Protecting Your Cat and You From the Sun Giveaway

Sweet Annie sun puddle sleeping

Annie’s Little Pink Ears

Annie, like most cats, loves to nap in the sunshine.  She joins Mercy and Eddie in the sunroom and they all find a comfortable place to soak up the sun. But when the late afternoon sun shines too strong Annie moves into  the Shark Cat Ball or she joins me in the office.

Annie in Cat Ball

Annie taking shelter from the sun

Annie might know to take a break from the sun because her white ears and pink nose are more susceptible to sunburn than her darker fur covered back and tail.  We check Annie’s cute pink ears for any sign of sunburn and so far she has been safe from harm.  But it is possible for your cat to get sunburned.

Signs Your Cat Has a Sunburn

If your cat has experienced over-exposure to the sun, the first sign is usually a mild redness of the skin and hair loss along the edges of the ears. You will want to check with your veterinarian to see if your cat needs any treatment from the sunburn.  If your cat is showing scaly spots, thickening of the skin, and itching, these are a sign the sun damage has progressed and require a veterinarian visit.

Do not use sunscreen made for humans or dogs on your cat.  Remember your cat will lick to clean her ears and nose.  Your cat’s liver is sensitive and may be unable to metabolize ingredients in the sunscreen that she ingests or absorbs.  Ask your veterinarian before applying any treatment on your cat. Remember! Don’t let your cat lick your face or body when you are wearing sunscreen!  Make sure to shower after applying sunscreen and exposure to the sun before cuddling your cat.

The best defense against the sun  is to limit their direct sun exposure during the hottest parts of the day.  You can add reflective film to your windows to filter out harmful UV rays and/or add shades to diffuse the sunlight that does come in during the hottest time of day.

Protecting Yourself from The Sun

Rodan & Fields Essentials Summer Skin Image

I swim outside everyday during the summer. The sun, even in the early morning, begins to work on my skin. The fact that I am in the water swimming laps intensifies the sun on my face.  I wear a cap and goggles but the rest of my face and body gets too much sun.  I have tried a lot of sunscreen over the years and my favorite is Rodan + Fields Essentials Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Body Sunscreen.  This lightweight, non-greasy formula is water resistant up to 40 minutes and protects your body from harmful UVA and UVB rays

Soothe Sunscreen image

For my face, my favorite is Rodan + Fields Soothe Mineral Sunscreen. This broad spectrum SPF 30 formula contains only mineral-based sunscreen to protect your face without compromising the skin’s moisture barrier.  This lightweight formula also calms, soothes and minimizes the appearance of visible redness.  

I thought you might like to try the Rodan + Fields Essential Summer Skin products to protect your skin and face from the sun too.

The Protecting You From The Sun

One member of The Tiniest Tiger Community will win an Essentials Summer Skin Kit to protect your skin from the sun.  The kit includes an Essentials Body Sunscreen, Daily Body Moisturized and Lip Balm  In addition you will receive one of the Soothe Mineral Sunscreen.  

You can find more information about the Essentials Skin Products here: My Rodan + Fields  This link  is  to my independent consultant page.  I liked the products so much, I became a consultant.

How to Enter

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Leave a comment below this post telling us; What do you use to protect your skin from the sun?    

This giveaway is open to everyone.

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  1. Dicey Efantis says

    Wow! So excited to be a winner…thank you!!!

  2. teresa koedyker says

    I use sunscreen and stay out of the sun as much as I can!! I have heard wonderful things about Rodan and Fields!! Thank you for the giveaway!!

  3. I use sunscreen every day i.e. my face & neck, to protect myself from the Arizona sun !

    Brian E.

  4. I wear sunscreen every day. It’s a must, and I try to stay out of the direct sunlight as much as possible.

  5. Grace Bertou says

    I try not to go out in the sun a lot. I also want to buy a foundation with SPF protection.

  6. Richard Hicks says

    I minimize time in sun. Use sunscreen and wear a hat

  7. Denise S says

    I use sun screen when I’m out walking.

  8. Jaime Cummings says

    I choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen that protects against both UVA and UVB radiation. I make sure it’s water resistant and has a sun protection factor of 30 or higher.

  9. chantz428 says

    I’m trying to be diligent in applying sunscreen and/or wearing a sunhat.

  10. I put on sunscreen everyday.

  11. I use SPF 50 on my face and hands. Thanks for the tip about not letting the cats have contact while I’m wearing it. The youngster is prone to licking and/or nibbling sometimes.

  12. Terri Irvin says

    I try to protect your skin from the sun by wearing UPF 50 Clothing such as shirts from Columbia or Patagonia. I wear a hat with a wide brim and sunglasses with a good sun block covering my face.

  13. I try to use sunscreen when I’m out for a longer period of time, plus I use foundation with sunscreen in it as well.

  14. Julia Barnes says

    I use sunscreen if I’m going outdoors for an extended time.

  15. I use sunscreen or a hat when outside!

  16. Tracy Davis says

    I use sunscreen daily.

  17. always wear sunscreen!

  18. I usually stay in! But when outside, I use lots of sunscreen.

  19. Emily Ann says

    I use sunscreen, of course. But I try to stay out of direct sunlight and I never go tanning in a tanning bed. I try to wear clothes that cover the spots that get burnt easily – like my shoulders. I just try the little things! – Emily Ann Benzing

  20. michelle garrity says

    I use sunscreen plus take Heliocare everyday, an oral skin antioxidant

  21. I apply sunscreen to protect my skin from the sun.

  22. Shilpa Shetty says

    I apply Aloe Vera all over my body, before applying the sunscreen,. Aloe Vera seems to act like sun shield.

  23. I always wear sunscreen whenever I leave my house.

  24. Brittney House says

    I always wear sunscreen.

  25. I wear long sleeves and carry an umbrella with me all the time.

  26. I wear sunscreen no matter what the weather and I try to stay out of the sun during the brightest parts of the day.

  27. Maren McConnell says

    I use tons of sunscreens & hats & try to stay out of the sun whenever possible. Like, REALLY out of the sun.

  28. Peggy Rydzewski says

    Cover up or use sun screen and stay in the shade as much as possible.

  29. I use sunscreen to protect my skin.

  30. I use sunscreen.

  31. Melissa White says

    I use a sunscreen and a hat when I’m out during the day. I try to run before dawn to avoid both the rays and the heat during the summer.

  32. Katherine Riley says

    I use sunscreen and also have a huge sun umbrella I sit under when in the sun.

  33. I wear sunscreen and reapply it often through the day.

  34. msrodeobrat says

    I wear sunscreen and sunglasses. At the beach I wear a hat and sleeves
    addictedtorodeo at gmail dot com
    Ashley C

  35. Lisa Voyce says

    I wear sunscreen, hat and sunglasses.

  36. Milene Mittelhauser says

    I ride bikes and like the Neutrogenia sun products. I also wear sun sleeves on my arms.

  37. My Elsie is black and white, and the vet says even though she doesn’t go outside, we should keep an eye on her paler parts, since she likes to lie in the sun all day.

  38. I love the sun. I use Hawaii Tropic and Nuetrogena

  39. Dana Matthews says

    I’m not one to be in the sun …but…on those rare occasions that I am, I use sunscreen. I also use a moisturizer with SPF protection.

  40. Erin K. Linker says

    I hate the heat and the outdoors, in general. I rarely hang out in the sun for extend periods. But I swear I’m a fun person! Just INDOORS, in the AC ;).

  41. Jenny Burks Nelson says

    Good to know the signs for my cat

  42. Birdiebee says

    I use sunscreen as well as wear a hat to protect my face and nose.

  43. Vickie Kohn says

    Strong sunblock and limiting my outdoor time

  44. kittenbiscuit says

    To keep my skin safe from the sun, I use a good physical sunblock (at least SPF 30, reapplied regularly), wear sunglasses, and I take a supplement with astaxanthin, which is supposed to help protect you from the sun’s harmful rays.

  45. Dicey Efantis says

    I apply SPF 30 sunscreen to all exposed areas of skin & wear my sunglasses. If I’m going to be outside, I wear a hat & sometimes also a light, long-sleeve shirt with SPF protection.

    • Super Hurrah!!! Congratulations Dicey! You are the winner of the Rodan and Fields Summer Essentials Skincare kit. Your package will be shipping tomorrow via USPS. Thank you for being a part of The Tiniest Tiger community.

  46. Debi Ennis Binder says

    I have already had one bout of skin cancer, and it is very prevalent in my family, so I make sure I use and SPF moisturizer as a matter of course, and when I go out, I use a heavier SPF cream for everything that’s exposed.

  47. Jeanne Owens says

    If I plan to be out in the sun for an extended period of time, I try to wear a hat and sunglasses, and – if I remember – I’ll use some of the Avon bug spray with sunscreen, or some other type of sunscreen.

  48. Deborah Morgan says

    I wear a big hat, 40+Sunscreen because I live in Florida. In also wear Sun shades to protect my eyes.

  49. Tammy Dusenberry Cole says

    I avoid the sun and wear sunscreen

  50. margaretporter says

    Iuse sunscreen all over with spf 50 and a hat and sunglasses

  51. Choco Puff says

    I use sunscreen. But I never thought about protecting my cats. Thanks for the heads up!

  52. Jennifer Reed says

    I avoid high sun times and wear hats and sunscreen religiously.

  53. Lynnae Clark says

    i try to avoid the high time of the day from ten till three an wear a hat..wide brim use my sunsceen every 3 hours.. an drink lots of fluids

  54. sandy weinstein says

    i wear sunscreen everyday. i wear a hat and big sunglasses when mowing or working in the yard. i wear my sunglasses year round. i dont sunbath

  55. Judy Thomas says

    I wear a hat and cover up in the sun.

  56. Danielle Miller Stutheit says

    I use sun screen and big fun hats

  57. Sharvia Sultana says

    i dont protect my skin.. i should start 🙁

  58. sarah oswald says

    I always use sunscreen with the highest SPF I can find when I go out in the sun.

  59. wetnosegang says

    I have to admit, I get lazy. But I don’t spend too much time in the sun either.

  60. Cindy Loohoo says

    Because that is the best way to protect your skin against premature aging! 😉

  61. francesmary says

    I grew up in Florida, and had some serious burns to my very fair complexion. I’ve now had several skin cancers removed, and see my dermatologist every 6 months. I now never leave the house without a good sunscreen on.

  62. Patchycat says

    Unfortunately in my youth I stayed VERY tan. I wear sunscreen now, but because of that early sun exposure I make sure to go to the dermatologist at least once a year for a skin check.

  63. Irena Matkovi? says

    I use sunscreen!

  64. Sierra M. Koester says

    I use sunscreen when I actually remember to put it on! I really should be better about this because my skin is so, so fair.

  65. Lisa Pecora says

    I use sunscreen and try and cover up.

  66. anjanette cardenaz says

    When I swim I use sunscreen. Daily, I use a face lotion with sunscreen.

  67. Leah Sophia says

    I use sunscreen every single day, at least 50 SPF, but I vary the brands because I still haven’t discovered a perfect mix of consistency and texture.

  68. tannawings says

    I wear a hat when gardening or walking and Iuse sunscreen. I admit I am bad about remembering the sunscreen though
    ellen beck on form

  69. I love the beach, but do limit my exposure during the peak hours between 10 AM and 2 PM, as well as using tanning lotion with sunscreen. I still use the Coppertone products that I grew up using. Their classic fragrance is the quintessential aroma of summers on the beach for me.

  70. Cheryl Young says

    I try to wear sunscreen when I’m out but they are so expensive and have to be reapplied so often that I usually stay in on bad sun days.

  71. Christine Snyder says

    i always use Neutrogena sun screen

  72. Theresa Spaid says

    In my younger days I never used anything being darker skinned I never really sunburned too bad. Anymore I go out but not as much in the sun. I work graveyards so guess I’m more vampire anymore.

  73. Cat Fleming says

    I don’t get out much, but when I do I just use Olay moisturizer with spf. Can’t really afford those fancy sunscreens.

  74. I am very pale, I use the highest SPF (like 30) always.
    {in the contest I am Margot C___ on the automated entry form}

  75. The Island Cats says

    The mom wears sunscreen whenever she’s out in the sun. This sounds like a nice product, she says.

  76. Charlene says

    I use sunscreen and try to cover up with long sleeves, a hat, etc…

  77. Jeri Dickinson says

    I really don’t use anything since I am not out in the sun for very long

  78. Susan Pertierra says

    I try to stay out of the sun and wear a hat and sunglasses, as well as apply sunscreen on a regular basis thoughout the day.

  79. I wear a hat, wear long pants and long sleeves, wear sunglasses and use sunscreen and reapply often. I work outside every day so I must stay protected as much as possible.

  80. susansmoaks says

    To protect my skin from the sun I use sunscreen and I try to stay out of the sun too. I have to apply lots of sunscreen because I am very sensitive to the sun.

  81. Mary Jo Krause says

    I stay out of the sun if I can help it but if I am going to get some exposure lotions with high SPFs cause I tend to burn.

  82. I always wear a hat when I am out and gardening. I also wear long sleeves when in the garden working-that protects from the sun and the bugs.

  83. Kim Henrichs says

    I’m an avid sunscreen and hat wearer! After having skin cancer, it’s a must do.

  84. Tracy Shafer says

    I always try and use sunscreen and hats

  85. I know that I should put sunscreen on, but I’m not very good about it. I do use a makeup that has SPF in it.

  86. I never leave the house without my sunscreen even if cloudy, per my doctor!

  87. Beth Tatum says

    I always use sunscreen, I try for natural products most of the time, they seem to work well.

  88. biggie55 says

    I use it only when i sit at my grandsons baseball games as hes on 2 teams. Otherwise im not in the sun but always use sunglasses, a ball cap.

  89. Julie Baker Parlacoski says

    I like to protect my skin from the sun to avoid skin cancer. Have known a few people who have died from it. Very sad.

  90. I burn very easy and try my best to stay inside during the day. Besides, it’s too hot to go outside anyway where I live. I have tried several kinds of sunscreen and it seems to make my face break out. Maybe this one will be better.

  91. Neutrogena Dry Touch with a pretty high SPF. Can’t be too protected!

  92. Judy Simon says

    Happy Adoption to Annie & Eddie <3

  93. Dana Rodriguez says

    I burn easily so I use a sunscreen with a high SPF.

  94. Judy Simon says

    i currently just use Neutrogena sun screen, but as I age, unfortunately, I feel I need something better for my skin

    • Me too, Judy. I can tell a big difference in my skin after sun exposure now than when I was younger.

      • Judy Simon says

        I know, my skin is getting crepey (sp) around my neck UGH! I don’t like this, but it is what it is…Thanks for the contest!!