PetSafe Flitter Cat Teaser Toy Giveaway

Cat checks out PetSafe's Flitter

Annie investigates Flitter

PetSafe’s Automatic Teaser Toy Flitter for Cats

Our friends at PetSafe sent their automatic teaser toy Flitter to entertain the cats. Flitter has two dragonfly teasers that fly around and around, for your cats to chase and catch.  When the Flitter arrived, Annie, as usual, was the first to investigate while Eddie stayed back at a safe distance to observe.

Cat and PetSafe Flitter toy

Annie gets a little closer to the Flitter toy.

Annie watched the dragonflies whirl around while Eddie moved a few steps closer to get a better look.  Mercy was in the middle of his afternoon nap on Paul’s pajamas and couldn’t be disturbed.

Cat plays with PetSafe's Flitter

Annie begins to interact with Flitter

It didn’t take long for Annie to start having fun batting and trying to catch the drafonflies.

Cats Play With Flitter

Annie shows Eddie that the Flitter is safe and even pauses to wait for Eddie to join in the fun.  Eddie is much more cautious than Annie and takes his time before trying something new.  Annie has no fear.  Always first to jump in.

The Flitter Features:

  • Play While You Are Away mode for multiple play sessions all day
  • Automatic shut off after 10-15 minutes
  • Multiple teaser arms are great for multi-cat play
  • Teasers are replacable

The Flitter includes:

  • Flitter Base
  • 2 Teaser Arms
  • Base Legs

The Flitter is super easy to assemble. No tools required.  You will need 3 AA batteries.

Both Cats Play with Flitter All Afternoon

In the afternoon I placed the Flitter on the office floor so I could supervise the cats playing.  When Eddie thought I wasn’t looking he began to play batting at the whirling dragonflies while Annie watched.

Cat plays with PetSafe's Flitter

Eddie plays with Flitter

After a few minutes, both Annie and Eddie began to play with the Flitter and they did so off and on for the rest of the afternoon.

The PetSafe Flitter Giveaway

PetSafe Flitter

One member of The Tiniest Tiger Community will win a PetSafe Flitter automatic teaser toy for your cat.

How to Enter

Enter your information in the contest widget so we know where to ship your prize if you win.

Leave a comment below this post telling us; Have you tried automatic teaser toys for your cat?

This giveaway is open to USA addresses only.  The Flitter will ship directly from PetSafe.

The Rules:
Void where prohibited.

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  1. Richard Hicks says

    instagram id is gmrich22

  2. never tried it…I am sure my cats would love playing with Flitter Cat Teaser Toy. Great giveaway! Both cats are rescues.

  3. Kathleen Austin says

    My cats would actually play with this

  4. katboxjanitor says

    I had one of the original mouse shaped Panic Mouse twirlers (had it for 14yrs) – I finally donated it to a friend who runs a special needs rescue. It was a lot noisier and the lure was of no interest to my current kitty (Kai).
    He does like flittery prey and this looks like it would be more his speed.

  5. Brenda Valle says

    Looks interesting, Max will be 9 years old this August and he seems bored with all the wands that I have form him.

  6. We have several battery-operated toys, enjoyed to various levels. This one looks like it would REALLY be successful! Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  7. Rhandi Walker says

    I would love to have one. I have several kitties and they get bored sometimes. This looks like it could keep them having fun with each other and interacting with each other instead of an occasional spat. I have never used one or even seen one. It would be the perfect playmate for all my babies.

  8. Carolyn Daley says

    No, my cats do not have an automatic teaser toy. This would be great for them!

  9. Christina Serrano says

    I have a couple of hunters that would enjoy this.

  10. Cathy Keisha says

    Yep and they usually don’t work cos they’re too noisy. This doesn’t seem too noisy. TW might be afraid those sticks might blind me though.

  11. Krista Shull says

    I have not tried a cat teaser toy like this before but have two kitties that would love it I think!

  12. Miss Kiki says this looks like a lot of fun

  13. Nancy Nemer says

    I have never tried one either, but looks awesome!!!

  14. susansmoaks says

    no i never heard of these before. they look fun!

  15. Pat DeWald says

    I have several of different designs. My kitty loves them. Brings out her inner hunter.

  16. Cheryl Young says

    Never tried one.

  17. Suzi Zordan Holloway says

    No. I have never seen one or tried one.

  18. Suzi Zordan Holloway says

    My cats will love this.

  19. Julie Baker Parlacoski says

    So cute, my cats would love it.

  20. Jennifer Bryan Ebner says

    I have never tried this but I’m sure my cat would love this unfortunately I think my dog would love it to.

  21. Lisa Pecora says

    I have tried an automatic toy. One of my cats liked it the other was afraid.

  22. No I have not, but I think my cats would love it!

  23. Tracy Shafer says

    I have never tried one..but it would be perfect for my 3!

  24. I never have, Leonardo and Doppelgänger would probably love it, Tyler might be scared (as he is of everything)
    {in the contest I am Margot C___ on the automated entry form}

  25. Nancy Blue Moon says

    I have not tried it yet but I believe they would love it!

  26. No we haven’t but it looks like the cat would have a blast with it.

  27. What a great toy!! My cats would love it 🙂 No, I have never tried an automatic teaser toy with my cats but need too 🙂

  28. I haven’t tried automatic laser toys with our cats yet.

  29. Richard Hicks says

    I have not tried one yet with the cats, but my two rescues would surely have fun with one

  30. my cats LOVE any and all toys. we have some automatic ones. they love it!

  31. Tammy Horn says

    I have not tried an automatic teasers yet. I ahve plenty of cats, so I really need to try them, I bet they would have a blast!

  32. I have never tried an automatic teaser but I’m pretty sure she’d love it while we’re gone during the day.

  33. I have not tried an automatic teaser but she loves the regular one I hold for her.

  34. Sharon A. Allen says

    I have not tried any of these but my Mini would love this to get him being more active & playful.

  35. Chocolata Majora says

    I’ve tried an automatic toy that had a kind of plastic butterfly at the end and she liked it. She shredded the butterfly in a week though.

  36. Rita Spratlen says

    I have not but both my cats would love this!! They are old cats that act like kittens!!

  37. No, I have not tried this yet, but I think they would love it.

  38. Jennifer A says

    I have not tried an automatic teaser but I bet Marceline would love it!

  39. I haven’t tried any automatic toys with my cats before, but seems like a great thing to try. Thanks!

  40. I haven’t tried one but have always been interested in one. I’ve used passive teasers (suction cup) in the past with both my cats and myself enjoying ourselves.

    • Super Hurrah!!! Amy you are winner of the PetSafe Flitter! Your toy will be shipping directly from PetSafe so allow a few weeks to arrive. Thank you so much for being a part of The Tiniest Tiger community.

  41. Yvonne Davis says

    How cool is that? Mine loved their “hidden mouse” until they figured out how to reach under the skirt and nab the wand. I’d bet they would get a kick out of this.

  42. I haven’t tried an automatic toy yet, but would love to! My youngest is so full of energy and is always harassing the older ones to play. Maybe this would help.

  43. Daniel Scott says

    I have not tried an automatic teaser/chaser toy, but it is a great idea.

  44. Bella Donna Doolittle says

    my kitties have not had the opportunity to try an auto teaser/chaser toy, but I would love to treat them to that fun & excitement 😀

  45. Deborah Zarett says

    I have had floor-based teaser toys but not one like this.

  46. Kathleen Austin says

    My older cats would love to watch this toy

  47. Susan Beamon says

    Nile has a couple of automatic toys he plays with when they are turned off and just watches when they are turned on. He is a silly boy.

  48. Linda Szymoniak says

    I’ve tried an automatic laser light toy for my cats, but I think they would like this one much better. I think our Arata would especially like this.

  49. Wow, that looks like so much fun! Sparkle got to try out a few automatic toys. I’ve only tried out one – I wasn’t impressed, but it didn’t have FLYING things on it!

  50. Carol Meyer says

    I have never tried the automatic teaser toy for cats, but it looks like it would be so much fun for my cats!

  51. Connie Tucker says

    No, I’ve never tried an automatic teaser toy for our cats.

  52. I’ve never tried them. But this one looks like something MaggieMae would like

  53. we’ve had other automatic teaser toys, but not one as cool as this!

  54. carogonza says

    I tried one and he destroyed it

  55. I have not tried an automatic teaser toy with my cats.

  56. No i havent tried an automatic teaser toy. Just hand held one

  57. Marianne Ray says

    No I have not tried automatic teaser toys with my cats. It looks like something that would keep them entertained.

  58. Theresa Spaid says

    No I haven’t. They just have little stuffed animals that they like to bat around.

  59. jazzcat320 says

    I have not, but have been wanting to try them! <3

  60. Kim Henrichs says

    I don’t have one but I bet they would love it!

  61. Patchycat says

    Yes, we have a Fling-ama-String & an Undercover Mouse, but we usually supervise just because it is so much fun to watch the cats play with them!

  62. Kris Gilley says

    I have never tried an automatic toy with my Shamrock, but I think she might like this one. I like the auto play while you’re away feature.

  63. wetnosegang says

    We tried an automatic toy once, and they played with it for two days. And that was that. But we would love to give this a try.

  64. We would love to try this! Looks great!

  65. No, it isn’t something I’ve ever invested in, mainly because I haven’t found a product I think the kiddos would like.

  66. Dana Rodriguez says

    No I haven’t.I have never seen one before today but I bet my cat would love it!

  67. Mary Jo Krause says

    I have never seen anything like this, I would love to have it for my cats!!!!

  68. sandy weinstein says

    i dont have cats, but i would love this to donate to Safe Haven Cat Shelter and Clinic. they have a pet food bank for cats and dogs, which i contribute to on a regular basis. i love this item, give them things to do, mental stimulation, and exercise. the cats would love this.

  69. A teaser would be new for my cats. They bat at everything outside the windows so would probably love this toy.

  70. Debra Guillen says

    I haven’t tried an automatic teaser toy for my cat.

  71. Deborah (Debbi)Kosanke says

    This would be the perfect toy for our boys, Jinx and Vinnie! We have never had an automatic wand toy before. They luv, luv, luv handheld wand toys with ‘critters’ or feathers when we use them to for play time. Looks like great fun.

  72. Deb Schaaf says

    No, my cats have never tried an automatic toy before.

  73. This might help my girl loose a little weight

  74. They’ve never tried any automatic toy. I’m usually the one doing the automating!

  75. Wow! This looks like so much fun! Hope you guys are having a great Caturday!

  76. Cat Fleming says

    I’ve never tried an automatic teaser cat toy, but always wanted to.

  77. Vickie Kohn says

    We’ve had a couple of this type of toy. My males play rough and burned out the motor on the last one.

  78. Chief would love this…He loves playing with his fishpole we got him..But He would like ths even more, and we have never tried an automatic toy,,

  79. Subhadhra Gunn says

    Oh I know my cats would love this toy. They’re very good at chasing things and catch flying things.

  80. I’ve never tried an automatic teaser toy but I think my cat would love it! It would be nice to have for her to play with when I’m away at work during the day, too.

  81. I would gift to a friend for her cat.

  82. Lauren Alumbaugh says

    I haven’t tried this yet, but I know my cat would love it!

  83. Tina L. Fleck says

    My cat would love this!! <3

  84. Deborah Zarett says

    My five could definitely use this!