Cats and Periodical Cicadas

Annie watching birds like Gracey

Cats and Periodical Cicada

The sunroom is the favorite place for Annie, Eddie and Mercy to hang out.  There is typically a lot of bird,  squirrel and groundhog activity but this week and for the next 5 or so weeks, the periodical cicada have returned and they are everywhere!

Cicada on sunroom screen

A cicada visits the cats

The boys do not seem interested in the invasion of the cicada.  In fact Eddie, doesn’t seem to find them entertaining at all.

Eddie hiding from cidaca

Wake me when the cicada are gone.

Mercy has taken to sleeping under the sofa in the sunroom during the day. This morning however, I caught him back on top of the cat power tower listening to the cicada chorus.  He isn’t sure he appreciates their music.

Mercy listening to the cicada

The noise, noise noise!

Annie, on the other hand, is fascinated.  She watches and listens with great curiosity. The cicada create a loud chorus that can be heard even through closed windows.  Can you hear the cicada in this video of Annie watching the cicada flying around the sunroom?


I hear people chatting about the cicada and how they are afraid of them.  Some are talking about spraying pesticides to rid their yard of them.  This is a terrible idea.  Poisoning the cicada can also poison the birds, wildlife and dogs and cats that are drawn to the high protein cicada.  We can eat them too.  I just haven’t been able to try eating them.  Maybe 17 years from now?

They can’t bite or sting so they can’t hurt you.  I won’t deny that I too get startled when they swoop or fly into me but after learning more about the periodical cicada, I find myself fascinated like Annie and somewhat enjoying their visit.

Natural history filmmaker and time-lapse photographer, Samuel Orr, followed and filmed various broods of periodical cicadas for his documentary Return of the Cicadas.  The music track “Ardor” by Dexter Britain draws you into this mesmerizing view of the periodical cicadas.

When Paul watched the video, after a bit of persuading from me, he said he almost felt sorry for them and this morning I caught him smiling as he listened to their chorus.  He turned to me and said, “They are quite amazing.”    I heard him tell Eddie not to be afraid of them.  They can’t hurt you.

If you think you don’t like insects, I  hope you don’t allow the ick factor to prevent you from watching.  I think if you do watch, you will have a new appreciation and perhaps fascination and respect for these amazing little creatures.

Return of the Cicadas

Return of the Cicadas from motionkicker on Vimeo.

Let me know what you think of the periodical cicada.  Are you sharing your summer with them too?

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  1. katboxjanitor says

    They don’t appear in my area (Seattle & South) but this was a beautifully done video!
    I cannot imagine what my kitty might do if he saw them!

  2. I would LOVE to have these around – how much fun would that be? But they don’t live in our area. Such a bummer. My human has always been fascinated by cicadas (probably because she grew up where they don’t), and loved the video.

  3. Joan Fahlgren says

    One summer evening our now deceased fluffy black boy Hunjo was out in the back yard (which is safely enclosed for cats) and was running around emitting buzzing noises. These came from the cicada in his mouth. Our Siamese Sushi was following him at a short distance curious about what he had in his mouth. I believe he eventually let it go, this was quite some time ago. I do have a picture of him hiding in some foliage, cicada in mouth.

  4. Mary Friedling says

    Females are the natural hunters of the cat world.