Valentine Gift Box Giveaway

Triple T Studios Valentine Gift Box

We selected a few purr-fect items to create a Valentine’s Gift sure to make any cat lover purr. The curated items come in a shiny red mailer box with heart tissue paper.  A  pretty cat card that can be personalized is also included. If purchased separately, the items would cost nearly $80 but bundled together the Valentine Gift Box is $49.Annie in Valentines Gift Box

Annie was quite interested in the Valentine Gift Box.  Mostly in the I Love Black Cats Shaker Toy and the red box.   Although she made taking photos of the gift box a bit more challenging, I couldn’t resist her sweet face. Here is a written description of what comes in the gift box.

The Valentine Gift Box:

Valentine Gift Box

The Love Heart Necklace – Perhaps the purr-fect Valentine’s Day gift is the Love Heart Necklace we just added to our Limited Seasonal Collection.  The necklace is made from 925 sterling silver and the heart is shining with AAA cubic zircon.  This necklace is much prettier than the photo shows.

Cat’s Meow Watch-Red – The watch face features cat ears and a heart-shaped nose with whiskers and one of our favorite sounds in the world…Meow!

Crystal Cat Earrings  –  These playful Crystal Cat Earrings feature 925 silver cat ears and whiskers. These pretty earrings are purr-fect for any occasion. You can dress up or dress in denim and these cute cat earrings will add just the right shine.

Heart Print Scarf – This beautiful heart  print scarf is made from the same light weight chiffon that you love in our Cat Print Scarf.  The subtle heart design is fresh and flirty.

I Love Black Cats Shaker Cat Toy – The shaker toy is filled with organic catnip, grown in Bend, Oregon and a special rattle that makes an enticing noise when your cat bats the shaker across the floor or tosses it in the air

Annie sleeping in Valentine gift box

Please note:  Annie is not included with the Valentine Gift Box.

The Triple T Studios Valentine Gift Box Giveaway

One member of The Tiniest Tiger Community will win the Triple T Studios Valentine Gift Box.

If you can’t wait you can learn more about the Valentine Gift Box pounce here: Triple T Studios.

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Leave a comment below this post telling us: Which is your favorite item in the Valentine Gift Box?

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  1. Brenda Fader says

    The kitty!! Oh wait, I guess the crystal cat earrings!

  2. My favorite is the Crystal Cat Earrings,

  3. My favorite is The Love Heart Necklace.

  4. I like the crystal cat earrings.

  5. My favorite prize is the The Love Heart Necklace . THank you

  6. The heart print scarf is my favorite. I

  7. Jaime Cummings says

    I like the necklace the best of all!

  8. Peggy Rydzewski says

    The love heart necklace is just adorable

  9. I would say the kitty, so adorable. My second favorite item would be the watch.

  10. Kristina Potter says

    besides the pretty kitty, I would say the heart scarf.. I love my scarves!!!

  11. Leslie Davis says

    The Love Heart Necklace

  12. I really like the Cat Earrings. So cool.

  13. The Cat’s Meow Watch-Red is my favorite !

  14. Richard Hicks says

    my instagram id is gmrich22

  15. William Krawic says

    I know my wife would love the cat earrings!

  16. The Love Heart necklace is something I would wear every day!

  17. I love the watch.

  18. I love the crystal earrings. They are so cute!

  19. Stephanie Larison says

    I love the Cat’s Meow Watch-Red

  20. Tracy Shafer says

    Oh my gosh! The earrings or the watch..or EVERYTHING!!!

  21. Susan Chester says

    I am crazy about the crystal cat earrings!

  22. Nancy Blue Moon says

    The earrings!

  23. I love the earrings 🙂

  24. susansmoaks says

    i really like the scarf, it’s my favorite item in the box.

  25. Oh I love everything

  26. I love the cat watch. I would give it to my daughter who loves the Warriors series books narrated by cats.

  27. Eugenia Hall says

    If Annie was included, I’d say Annie was my favourite thing! But since she’s not, I’ll have to go with the Love necklace.

  28. Brittney House says

    I love the necklace!

  29. MichelleNelson&Famly says

    Wow it’s just beautiful.

  30. I like the scarf

  31. Lisa Voyce says

    My favorite is the love heart necklace.

  32. AnitaMarie Murano-Sweetman says

    The Black Cat shaker toy… We have three all black cats!

  33. I just love the heart print scarf but I’m loving the catnip toy for my kitty boy. It’s all fabulous!!

  34. kara shank says

    its all cute, but i like the scarf and the kitty toy

  35. The watch for me, and the cat nip toy for the kids, because they absolutely LOVE them.

  36. Keri LaPensee says

    All of it is so lovely! But the cat toy so I can play with my fur love!

  37. Cheryl Young says

    cat toy

  38. This is a hard choice. There are a lot of nice items in the box! I guess I will have to pick the earrings as I have wanted them for a while now. But I always love a fun cat toy and the watch is super cute too…

  39. Subhadhra Gunn says

    The shaker toys for the cats, of course. They come before anything. But, I would be happy with whatever is given me.

  40. Mary Jo Krause says

    The box that it comes in for my cats of course, they will be fighting over it, lol. I will take Annie though too!!! The best item is the shaker toy for my cat who loves toys and catnip!!!

  41. Maggie Fornaciari says

    OMG I would love to win this box! So many adorable things!

  42. Cheryl Roarke says

    Nice gift box, I already have the earrings and love them( I’m actually wearing them right now), I’d love to win the cat shaker toy, for my sweet boy.

  43. LauraRichardson says

    The shaker toy and the box, of course!

  44. Marilyn Jackson says

    Love the earrings!!!! and the necklace ….and the watch…& my cats would love the toy!!!! and the box!!!

  45. I must say, despite the fact that I normally abhor heart jewelry, I LOVE that necklace! It’s so unique and different with the script “love,” plus it’s silver which is all I wear!

    I would’ve said the CAT was my favorite, but you said she’s not included, so… ? I do so love it when cats sit in little boxes like that! Sometimes my cats will tuck all their limbs and tail up tight and it looks like they’re sitting in an invisible box! Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

  46. Patricia Brousseau Caradonna says

    I love the necklace with the heart! Beautiful prize!

  47. sarah oswald says

    My cat will love the I Love Black Cats Shaker Cat Toy but I love the Cat’s Meow Watch.

  48. Holden Humphreys says

    My favorite item is The Love Heart Necklace. It’s a nice prize package.

  49. Susan Pertierra says

    I like the Shaker Cat toy and the cat in the box!

  50. I like the watch. I also really like the cat earrings. This box of goodies would make a lovely gift to any cat lover.

  51. nickie burke says

    I like the Love Heart Necklace.

  52. I like the Love Heart Necklace..for my granddaugher.

  53. Daniel Scott says

    My wife’s favorite are the Love Heart Necklace and Cat’s Meow Watch.

  54. Tari Lawson says

    My favorite is the Cat’s Meow Watch-Red .

  55. Lisa Pecora says

    I love the The Love Heart Necklace for me and my cat would love the toy!

  56. Well, if Annie isn’t available like you said, LOL, then the next best thing is the watch. Thanks!

  57. The love heart necklace

  58. cow meow watch

  59. tatertot374 says

    My favorite is the red cats meow watch

  60. Maria Appleby says

    What a wonderful gift package for cat lovers! My favorite item is the red watch! =)

  61. I like the Red Cat;s Meow watch.

  62. Richard Hicks says

    My favorite item is I Love Black Cats Shaker Cat Toy

  63. Stella Louis says

    Oh gosh, I wanted Annie.

  64. Barbara Consbruck says

    The cat print scarf. But all of the items are great!

  65. All are cute, but I love the earings most.

  66. Kitty Catty says

    The necklace!

  67. Thomas Gibson says

    My favorite item in the box is the love heart necklace.

  68. Linda Bradshaw says

    I love the The Love Heart Necklace. I love hearts.

  69. I like the Red Cat’s Meow watch.

  70. Jennifer W says

    I love that watch! <3 Great selection of items.

  71. Tammy Dusenberry Cole says

    I like everything lol ,but if I have to choose I guess the watch 🙂

  72. wetnosegang says

    The shaker is my favorite because I think my cats would love it!

  73. Mary Friedling says

    Oops. I forgot to list my favorite item. I love the jewelry but I must say the catnip shaker is my favorite. I am ALWAYS on the lookout for new toys for my babies.

  74. Mary Friedling says

    Awwww! Annie would have made a nice addition to my little crew. Regardless, the items in this box are beautiful.

  75. Shadow Dance Ranch Kittehs says

    They are all beautiful, but if we have to pick a favorite we choose the red watch! Xoxoxo Dancer and the SDR Clan

  76. Yikes, we can pick only one item? I like them all!

  77. Holly Thomas says

    I love the watch!

  78. Debbie Petch says

    I like the Black Cat Shaker Toy!

  79. Julie Cresta says

    My favorite kitty item in the Valentines box was Annie!? I also like the heart necklace

  80. I like the watch. My kitties like the toy:)

  81. I have to say what really caught my eye was the new watches. Then again, I am a bit of a watch-hog. Timmy likes the toy of course. Who wouldn’t!
    – Claudia and Timmy

  82. nekromistress says

    For me the earrings and Mai Tai the shaker toy. Everything is beautiful.

  83. Ellen Curto-Mc Quillin says

    I love the crystal cat earrings, they are just the cats meow!

  84. Cheryl Saunders Swift says

    My favorite item is the cat earrings. . Meow!

  85. Alexis and GinnyCat says

    My favorite item in the box is MEOW watch, looks meowvalous!

  86. I would love to give the box to my friend Bonnie. She has 11 rescues and feeds at 2 feral colonies. She deserves something nice

  87. i love the earrings — already have a pair, and bought another for my sister so she wouldn’t borrow mine!!

  88. Theresa Spaid says

    My favorite is Annie. My second is the watch I really love that.

  89. Evelyn Chuter says

    I love them all, for real, but I’d say I’m most excited about the cool watch.

  90. Jeanne Owens says

    So hard to choose! All the items are great! If I have to choose one, though, and Annie doesn’t qualify as a choice, then I’d probably go with the earrings or the watch.

  91. The Island Cats says

    Our favorite thing IS the box! We would lay in it just like Annie is.

  92. Yvonne Davis says

    Tough choice, cute collection. Think I’l go with the heart necklace.

  93. Linda Szymoniak says

    My favorite item in the box is the cat. Wait, it doesn’t come with the box? Awwww…… I would have to go with the watch, then.

  94. Cheryl Young says

    Cat toy!

  95. Mary Jo Krause says

    The toy for my baby of course!!!

  96. The cat watch is my favorite.
    Sue B

  97. Susan Beamon says

    My favorite of the things available in the box is the Love-Heart necklace.

  98. Judith Taylor says

    I have gotten several items from The Tiniest Tiger and love them all. What a fantastic company with great items.

  99. Melinda Wright says

    The watch is my favorite. After the cat of course!

  100. Connie Lee says

    The Cat’s Meow Watch is my favorite because I am in need of a watch right now and this one is so pretty!

  101. Cat Fleming says

    My favorite item in the box was Annie. Such beautiful green eyes! However, of the items, I loved the black cat shaker toy. 🙂

  102. June George says

    Love the gift box giveaway. Everything is perfect for a cat lover!

  103. Adorable! I would have to say my favorite thing in the box is Annie the Cat. But…since she isn’t available, I love the earrings and the watch the best (but all is cute!)

  104. Sharon A. Allen says

    This is such a wonderful gift box for my second favorite holiday. Everything is lovable but my favorite is the Cat’s Meow Watch. Never had anything like it.

  105. Gretchen Marie Klein says

    I like everything, but probably the watch is my favorite.

  106. laura rubenstein says

    I love the kitty! lol I also love the heart necklace.

  107. Everything in the box is so lovely (including Annie!) but I like the Crystal Cat Earrings the best!

  108. These are all so cool! But of course, my favorite is the shaker toy. 😉

  109. Love the watch, so Purrfect >^..^<

  110. Judy Thomas says

    The watch is my fave but I love them all!

  111. Roger Dusenberry says

    The watch and the scarf are pretty fabulous!

  112. Melba Gobble Worley says

    Love all the items, but I believe the watch would have to be my favorite item.

  113. sandy weinstein says

    i love the necklace and the watch, think the watch more, can really use it. thank you

  114. Nickie Zack Bird says

    My favorite item in the gift box is of course Annie but since she isn’t included in the real one I guess I will have to go with those super cute kitty earrings and know my daughter would look adorable wearing them. The entire thing is adorable and my kitty cat obsessed daughter would love it!!!

  115. Phyllis Leonard says

    Annie is my favorite, but since she is not included, I would say the love necklace. I just read below. I see I am not the only one who would take her.

  116. Kathy Gale says

    I think the watch is my favorite. Everything in the box (including Annie) is just great. Would love to win everything.

  117. I am not alone in wishing we could win Annie <3 . The earrings are gorgeous — I haven't taken mine out since I got them! and anything with black cats is going to make me smile 😉

  118. My fave is the Annie-in-the-box! Hee hee. Since she isn’t part of the prize, I like the earrings & watch the best…I think.

  119. So cute, love the earrings and the watch and everything!

  120. Quinn Carmen says

    Love, love, LOVE the cat watch and would like to have it around my wrist. 🙂

  121. Well, my favorite part would be Annie. But I see she’s not included. So, my next favorite (though it’s all fabulous) is the red Cat’s Meow watch. I would love to win this prize as my husband already warned me we can’t do anything for Valentine’s Day or my birthday (three days before). His job has been to slow and he’s not making much money. Paying the bills has to be the priority.

  122. Cindy Ajanel says

    I love them all but those cute cat earrings are gorgeous

  123. Azar Attura says

    Actually, Annie… hee hee — I love everything there but the watch is ultra koool!!!

  124. Dana Rodriguez says

    The Love Heart Necklace is so cute!

  125. Mary McDonald says

    I love the black cat shaker toy. I have a black cat, and she loves shaker toys.

  126. I love everything

  127. francesmary says

    All of the items are great, but I think the watch might be my favorite.

  128. francesmary says


  129. Krista Shull says

    I know my kitties would love the Shaker…and I love those earrings! Something for both of us since they are my valentines!

  130. Vickie Kohn says

    I think my favorite part has to be the Shaker you because it’s shareable.

  131. Ann Richter Hickox says

    Annie is my favorite, even though she won’t be in it 🙂 My 2nd favorite is the shaker toy, I know my Ralphie would love it 🙂

  132. Nancy Nemer says

    The “I Love Black Cats Shaker Cat Toy.” Because I not only love black cats, but I love spoiling my babies with toys!!!

  133. It is soooo hard to say what my favorite item is! I love all of items in the gift box, but I know my kitties favorite is the Black Cat Rattle toy! They cannot get enough of this toy! I love the scarf with the kitties and the red watch. I love red for Women’s Heart Month as well as Valentine’s day! I haven’t been anyone’s valentine in years. My hubby doesn’t go for all the “Gift” Days during the year, I would love to be Eddie & Annie & Mercy’s Valentine <3

  134. Gail Goldsby Reid says

    Well, I would love to win Annie, but I realize she is not available. My orange kitties vote for the “I Love Black Cats Shaker Toy”, even though they are orange. I personally vote for the adorable earrings as my favorite.