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Annie Serious Stankface

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Are you a victim of Stank Face?

With three cats in our home we have three times the love. But we also have three times something else!  Litter box smells.  And if we are honest there are times when we become victims of Stank face!  What is stank face?  Glad you asked.

Stank Face (st?NGk f?s) n.: The universal expression of disgust often caused by litter box odor. Stank Face indiscriminately strikes cat lovers, friends and family alike, typically in the comfort of their own home. Symptoms include watery eyes, feeling like you’ve lost control of your face, crinkled nose, curled lip, contorted mouth and, in extreme cases, involuntary gagging.

Paul and I aren’t the only ones to suffer from Stank Face.  Annie living with two male cats has fallen victim to Stank Face.  Imagine going to your own litter box only to be overwhelmed by a cloud of stank drifting over from one of the other litter boxes.  This is a serious matter and not to be taken lightly as you can see by the seriousness of Annie’s face in the photo above.

Angela Kinsey and Tidy Cats Launch a Public Awareness Initiative

Angela Kinsey with Flat Gracey

Angela Kinsey

But, there’s good news: Tidy Cats’ litter now features guaranteed TidyLock™  Protection that better locks away the odors that can lead to Stank Face.  This summer, Tidy is partnering with actress and cat-lover Angela Kinsey, (best know for her role as Angela Martin on NBC’s The Office) for a public awareness initiative to shed light on Stank Face and how TidyLock™ Protection can help alleviate this smelly condition.

Angela filmed a public service announcement about this important topic and the need to Stop Stank Face. “Stank Face is a horrible condition from which no cat owner, their friends nor family should have to suffer,” said Kinsey. “As a cat-lover and an actress, I know the value of having a stank-free litter box, as well as the importance of having control over my face. Now, thanks to Tidy Cats with TidyLock Protection, I can live a Stank Face-free life.”

A Public Service Announcement from Angela Kinsey and Tidy Cats

TidyLock Protection to the Rescue!

Tidy Cats With TidyLock

TidyLock Protection better absorbs liquids and features an improved deodorizing system that neutralizes odors to stop little box stank.  TidyLock Protection is available in the Light Weight and traditional versions of the 24/7 and Instant Action clumping litters. Look for the TidyLock Protection Silver image on the cartons of Tidy Cats!

We are grateful to TidyLock Protection helping to alleviate Stank Face in our home.  Here is Annie’s before and after photos. As you can see, TidyLock Protection helps Annie live a Stank Face-free life too.

Annie Stop STank Face

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  1. Mary Jo Krause says

    With three cats in the house, oh yeah!!!!

  2. Yes, every now and then I do!

  3. This is awesome. I do often suffer from stank face at times.. I have two beautiful cats and I happen to be an expert at this serious job 🙂

  4. Annabellainla says

    My kids say I suffer from Stankface all the time

  5. I am an expert on this face, because as a pet-sitter, I am often greeted at a client’s door with a slap of filthy catbox odor ? I don’t understand how people can live with it! They just become immune. But that’s what using cheap cat litter or an overflowing & rarely scooped box will getcha ? I only use TidyCat in my own home for my 3 cats!

  6. I belong to 3 cats-Barney, Opie & Zelda Boo. I REALLY need this stuff!

  7. I hope this works for kitty stank !

  8. Kathy Gale says

    With two cats, I have stankface lots of times.

  9. Adrienne Burkemper says

    Ugh, yes! Even though they eat the same stuff every day, occasionally they have a particularly powerful moment in the litterbox! (How does that even happen?!)

  10. Yes, on occasion!

  11. katboxjanitor says

    Occasionally I do, when Kai leaves a particularly ‘special’ gift.

  12. Jennifer Reed says

    Yes, unfortunately I do sometimes suffer Stankface while dealing with letterboxes for my 2 cats.

  13. Oh, yes! I clean the box every day, but it still happens!

  14. Jennifer Todd says

    Stank face sometimes happens when I first walk in the house after work. I believe this is how my cats show me how much they’ve missed me!!

  15. anita leibert says

    Stank Face happens on occasion, but I usually keep up with the cleaning to avoid this!!

  16. I recently did when we came back from out two day trip!

  17. I definitely suffer stank face sometimes!

  18. Yes, sometimes this happens to me too! In fact, I’m going to check my kitties’ litter right now! Duchess here gives her opinion…

  19. Shelley Joy P says

    Yes, I sometimes suffer from Stankface if the litter boxes are not changed as often as they should be.

  20. Lisa Friend says

    Stank face occurs here if Cola’s litter isn’t changed daily.

    • Super Hurrah!!! Congratulations Lisa, you are the winner of Tidy Cats Coupons!! Your coupons will ship directly from Tidy Cats so allow a couple weeks for delivery. Thank you for being a part of The Tiniest Tiger community.

  21. Kathleen Austin says

    We already use Tidy Lock Lightweight in our house so we don’t have “stank face” very often.

  22. Yes, we have 3 cats, so “stank face” happens if I go more than a day without doing their litter boxes.

  23. sarah oswald says

    sometimes I get stnkfaced because my cat has some powerfully stinky poops YUCK!!!

  24. Holly Thomas says

    Yes we do on occasion suffer from Stankface.

  25. Not so much Stankface as “I’m digging to China!” syndrome! Ours sling the litter everywhere!

  26. Sonya Allstun says

    no stank face here this house uses Tidy Cat

  27. Keeping our family’s environment clean and fresh is a priority for us!

  28. Down with Stankface!!

  29. Vickie Kohn says

    Yes try as we might with 3 cats it does still happen sometimes

  30. Pat DeWald says

    Stank Face is never a good thing. I like smiley faces on my kitties.

  31. Julie Baker Parlacoski says

    With 3 cats, yes there is surely a stank face a few times a day

  32. Judy Simon says

    Oh yes, with 10 kitties, there is bound to be a stank face! Our litter boxes are cleaned 3-4 times a day & we have 8 of them!

  33. Michelle S says

    I am OCD about cleaning litter boxes to try to avoid “stank face”. It’s exhausting, really… I find myself scooping each time I see even one thing in one of the boxes.

  34. wetnosegang says

    I too have three cats and, yes, stank face hits first thing in the morning and late at night before I check the litter boxes one last time.

  35. LauraRichardson says

    With my crew, often!

  36. Cindy Loohoo says

    I just did this morning. Ha! Bummer! I have to get in there and scoop quickly as soon as I hear a kitty digging a little cat hole or…stank face! 🙁

  37. Cat Fleming says

    Occasionally I’m stopped in my tracks if I happen to walk by when one of my cats is ‘going’ & it’s a particularly stanky one.

  38. Sometimes we do but’ mostly not.
    Sue B

  39. Usually not but I have once or twice

  40. No, because I use Scoop Away and that stuff smells amazing! I also like Tidy Cats. 🙂

  41. Deborah Zarett says

    Yes, when scooping the boxes.

  42. Natalie hartmann says


  43. patriciacrowley says

    I just have one cat….so not too often, but yes, sometimes.

  44. Sarah Walker says

    I have four indoor cats and I constantly suffer from Stankface.

  45. Help me! I don’t want to suffer from Stankface anymore. Luna is 17 and causes a lot of Stankface! Tidy Cats to the rescue with Tidy Lock!

  46. I do, unfortunately, sometimes suffer from stankface!

  47. @brendakae42 says

    Yes, yes I do suffer from Stankface. As soon as I walk in the door, the litter box smell comes straight up from the basement. One cat or 4, doesn’t matter… three different kinds of litter boxes too. :/

  48. Cheryl Larimer says

    Yes, we do suffer from stankface. As George gets older it seems to be getting worse and since his box is in the mud room we have to pass by it frequently.

  49. tannawings says

    I have 5 cats…. it is gonna happen. I have one that is very elderly and is the stinkiest ever. Of course there is stankface!

    ellen beck

  50. Michelle Wolff says

    um yes – we have 6 cats!

  51. Mary McDonald says

    I use pine litter, and I suffer greatly from Stank Face. My guests are polite enough not to mention it.

  52. Susan Pertierra says

    I ask people that come over and they say they don’t notice any smell but you can’t get away from it!

  53. 90-110 degrees on a patio where we await a court check..3 months now..stank face is being held back by Tidy Cat and heat stroke barely held back by Milwaukee Tool’s Jobsite Fan & NewAir’s condenser cooler …Survival

  54. Linda Szymoniak says

    Well, with three Treeing Walker Coonhounds and three cats (all rescues – and the most recent addition was a feral kitten who I have been having to bottle feed), you can imagine that we get smells in our house. I swear, even the furbabies get stankface at times. The cats don’t want to use stinky litter boxes.

  55. Dawn Jones says

    Yep, I sure have. We have two cats and it still happens.

  56. Patti Schmidt says

    I have as of yet to find a litter that doesn’t cause stank face for our 4 babies and us. I’m curious about the new features of Tidy Cat. Would love a day without one of us suffering from stank face.

  57. Yes, with 2 cats at home I do suffer from it

  58. Even a 1 cat household can suffer from stankface. Thanks for the chance.

  59. Candi Ausman says

    Yes we do suffer a bit from Stankface, but that’s telling us it’s time to clean one or more of the litterboxes.

  60. sandy weinstein says

    i dont have cats but would love this to donate to Safe Haven Cat Shelter and Clinic. they rescue so many cats and kitties, they really need this. thank you. i know when i had a roommate that had a cat, i suffered from it. it did not bother her. i think it affects the entire house.

  61. Lorena Keech says

    Oh, sure. If you have a cat (or 3) it’s a given.

  62. It’s true, I do and it’s a shocker every time. I go to the laundry area of my garage, and (wow). It usually means that one cat has invaded the litter box of the other and overloaded it with the stank.
    {in the contest I am Margot C__ on the Rafflecopter}

  63. Theresa Spaid says

    When you have two cats and one dog not only cat litter gives you Stankface but the whole house can sometimes/

  64. Yes, it happens in our house.

  65. Of course!

  66. I have two cats, and yes it has happen I’m sorry to say.

  67. Melissa White says

    Yes, with 4 cats in our household, we sometimes have stank face.

  68. (Emily Benzing) Yes, stank face is a part of being a cat mom! Jimmy isn’t that bad, but sometimes it smells awful!!

  69. yes which 12 rescue cats (minus one rescue cats that passaway at young age from fip) and clean 10 little boxes, we love all tidy cat litlle we looking forward for the new one

  70. Mary Friedling says

    Oh yes! Joe does not cover his mess! So not just me, but Pink and Squeaky also experience stank face! Lol?

  71. With 8 cats in the house I certainly do but I spend a lot of time cleaning up and they are worth it!

  72. Yes, 2 Cats but that’s ok! They are worth it.

  73. StacyLayne says

    Definite stank face from all 7 of mine. Looking forward to this new Tidy cat

  74. I have 13 cats…..need I say more.

  75. Stankface lives here too. Between 3 cats, there is a lot of stank in the litter box room. We scoop frequently but the cats seem to stay ahead of our efforts.

  76. Oh yes I do get stank face. I have three cats and one of them is super stinky. She eats the same food as everyone else, but for some reason it comes out smelling worse. I am constantly scooping the boxes.

  77. Kittie Danger says

    Oh yes! I love The Lightweight Multiple Cats formula. Having a bad back it’s much easier to carry, scoop & dispose!

  78. Yes…unfortunately, I do, suffer from this disorder at times. Sadly, my husband suffers more…lol!

  79. ClickClick says

    I shelter 13 elderly rescues. I have 8 litter boxes, and it is a constant to scoop and keep them clean. Yes, I sometimes get Stankface.