Cat’s Meow Watch Giveaway

Cat's Meow Watch from Triple T Studios

The New Cat’s Meow Watch

We curated the new Cat’s Meow Watch for  Triple T Studios  because when we saw the heart-shaped nose we thought it was adorable and we thought you might like it too.  The cat watch face features cute cat ears, MEOW and that sweet heart-shaped nose and whiskers.

This cat watch will keep you purring when you check the time.   We chose three colors for the band on the Cat’s Meow Watch: Red, Pink and Classic Black.  These colors are purr-fect and just in time for Valentine’s Day.


Red Cat's Meow WatchPink

Pink Cat's Meow WatchClassic Black

Black Cat's Meow Watch

The cat watch case is made from stainless steel and has quartz movement.  The dial diameter is 1.5″ so this is a larger than average dial.

The watch band is made from synthetic material, not leather, so the band is vegan friendly.  The watch band length is 9.45″ and the width is .75″.

The watch will withstand the typical moisture but is not for swimming or for soaking in sink while doing dishes. The watch is water resistant but not water-proof.

The Cat’s Meow Watch Giveaway

One member of The Tiniest Tiger Community will win their color  choice  Cat’s Meow Watch.

If you can’t wait you can learn more about the Cat’s Meow Watch here: Triple T Studios.

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Leave a comment below this post telling us: Do you wear a watch? And, which color will you choose?

This giveaway is open to everyone.

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  1. Kristina Potter says

    I do wear watches, and I would love to wear the pink one.. Thanks!!

  2. Linda Bradshaw says

    I would like to have red because I do not have red yet. I do wear a brown one but my battery is dead and I have not changed it yet.

  3. Trisha McKee says

    I do wear watches and I would choose the classic black.

  4. Mary Jo Krause says

    I would have to go with the classic black cause it would go with any outfit!!

  5. Jaime Cummings says

    I don’t wear a watch but I love the pink one! I would definitely wear that one. 🙂

  6. sarah oswald says

    I do wear watches and I would pick this one in Classic Black

  7. I don’t wear a watch but would love the pink one for my granddaughter.

  8. susansmoaks says

    i do wear a watch and i would choose the pink. i love it.

  9. I wear one sometimes, I would love to get the black with the purple band.

  10. I don’t wear one, but It’s because I don’t own one. I would like the grey one.

  11. I don’t, but I’ll make an exception for a cute watch like this. 😀

  12. Yes I do, I would choose black.

  13. I would love a RED one since that is the color watch band my company allows! Delta Airlines!!

  14. Evelyn Chuter says

    I love this watch and I don’t wear a watch right now. I would this one and I’d choose the black…. or maybe the pink.

  15. I love the black watch, because black cats are my favorite!

  16. Claudia C. Davis says

    yes every day and black please.

  17. Mary Friedling says

    What an adorable watch!

  18. nekromistress says

    I need a new watch and one with a second hand would be great for work and a black one would match all my scrubs

  19. Teresa Taylor says

    Yes, I do wear watches and would love the black one only because it would match more outfits 🙂

  20. Cathy Keisha says

    TW doesn’t wear a watch but she’d certainly wear this one in red. This is sooo cute.

  21. Mary Jo Krause says

    I like to wear a watch cause when grocery shopping and/or otherwise out looking at my wrist is easier then pulling out my phone. I am not a big cell phone addict like most, basically carry it to contact my children when we are out cause I do not drive so they take turns taking me shopping. I like the basic black the best.

  22. i do wear a watch, i’d love to win a pink one for my wife

  23. sandpipercat says

    LOVE it! Can’t not wear a watch

  24. Brenda Callahan says

    i don’t usually wear a watch, but my new job i can’t have my phone on me, so i never know the time!
    i like the pink

  25. sandy weinstein says

    i wear a watch all of the time, would love the red one, please

  26. I have worn watches in the past, so this would definitely get me wearing one again. I would pick the black one. Thanks!

  27. Shadow Dance Ranch Kittehs says

    No, but if momma had one of these, her would wear it! Definitely Red please. Xoxoxo Dancer and the SDR Clan

  28. Tracy Shafer says

    I do..I would chose the black!

  29. Yes. Classic Black.

  30. LauraRichardson says

    Too cute! Pink, please.

  31. Candi Ausman says

    These are very cute! I would choose the black watch.

  32. Yes, I almost always weara a watch. If I won, I would pick the pink watch.

    abfantom at yahoo dot com

  33. I do wear a watch and would choose the pink one.

  34. Jeanne Owens says

    I always wear a watch! They’re all cute, but I like the black one best.

  35. June George says

    Yes. I would wear the red one, if I win this cute cat watch. ?

  36. yes, always…red please 🙂

  37. Azar Attura says

    Black, Basic Black.

  38. RE Almanace says

    My fave is Basic Black. Sleek, like a lithe black cat.

  39. I do wear a watch – I can’t live without a watch! My favorite is the black one – it’s a more discrete watch, but still fun.

  40. Maureen McCauley says

    I wear a watch day and nite and I’d like the red one please.

  41. Patricia Brousseau Caradonna says

    Yes, I wear a watch daily. I would choose the red watch.

  42. Yes, I typically have a watch on; I’d proudly wear the pink one for so many reasons!!!

  43. Subhadhra Gunn says

    Yes, I have worn watches, but currently I haven’t because it stopped working altogether. I would choose the Red or Classic Black. Thank you.

  44. Yes, I do wear a watch and have quite a nice collection. One of these would be a wonderful addition. Any color would be perfect; I’ll let your kitties choose for me!

  45. Deb Schaaf says

    Yes, I do wear a watch. I would choose either Red or Classic Black.

  46. Cindy Ajanel says

    I do wear a watch, and I would love the Classic Black

  47. I do wear a watch, but if I win it will be donated to a charity for needy children.

  48. Gretchen Marie Klein says

    Yes, I love watches! Would love to win one with the black band!

  49. Michelle Dovin says

    I would definitely wear one of these watches in black. They are super chic!

  50. I do wear a watch and the black one would go perfectly with my black and white paw handbag!

  51. Not always. I like the black one.

  52. I love watches. I would get the red one. So cute!!

  53. These watches are adorable! Love the pink, or the red, can’t decide

  54. Trisha Sanders says

    I wear a watch…would love the black to represent my panther kitties! Thank you! ^,,^ ??

  55. I love my kitty purse. I want the cat watch to go with it

  56. proudkittymom says

    Yes, I wear a watch every day. I feel naked without one. My current one is looking quite weathered, I’d love a new red one =^..^=

  57. Dr. Eeky is in says

    Sometimes I wear a watch. I should all the time, I’m always running late! They are adorable, I’ll take the black one!

  58. Kathleen Austin says

    I wear a watch. I would choose pink

  59. Barbara Consbruck says

    I wear a watch but I don’t have one that works at the moment. These are adorable and I would choose classic black.

  60. Susan Pertierra says

    I wear a watch even though I use my phone more often to check the time. I would choose the Classic Black.

  61. Alexis and GinnyCat says

    I always wear a watch and I love my cat watch in leopard from Triple-T. Would love this so cute heart nose watch in pink as this new style is super cute and sophisicated!

  62. Cat Fleming says

    I don’t usually wear a watch, but I’d wear one of these since they’re so cute! The pink one, I think.

  63. I wear a watch and i love them all. Black would be for me, hope to win

  64. Connie Lee says

    I wear a watch, and I like the Classic Black watch.

  65. Debbie Petch says

    I wear watches. I like the red one.

  66. Roxanne Coryell says

    I always wear a watch, and would choose the pink one–my favorite color! 😀

  67. The Island Cats says

    The mom wears a watch whenever she goes to work. If she won this watch, she would choose black, only because it would go with everything.

  68. I haven’t worn a watch since the battery died in mine, and I can never remember to replace it. While the professional side of me would say black, the rebellious side of me, which I tend to indulge more often than not, would go with red.

  69. I do not own a watch which is the only reason I don’t wear one. I would choose the red band.

  70. Pamela Shaffer-Cloutier says

    Yes, I do. Definitely red. Thanks!

  71. Judy Thomas says

    Yes I do.I would choose the blue 🙂

  72. Shirley Lalonde says

    Yes i wear watches when i go out, i really love the pink watch.

  73. Yes, I do wear watch. Color Black will do. This watch will keep me great company where ever i am

  74. I usually wear a purple watch 🙂

  75. Theresa Spaid says

    I need to wear a watch at work. I work with slot machines and need to know the time to put on card in them when go into them.

  76. Jennifer W says

    I do sometimes! I would love the black, I think, though the pink is cute too! Black would go with more of my wardrobe, though. 🙂

  77. Barbara McIntosh says

    Love this watch! Yes, I wear a watch most days; and, if I had this watch, I would probably wear it more than my others. I would choose the black because it goes with most things.

  78. Beautiful watch and color choices! I’d like to see one in caramel, too, in future — any chance? It’s a tough choice, but I’ll be adventurous with red.

  79. catchatcaren says

    I wear a watch when I have nice ones like these to choose from! I think I would prefer the black, goes with everything!

  80. wetnosegang says

    I wear watches occasionally. But if I won this, I would pick pink and give it to my mother. She’d love it!

  81. I do wear one when I go out & need to keep track of my time or if I’m dressing up. Hard to choose a color as they are each adorable. But, I’d probably choose the black to match more outfits. Meow!!!

  82. I love the red…so cheery.

  83. Vickie Kohn says

    I currently wear a black watch, so I’d stay with black.

  84. i haven’t worn a watch in years, but i would wear one this cute!! esp since pink is my favorite color!!

    • Chickie Brewer says

      No I do not wear a watch… I would love to win the pink for my preteen granddaughter

  85. I always have a watch on, it is less obvious to keep track of time then pulling out your phone. Red would be purrfect for Valentines Dayl

  86. I LOVE the pink cat watch

  87. Black! I adore these watches, stylish and cute at the same time. >^,,^<

  88. I love watches! I have a collection that I rotate through. The pink one would be a great addition to my wardrobe!

  89. Yes I wear a watch. I love the pink one. Thanks for the chance.
    Sue B

  90. Jennifer Mae Burningham says

    I used to wear a watch, until it broke. Now I’m watchless. I’d wear the pink one!

  91. Krista Shull says

    I can’t NOT wear a watch! I feel naked without one! One of my favorite colors is pink so that would be my first choice.

  92. Linda Szymoniak says

    I haven’t been wearing a watch lately because mine broke. I’d love a cat watch! I’d go with the Classic Black one if I win, since it would go with more things.

  93. Erica Martinez says

    Yes i wear a watch and i would love the classic black one.

  94. I wear a watch every day. I’m a counselor and have to watch my time carefully. I would LOVE to wear the Meow Watch to work. Black is my favorite color, and “meow” is my favorite word in the entire world! It brings me comfort. I love these watches so much!