Pledge to Save Lions on World Lion Day #LetLionsLive

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The lion is one of the most magnificent and revered animals on earth, yet few realize the species is in a race against extinction.


The African lion is iconic. When you think of Africa, you think of lions.   Africa’s challenges to save her wildlife and habitats are vast and with  only an estimated 20,000 wild lions remaining in the entire African continent, we are racing against the clock to save them. We need a  global uproar,  to implement the plans and gather the  resources necessary to save wild lions.  If you love African lions, and I think you do too, please take the #LetLionsLive pledge of support by pouncing here:

Take the #LetLionsLive pledge of support today!

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  1. Very sad there aren’t many lions.
    Sue B

  2. Lions have been in a pattern of being killed for too long now; once again, man’kind’ is not representative of the last word in that ‘name’. Pledged a long time ago, and again now to save the species in all manner possible. Thank you to TTT for being so supportive of Big Cats!!

  3. databbiesotrouttowne says

    pledged and happy to do so !!!!!!!! ???