait, you can learn more about the new Cat Walk Tote Trio here Triple T Studios.

How to Enter

Enter your information in the contest widget so we know where to ship your prize if you win.

Leave a comment below this post telling us:  What do you like the most about the new Cat Walk Tote and Accessories?

This giveaway is open to everyone!  Void Where Prohibited

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  1. john brindisi says

    These items are flat out cute!!!!! and appeared well made.

  2. This is a really cute tote bag. I love the black kitty on the white background. Classy and cute! Thanks.

  3. Altusbecky says

    Love me kitty items..

  4. Donna Kellogg says

    I love the Cats and the paw prints on them I have 3 cats so I am a cat person and these are great.

  5. I love the simple cat design. And I love the paw prints.

  6. I love that it matches with everything. Thank you

  7. jessicakaufman says

    I like its a fun design on the bag.

  8. The designs are so cute!

  9. Dorothy Hubbard says

    They are so cute and the cat design is nice and simple.

  10. Crystal Sell says

    The design is so cute. The stitching and everything looks well done. Love it so much!

  11. Kate Newton says

    Oh my gosh, I love this! I love the black and white and the simple decorations on the bags. No big sequins or bling like what seems to be popular now days. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win!

  12. I love everything cats and would really love to have one

  13. Cynthia Gale says

    I love the simple classy look of the silhouettes.

  14. Karen Fields says

    I like that it’s very simple and classic looking. Definitely would match anything.

  15. Marilyn Hamill says

    I like the little feet prints.

  16. Jessica Ebel says

    these are really cute

  17. Diane Miller says

    Elegant and not like a cartoon which is what most cat related product are offered.

  18. Classy. I love the black on white

  19. How can you not love such style and elegance! These will turn heads everywhere! Well done that designer!!

    Marjorie Dawson

  20. Dana Matthews says

    This is very elegant and fun!

  21. Trisha McKee says

    I love the beautiful design! Cats are always so elegant looking!

  22. nalasmommy says

    I love the classy design, but most of all I love the black & white. I have 1 all black kitty & 1 all white kitty! 😀

  23. Judy Thomas says

    I love them because they are so beautiful, and handy.I love cats 🙂

  24. Roger Dusenberry says

    Classic style!

  25. Maggie Fornaciari says

    I just love this set, especially the make-up bag, because of the cute little ears!


    I love how functional & high quality they are! The fact that I am a big cat lover (I own 3) make these do dear to my heart! Marcy Lynn Strahan Birdge City,TX

  27. I love these bags. I just think they are the cutest thing ever.

  28. Debbie Petch says

    They are so pretty and the paws are hand stitched.

  29. Heidi Shuler says

    gives ones a happy, contented feeling just looking at the photographs

  30. Yvonne Davis says

    Love the silhouette and they whimsy of the footprints tracking across the back. The black and white is classic.

  31. Tammy Dusenberry Cole says

    So cute and practical love all of them !!

  32. Nicole Cutchens says

    Love these so much!

  33. I love the design – simple and elegant! I am a proud crazy cat lady! If it’s got cats on it, I want it!

  34. Debra Guillen says

    I would love to win these for my daughter because she absolutely loves cats.

  35. Mary Friedling says

    These are so cute and useful. I’d love a set

  36. That’s supposed to blackies not blackbird. Gotta love autocorrect. *

  37. What’s not to like. Blackbird and paw prints, I have an affinity for both. I love the style, very spacious, in a sleek elegant look. If it comes in a storage bag like my refined tote did, it just makes it feel priceless. Just as our fur babies are.

  38. These bags can be used for both casual and evening wear. The cat designs are plus, especially for sparking up conversations with strangers about cats 🙂

  39. Azar Attura says

    Could not post a comment– it closed on me and won’t allow me back in– so what do I like the most about this trio? The simple design, the functionality and the cat and cat paw motifs

  40. Mary Jo Krause says

    They are gorgeous!!

  41. Cheryl Young says

    I love them because they have kittehs on them!

  42. Judith Taylor says

    I’m getting back into the work force and this would make a statement, plus its a beautiful I love it.

  43. They are so adorable, but still sophisticated enough that they don’t look like a child’s bag.

  44. i love the cat walk trio! it would be so easy to use & hands free, plus it is stylish & of course has my favorite animal displayed on it!! <3

  45. You get three things for 24$ that is a super deal! ima gonna get one for my daughter.

  46. This would make the most perfect knitting/crochet bag ever! Also with a handy pouch for extra tools, money and a place for my phone. So much better than the bags I am using now

  47. Krista Shull says

    I love that you can get a matching set! These are soooo cute!

  48. Eugenia Hall says

    I love the footprints on it, they’re so cute!

  49. Sarah Collins says

    I love all things cat! I am a cat lady. 🙂 I love the matching accessories with the bag. The paw prints are super cute!

  50. Carolyn Daley says

    I like that all the accessories match the main tote bag. I also love how the cosmetic bag not only has paw prints on one side and a cat on the other, but it is shaped like a cat face with pointed ears.

  51. tinareynolds says

    I love the color so cute and the size is just perfect

  52. i like the footy prints!

  53. Stephanie Larison says

    I love the black on white, I think it looks super stylish!

  54. Stephanie Shreve Baker says

    Such a classy bag! I love the simple but elegant black & white combined with the whimsical cat. I’d use this often!

  55. I love the cute kitty pic and paw prints on the bags. So cute!

  56. How they’ll make the perfect Holiday gift if I win them! My sister would do several flips if she saw this! ;D

  57. I think they are so cute!

  58. I think it is a wonderful cat design, that really pops yet looks very classy

  59. Nives Holajn says

    So cute! I adore and have a cat Meeko 🙂 So this would be so amazing to have!

  60. anita leibert says

    I just love the paw prints and the cat design!

  61. Cindy Loohoo says

    I like how simple yet functional this design is. Lovely!

  62. I’m the biggest cat/kitten lover, I have everything cats/kittens. The only thing I don’t have in cats/kittens is a tote bag! I would love to have one,

  63. Peggy Rydzewski says

    I like the clean cut of the the design

  64. This set is so beautiful. I’m sure I won’t win, but I will definitely order them when I get some extra money.

  65. susansmoaks says

    i like how cute this tote is, i would love to give it for my mom

  66. MichelleNelson&Famly says

    Beautiful collection that shows off our favorite pet CATS.

  67. I like everything about it. Frankly I am a craazy cat lady and find it irresitable and its super cute

    ellen beck on form

  68. katboxjanitor says

    I can express my love of pets with a these classic items with fun details.
    A great addition to my Triple T ‘collection’.

  69. Nancy Blue Moon says

    I really need new bags and these are perfect for favorite is the cosmetic bag with little kitty ears!

  70. I love the black on white contrast, plus how elegant and simple the pieces are. I also have two black cats!!!

  71. I love the bag because you are getting 3 in 1 bag..Cat Walk Tote, Cat Walk Cosmetic Bag and Cat Walk Phone Cross-Body Bag that is AWESOME

  72. Lorrie Davis says

    This is so pretty, tried to enter a comment while entering the giveaway, but couldn’t. Would love this, great for overnight visits. I love cats, especially like the cosmetic bag, with the little cat ears. So cute

  73. Heidi Shuler says

    These reflect the talent of the designers, but even more, the special beauty of cats.

  74. sandy weinstein says

    saw where you are giving this away on Modern Cat today….i entered. i enter every friday to win things to donate to safe haven cat shelter and clinic but i would keep this for myself. love it.

  75. It’s classy looking. It shows you are crazy about cats, but not the stereotypical tacky crazy cat lady.

  76. Gail Goldsby Reid says

    Anything kitty – love it!

  77. Sherree Smith says

    I love the clean modern look and the coordinating patterns of this set. Looks very stylish!

  78. Sonya Allstun says

    I like the white background with black cat color theme

  79. wetnosegang says

    Great design! So clean and modern and fun at the same time. I love it!

  80. Mary Beth Elderton says

    A love a roomy tote—and cats!

  81. Amy Brooks says

    I like the white background with black cat color theme

  82. Danielle Haberstroh says

    I love the paw prints on the back!

  83. I have a soft spot for black cats, so I love this new set especially

  84. Cutest accessory trio! <3!

  85. Teri Ramos says

    High end, durable, style and cats..a perfect combination!

  86. Dana Rodriguez says

    These are adorable. The design is just so cute especially the cosmetic bag!

  87. Barbara McIntosh says

    Everything, but especially the style and quality look of all three items. I am proud to profess my love for all cats, and these bags would certainly show how much I care.

    • Congratulations Barbara!! You are the winner of the Cat Walk Trio! We will get your tote and accessories on the way to you asap. You will receive a shipping notification! Thank you for being a part of The Tiniest Tiger community.

      • Barbara McIntosh says

        Thank you so much, Joanne! So thrilled to win the beautiful tote and accessories. Love all cats and all things cats!

  88. I like that is about cats, and it comes as a set. You can choose the right bag for the day.

  89. I like that it is a set and because it is cats, as always! 🙂

  90. Mary Jo Krause says

    The cats of course make them awesome, but more so they are beautifully designed and awesome!!

  91. Subhadhra Gunn says

    What do I like the most about the Cat Walk Totes? Well.. the cats on them, of course! I would proudly wear/use these everytime I go out.

  92. I like that you can have a matching set.
    Sue B

  93. I love how clean the design is. Also, I have a love for all things black cat. 🙂

  94. The attention to detail is amazing! I love the paw prints on one of the sides which means it’s reversible.

  95. Nancy Nemer says

    It’s not only cute, it is incredibly stylish as well!

  96. It’s simple design, beautiful!

  97. This looks so elegant. Everything I own practically has dog or cat designs, LOL. Who needs Couture?! 😉

  98. Shelley Joy P says

    I love the design!! Beautiful and stylish.

  99. Deborah Zarett says

    I love every piece of this set! Great design!

  100. Cute cat tote and cross body bag would be great when you dont need the tote to carry a lot. these look nicely made with cute logos.

  101. margaretporter says

    I love this set. So stylish. I woul dbe proud to show it off!

  102. I like that the cat appliques are stitched & not glued for durability

  103. I am insanely in LOVE with this set!! <3 It will allow me to show off my cat crazy loud and proud!

  104. OMG, I am insanely in LOVE with this set <3

  105. For the love of cats!! It just makes accessorize so much more fun!!

  106. Michelle Juárez says

    There are so many ways to mix and match, all the while repping my cat lady-ness! My old (very old!) purse broke, and these are just adorable ?

  107. I’m not usually a fan of bags and purses as most things are too gaudy and girly, but this is nice and simple and I love cats so it’s perfect!

  108. Monique Rizzo says

    I love the classy simple look. The paw prints are adorable. Thank you for the chance.

  109. Sharon Forney says

    Love the cat ears on the cosmetic bag and the trail of cat paws

  110. I adore the black and white contrast and the whimsical ears 🙂

  111. Gail Gottshall Whitmire says

    I have a black cat named Onyx who is my baby! This set reminds me of him. He saved my broken heart when I lost my Maine Coon. Onyx and I laid eyes on each other and it was instant love. I call it “crazy cat lady gear!”

  112. erica hillman stewart says

    Great giveaway, i just love the trail of cat paws along the back!

  113. I love the cat design.

  114. Austin Baroudi says

    I love the cute designs.

  115. The paw prints across the back.

  116. Nicole Cutchens says

    I love the look of this set, it’s something I’d love to show off!

  117. I ADORE this set. Thank you so much for the chance to win it! 🙂

  118. I just love how cute they are! Those ears on the cosmetic bag get to me.

  119. I love that cat walking across the tote.

  120. Amanda Sierpinski says


  121. Jen Hendee says

    Beautiful *and* functional!

  122. Tracy Shafer says

    That its just adorable and I must have it

  123. Tammy Horn says

    I love the classy look. This would be perfect to take along to our cat charity events and dinners.

  124. Kim Rimmer says

    I love the clean design and that it’s sure to be a conversation piece!

  125. I like that it looks sturdy and strong enough to hold a lot of stuff.

  126. Patti Schmidt says

    I love the paw prints on the back. Plus the little kitty ears on the cosmetic bag! I have 3 black cats and 1 Ocicat. This would definitely fit in with my household 🙂

  127. margaretsmith says

    I love that they are so neutral and will go with anything. I also love the cat design. I have a solid black cat and this reminds me of him. I’m such a cat lover and these are so adorable. Thanks so much.

  128. Tea Šainovi? says

    I love the design, so classy and unique!

  129. Liandra Hewins says

    I love this so much! I would be thrilled to have these and show them off to everyone!

  130. Andrea J. Schedel says

    I love how classy and elegant they look while still showing off my catitude!

  131. I love that the set is adorable, yet still a little sophisticated. Very nice!

  132. I like that the bags are all adorable and very useful!

  133. Jennifer Bryan Ebner says

    I had a black cat and the tote reminds me of him.

  134. Daniel Scott says

    I like that the bag looks like leather. The little cat prints are so cute too. My wife would love this.

  135. Absolutely love! Black cats are under appreciated. 🙂

  136. Linda Fehr says

    Just adorable,and I have seen this at least once in my home…pawprints all over

  137. So classy tote! I like a cat in friendly pose. <3

  138. Cheryl Young says

    They have black cats on them! Black cats are the best!

  139. Melba Gobble Worley says

    The sophisticated look & those cute little paw prints along the back

  140. Deborah Zarett says

    So cute.

  141. They are so stylish and so expressive of my love of cats!

  142. Andrea Robbs says

    Those little paws walking across the back just stole my heart, so cute!

  143. kara shank says

    simple, but cute

  144. Love these!

  145. It’s extremely elegant.

  146. Evelyn Chuter says

    I love the kitty cat designs.

  147. It’s sleek and classy looking.

  148. Tatiana Staloff says

    Beautiful white for winter

  149. I love the design, gorgeous unique set.

  150. I like the clean design and black/white coloring.

  151. Milene Mittelhauser says

    The little cat ears.

  152. Mary Jo Krause says

    They are all unique and different then anything else out there. I love them all, they are beautiful!!

  153. Vickie Kohn says

    lt has such a simple, sleek design. It works with everything.

  154. Deb Schaaf says

    I love the cat on one side & the paw prints on the other!!

  155. Debbie Petch says

    I really need a bag for my cell phone. The bag is so cute!

  156. I love the structure of the bag, the subdued colors mixed with whimsical designs, and the adorable ears on the cosmetic bag!

  157. I LOVE the paw prints – It’s the cat’s MEOW (cliche’ I know – but it fits)…O.MEOW.G it’s PAWsome!

  158. Cat Fleming says

    I love the happy little cat, and the paws on the back too!!

  159. Sierra M. Koester says

    The new tote and accessories are SO adorable!

  160. Christine Nagata says

    I love the clean and simple look. Elegant!

  161. Sharon A. Allen says

    I love the beauty of the bag and the paw stitching is so cool!

  162. I have 2 black cats so the bag matches them which is great and the look is well made

  163. Stacy Scott says

    I like the clean, unfussy design.

  164. The Island Cats says

    That tote bag is great! We love the attention to details…like the paws walking on the back side.

  165. Connie Lee says

    I like the picture of the cat on front with the paw prints on back.

  166. Roxanne Coryell says

    I love everything about them, but especially the sweet black kitty design! 😀

  167. Maggie Fornaciari says

    I think they’re just the cutest and appear to be well-made

  168. Roger Dusenberry says

    Love the style of the bags and the cat design is sleek and classy

  169. Jeanne Owens says

    I love the cute and simple design, and the short strap that will let you use the cross-body phone bag as a wristlet or attach to the tote.

  170. Beauty & charm all in one (and I love the paw prints on the back!).

  171. i like that they have kitties, yet are still refined enough for everyday use.

  172. Tina L. Fleck says

    simple and elegant

  173. These are especially pretty – so simple and graceful!

  174. I love the colors so crisp and clean, sophisticated looking. The cat’s meow!

  175. I love the simplicity of the large tote design, and the small cross body bag is a perfect companion piece. I’d love to see the bag in a taupe/tan with a brown kitty and paw prints. That color combo seems to coordinate well with most outfits, goes from season to season and seems less likely to show dirt. =^.^=

  176. Theresa Spaid says

    I really like the looks and also that it has everything you need to carry your stuff.

  177. Laurie Coby says

    I love the way it’s understated and clean and totally makes you think of cats.

  178. sandy weinstein says

    i love the paw walking along the bottom of the tote and the matching accessories. so cute. does it come in other colors, white get dirty so quickly. like the small purse/coin has wrist handle as well as long one too. love the ears on the cosmetic bag.

    • Hi Sandy, We are thinking of making this trio in Black with white cat and paws too. The tote has protective feet on the bottom and this material is easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth. Thank you for being a part of The Tiniest Tiger community.