The IDEXX SDMA Test Will Help 1 in 3 Cats. Is Your Cat The 1? #AskYourVet

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1 in 3 Cats Will Develop Some Form of Kidney Disease

One in three cats will develop some form of kidney disease in their lifetime.   Recent studies indicate that chronic kidney disease (CKD)  is more common and until now has been under-recognized.  One in three cats, tugged at my heart because that means Annie, Eddie or Mercy, or all three could develop kidney disease.

Kidney disease is a leading cause of suffering and death for cats and because cats are hard-wired to hide any sign of weakness or disease, your cat might not show any sign of illness until their kidneys have lost most of their function.  The prevalence of cats kidney disease can be compared to heart disease for humans.  And as our cats age, the likelihood of developing kidney disease increases.  By the age of 15, more than half of all cats will be afflicted with kidney disease.

IDEXX SDMA™ Breakthrough Screening Test for Cat Kidney Disease

Now we can take action and be proactive helping our cats manage kidney disease.  IDEXX SDMA™ is a breakthrough new test that screens for kidney disease. This new test for chronic kidney disease in cats can detect this serious condition months to years earlier, while there is still time to do something about it.  This is great news for all cat lovers. This revolutionary new kidney function test will enable the detection of kidney disease while your cat’s kidney function is still intact making better management of the disease possible.  Managing kidney disease effectively can help keep your cat healthier and to live a happier life.

Ask Your Veterinarian for the IDEXX SDMA Kidney Screening Test

Dr. Alison examianes Eddie at vet

Dr .Alison examines Eddie.

Mercy just turned 8 so for his next checkup we are requesting the IDEXX SDMA test.  You can ask your veterinarian for the IDEXX SDMA kidney screening test too.   I know you, like us,  want your cats to be as healthy and happy as possible.  To learn more and stay updated follow Pet Health Network®

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  1. My human has always hated that the tests for CRF have only shown it in its later stages, and she is very excited about the IDEXX SDMA test. She’s had two CRF cats and knows how devastating this disease can be.

  2. I have had two of my six (former) kitties pass of kidney disease. One was acute & had to be pts the day he was diagnosed. The other was chronic & lived with the disease for over a year before the time came. Because I know I will always have kitties in my life, this test is definitely something we will add to our vet visits. Thank you for the information.

  3. databbiesotrouttowne says

    guys…thanx for sharin thiz info….we troo lee apurreciate it…we WILL ask R vet bout thiz test ~~~~~ thanx again !! ???