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Whisker Greens Pet Grass

Annie Eddie and Mercy with #PetGrass #ad

Whisker Greens™ is certified organic wheatgrass that contains many important nutrients like protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and antioxidants.  Whisker Greens wheatgrass is grown from 100% certified organic seed, planted carefully by hand in real soil to provide the maximum benefits for the nutritional cat grass. The little seeded pots are rotated through the greenhouses, receiving the proper amounts of water and sunlight to be ready to ship to your cats at just the right stage of development.

Annie, Eddie and Mercy Love Whisker Greens!

Whisker Greens package

When the package arrived with the cat grass, I wasn’t expecting the grass to be so vibrant, tender, and moist.  The package made me smile when I saw the word cloud with words describing the experience our cats will have with the fresh cat grass.

The wheat grass from Whisker Greens is the freshest cat grass I have seen and is even better than the wheat grass we have grown at home.

Eddie with #petgrass #ad

The three-pack of cat grass comes sealed in a moisture sealed bag. The cat grass will stay fresh for up to 2 weeks in your refrigerator!  I placed two into the refrigerator and took the third out in the sunroom for Annie, Eddie and Mercy to enjoy.

Mercy and Eddie #petgrass #ad

As soon as placed one of the cat grass pots into the cute decorative container, there were three tails up and curled following me into the sunroom. Mercy and Eddie didn’t waste any time choosing a side to nibble.

Annie and Eddie #petgrass #ad

Annie, who is typically the first to try new things, couldn’t beat the boys to the cat grass snack.  But don’t worry she was able to enjoy  nibbles too.

Whisker Greens  Pet Grass provides an easy solution to adding a bit of safe green plant enrichment to your home.  The cats love the tasty wheat grass and we love knowing it is organic and safe for them to enjoy.

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Whisker Greens #ad

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  1. You all look like you’re having fun with the cat grass! We’ve been enjoying ours too! We especially loved that it arrived completely grown and ready to use.

  2. The greens are being enjoyed lots here too!