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Cats Happy Together

As you know, we adopted Annie and Eddie together form the Grayson County Humane Society.  There they shared a cage and had formed a close bond.  Today, as hard as it is for me to believe, they are coming up on their 3rd birthday and  are still best friends.  We rarely see one without the other nearby.
Perhaps the only better than sharing your life with a cat is sharing your life with more than one cat!  When we saw this sweet cat necklace it reminds us not only of the bond between our two cats Annie and Eddie but also made us think about how happy we are when we spend time with our cats.  We thought you might like it too.
Happy Together Cat Necklace

Happy Together Cat Necklace

The Happy Together Cat Necklace features two cats sitting side by side. One cat is made from 925 sterling silver and one has 18k gold plating.  The sparkle and shine  is from the  AAA cubic zirconia stones outlining the cats’ bodies.  The necklace is lead and nickel free and weighs 4 gm so it won’t feel heavy around your neck.
The Happy Together Cat Necklace  comes with an 18 inch sterling silver box  chain and is boxed and ready to give as a gift or keep for yourself.  This necklace is purr-fect not only for Valentine’s Day but for a Mother’s Day gift too.

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Leave a comment below this post telling us:  What is your favorite Happy Together time with your cat?

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  1. Trisha McKee says

    When I finally sit back and relax on the couch with blankets, my baby girl cuddles up next to me.

  2. When they’re sleepy and all warm and purry!

  3. Wanda Campbell Moody says

    My favorite time with my Smurf is any time! She loves for me to throw a golf practice plastic ball up to the top of the steps where is would be & would try to catch it in her paw & bat in back down to me. Most of the time she does it! She is getting old & slowing up, going on 16 yrs old & I know it is gonna kill me when she passes.

  4. Shari Breckenridge Klyn says

    We don’t get to have a cat because my son is extremely allergic to them. My daughter loves cats and has never been able to have one.

  5. Tracy Shafer says

    In the evening watching tv..she likes to cuddle with me in the blankets 🙂

  6. Connie Tucker says

    My favorite Happy Together time with my cat Reedus is playing hide and chase. That rrr rrr noise when he finds me or I him makes cracks me up 🙂

  7. I do believe it’d be easier to tell you when there isn’t a happy time, but one of the habits that several of mine have that just warms my heart in a special way is when they’ll stand on their back legs, and reach up for me, almost childlike, as if they can not wait to be as close as possible to you.

  8. Jaime Cummings says

    My favorite happy time with my kitty is when I get home from work, We’re so happy to see each other!

  9. Leslie Davis says

    Win my old girl cuddles under covers with me.

  10. Randy Johnson says

    My favorite happy time with my Harry is all the time. He’s always right next to me, especially when he knows I need him. 🙂

  11. susansmoaks says

    i like to pet the cats when we feed them, it’s my favorite happy time.

  12. tinareynolds says

    Curled up on the couch next to me or keepung my feet warm love my little foot warmer

  13. Stephanie Larison says

    My fave time is when we’re chilling on the couch watching tv and snuggling.

  14. JennyLynn241 says

    Always happy time playing with my Oliver

  15. nekromistress says

    When he curls up next to me or makes me melt my patting at my hand to pet him which makes him purr and his tail becomes huge so we call it happy tail.

    Does anyone else have cats that get big tails when happy?

  16. My favorite time is her on my lap.

  17. kyl neusch says

    just being with my cat

  18. Quiet time. Cup of tea in one hand, purring cat in the other.

  19. Cheryl Roarke says

    Such a beautiful piece of cat jewelry, it would look so lovely with the cat face crystal earrings, I already own.

  20. He recently passed…but it was hand feeding his favorite roasted chicken.

  21. Lynnae Clark says

    my favorite time is all the time.. but at bedtime my baby presious sleeps on her own pillow right next to mine.. most the time she needs her pillow an mine… lol i love her so much.. she is everything to me.. she also has bone cancer just like me.. she is 16 years old now.. shes lost a few teeth an part of her gum already.. she needs can food daily.. which i allways feed her that daily for a treat plus her dry food.. her best friend my ole tabetha lived till her was 22 years old.. we lost him two years ago the day befor christmas.. i help him till his last breath.. i promised him id allways be there for him an i was even though it was horrilby hard.. i loved my baby boy.. a cat can really be your best friend.. id take a cat over many people.. lol there just the purrrect ones to love…

  22. djbratpack says

    My favorite happy time with my many rescued cats is when they all pile on top of me to have a nap or sleep at night. They enjoy being near me as much as I enjoy being near them. 🙂

  23. Dana Murphy says

    At night. I read for awhile before going to sleep. All three of my kitties wait for me to get in bed then we all snuggle. When I turn out the lights they all move to the foot of the bed.

  24. S.D. Brooks says

    happy time is when she cuddles me first thing in the morning

  25. Leslie DeFrancisco says

    Favorite time is morning coffee, while he sits on the arm of my chair and gets much love.

  26. I enjoy snuggling on the couch with my cats.

  27. We love to play with boxes together.

  28. Any time I spend with my fur babies is the best time.

  29. Dicey Efantis says

    I love taking my two boy cats, Taz and Sir Frederick, on walks outside in their harnesses. They enjoy it and are in a much better mood when we return.

  30. Leona Morrison says

    My favourite happy time is when my cats, BoBo and BooBoo and I snuggle together.

  31. Snuggling in bed is the best!

  32. I love watching tv with a cat on my lap!

  33. Both are so different. I love play time with both but I also love the rare (middle of the night) “must have a cuddle time” with the one you can barely touch during the day.

  34. Daniel Scott says

    Cuddling by the fire when it is snowing outside.

  35. wetnosegang says

    Our favorite happy time is snuggles before bedtime. There’s nothing more soothing than purring cats.

  36. I love when we cuddle in bed together.

  37. tatertot374 says

    My happy time with my kitty is anytime I am around her. She loves to snuggle. Thank you

  38. Patricia Moneta says

    When my cat gets on the couch and paw’s at me to pet him

  39. Patti Lewis Davies Gmitra says

    My favorite Happy Time with my 3 kitties is late in the evening when they are all sleepy and wrapped up in one big ball on my lap. I can hear and feel 3 different purrs and it just gives me such a warm feeling inside.

  40. MichelleNelson&Famly says

    My cats love to watch TV with me, in my lap, on the back of the couch behind my head and on the arm rest. If they all start purring it makes me sleepy.

  41. My favorite happy time with my cats is when they spontaneously get in my lap to cuddle. It’s pretty rare, which makes it so precious to me.

  42. Debbie Petch says

    Bed time! They all pile in and we cuddle.

  43. Mary Jo Krause says

    When they are happy laying on my deck in the summer sunshine!!! They hate being stuck in the house in the lousy winter weather. I live in a rural area with no neighbors in sight and away from the road so they are happy outside cats when the weather is nice!!!!

  44. I love when we get to nap together on the couch. Everybody has their own “spot” ON Mom. Even one on my head. LOL

  45. nickie burke says

    I don’t have a cat but I love play time with my pup

  46. My favorite time is when I get home from work, and she comes running, meowing “you’re home, you’re home!”

  47. channallocks says

    when the sun is coming in my office and everyone is sun bathing

  48. Our happy time is in the morning when we play together and then eat together….uhm, not the same food.

  49. Tammy Horn says

    My favorite happy time is different for all my cats. I suppose it’s just anytime they are near me. I have to say though, I also have a cat room just for my rescued ferals, and I love going in there and just sitting with them, reading a book, or just watching, talking and loving on them. They seem to really appreciate life as they have it now, as their days in the wild were not without accidents, injuries and fear. My cat room, is my little slice of heaven.

  50. Sandra Day Wheeler says

    I have three inside cats. When I tell them it is bedtime, they follow me to the bedroom and start to settle in. This is the best time. Each cuddles and gets their own rubs and kisses!

  51. Shirley Lalonde says

    My fave time is everyday when she comes and cuddle next to me or when we play Peek-a-boo

  52. Maureen McCauley says

    I’d really like to have this necklace they are so cute

  53. Cat Fleming says

    When I climb into bed to sleep and the kitties all pile on with me , picking out their favorite spots, next to me, on top of me, or between my legs. 🙂

  54. Linda Szymoniak says

    My favorite time with my cats is cuddle time! Of course, with my Moko, that’s ALL DAY!

  55. Mary Keating says

    My favorite happiest time with my Boots is at night when we cuddle in bed before going to sleep!

  56. My cat loves to head bump me and sleep on my chest…While I am getting ready in the morning he sits on the sink and watches me get ready. I always give him a good brushing before I leave home.

  57. I don’t currently have a cat, but play time is always fun.

  58. Alexis and GinnyCat says

    My favorite happy together time is bedtime cuddles with my furry girl. This is especially meaning full now as GinnyCat is 17years old and is in later stage mammary cancer. She is still feeling frisky but willing to stay longer to cuddle. Of course she reminds me to go to bed in the first time. Every night is more special now as things can change for worse at any time. So I make sure to huff (smell) her head, massage her ears and chin and just enjoy the purring motor!

  59. Sharon A. Allen says

    Happy time is now with my Mini. Lost Smeaggy 2 years ago. From morning till night we are together & that is also my precious time.

  60. Jeanette Tuminaro says

    I love sleeping with my big girl Taz, and love to watch Sammie decide who becomes his next meal. But my absolute favorite time? When either of them is on the table with me, sitting between me and the keyboard, with my arms wrapped around them and snuggling my face in their fur.

  61. Beverley Thibault says

    Every morning when Cherie curls up under my chin licks my face like im her kitten and nips my nose . Grayson is a cuddlebug winks his eyes at me like hes sayin love you mum.

  62. Connie Lee says

    I don’t presently have a cat, but when I did, I really enjoyed being outside with her sitting in the swing with her laying beside me.

  63. Winding down and watching tv or reading before bed. He always lays on my chest and we cuddle for hours.

  64. Dash Kitten in NZ says

    When Harvey comes up for his night time cuddle. Harvey came to us as an eczema covered and stressed senior, first as a foster then as his forever home. He has transformed into a confident cat who feels completely at home – in spite of surgery to remove cancer from his eartips. I am so very proud of our boy and each night time cuddle and purr is purest gold to me.

  65. When I get settled into bed for the night, my Emma comes over and tucks herself into the crook of my left arm and puts her paws on my shoulder, then purrs purrs purrs. It is so nice to have a little cuddle cat there when I go to sleep. Especially in winter!

  66. Mary Jo Krause says

    Snuggle and purring time is the best!!!

  67. TV time and bed time are my favorite times with my beloved feline family — I like to lie in bed and watch my flatscreen with as many of my cats as want to join me, and ditto for sleep time. It’s pure bliss!

  68. Theresa Spaid says

    Every morning we have my wakeup coffee together wataching tv and going through my emails on the chaise lounger with Mushu cuddling up to my leg.

  69. My favorite “happy together” would be when I had Nani. I lost her three years ago but I still think of her every day. Every night when we would go to sleep, she would lick my hands and face and we would fall asleep together. she never left my side. She was my little shadow through the day as well. When I would be sick she was there for me. One time I passed out and woke up to her licking my face like she was trying to wake me up. She was the best cat I have ever known and I still miss her every day.

    • Jeanette Tuminaro says

      It never really gets easier, does it? I have lost two cats in the past few years, and I’m waiting for my third, who is 15yrs old, to head for the rainbow bridge. He’s lasted a lot longer than I ever expected, so here’s hoping I have him around for another 15 years. And my other two, I expect to see them going strong for many years to come.

      I hope that you are able to take in a lost cat one of these days. I found that one of mine has taken on many traits of one that I no longer have, so I have a way to see both cats at the same time. Who knows, you might find one that makes you think of your poor little Nani, which may turn out to be just what you need.

    • Janine, we are so sorry for your loss of Nani. We know how hard it is to lose our loved ones. After we lost Gracey our hearts were broken. We still miss her every day too. You are the winner of the Happy Together necklace! We will ship your necklace out today and you will receive a tracking notification email. Thank you so much for being a part of The Tiniest Tiger community.

  70. Holly Thomas says

    Snuggle time while watching TV.

  71. When my baby Lillian lays in my lap in the evening when I’m winding down after work.

  72. Evelyn Chuter says

    My favorite happy time with my 11 babies is bedtime. When we all cuddle in bed and sleep.

  73. Krista Shull says

    I have 3 kitties and each has their own happy time with me. One likes to play; one loves to snuggle; and the other loves to eat. Each has their own personality and spirit and I love them to pieces!

  74. Nickie Zack Bird says

    My favorite happy time with my 22 lb tuxedo Kitty, Fletcher, is def our snuggle times. Not only when he snuggles and hugs on me but when he curls up with my five year old daughter lays on his back with his head on her arm and she reads to him. The two of them are unseperable. They play together always, and it makes my heart sing to see their beautiful friendship!

  75. Play time. My cats are super silly with their toys and it’s always fun to watch them play.

  76. When my very hand-off Gaby decides that she needs some love and comes and climbs on me and snuggles for a little bit.

    • Jeanette Tuminaro says

      A long time ago, I had one that didn’t want to be touched, unless HE decided to snuggle. He’d come up to you, sit down and stare at you, and give you this adorable little silent meow. He’d wait until you looked at him before he’d meow, because he knew nobody could hear it. Then he’d wait for you to pick him up, and he’d just cuddle in your lap for a while, before something made him leave. I’ll never forget how adorable he was, and that cute little meow he’d make.

  77. Those times when I just can’t sleep and hop on the computer, she always comes to snuggle. When I had night-wakings at the end of my pregnancy we had a standing date for around 3 a.m. every night and she made it sooo much easier 🙂

  78. Azar Attura says

    Happy Time with my cat? ANY time I am near her!!!

  79. LauraRichardson says

    When we’re all piled on the couch with my book and coffee (or wine 🙂 )

  80. Pamela Roberts Vergoglino says

    At night when I come home from work we watch tv together

  81. Irena Matkovi? says

    I like playing with ball

  82. Vickie Kohn says

    Just after breakfast on my day off when we all pile back into bed for cuddles.

  83. Cheryl Young says

    When we’re all nested together in my bed sound asleep!

  84. Snuggling up together in bed to read for a while before drifting off to sleep is the purr-fect way to end each day. =^.^=

  85. Dana Rodriguez says

    My happy together time with my cat is in evening when we cuddle up on the couch and watch tv.

  86. Julie Baker Parlacoski says

    My happy time with my cat is when I come home from work. My 3 cats come from everywhere to greet me. I give them treats and unwind from my day

  87. Nancy Nemer says

    My favorite happy together time with my kitties is when the are snuggling with me in bed on a cold night!!!