Annie is a Sad Cat. Her Chipmunk Friend is Missing.

Eddie and Bad KittyFriends, I am here with Bad Kitty keeping lookout for Annie’s friend, the chipmunk.  I know you might be thinking that chipmunks and cats make for an unlikely friendship, but you remember Gracey and Bossy Backyard Blue Jay don’t you? Well, Annie and the chipmunk have been enjoying spending time together every day for as long as I remember. That is until a few days ago.

Annie Sad in the green bed

Early morning, even before Mercy and I finish our breakfast, Annie runs into the office and waits for her chipmunk to visit.  He runs and plays, showing off for Annie if you ask me, and they spend a bit of time looking into each other’s eyes.  A few days ago, after breakfast, I found Annie looking sad in the green felt bed.  She told me she had waited for her Chipmunk to visit but he didn’t show up.

Eddie and Annie in the green felt bed

I jumped in the bed with Annie and told her I would keep her company while we watched for her friend.  A large bit of time went by and still no sign of him.

Annie and Eddie in the gray bed

I suggested we might have better luck if we watched from the gray felt bed.  Annie didn’t think that made much sense but she was willing to try.  We waited until the sun began to settle down.

Annie and Eddie in the green felt bed

I didn’t have the heart to let Annie see that I was beginning to worry too.

The next morning, Annie didn’t even eat her breakfast but ran straight to the office to look for the chipmunk. I hate to tell you there was no sign of him.

Mercy in the gray felt bed

Mercy saw how tired we were so he volunteered to take the next shift.  While Annie ran to the sunroom, Mercy said he saw the Fox outside the door a few days ago and now we is worried about the chipmunk too.  I said I was worried because we had a lot of rain and maybe he swam away, but Mercy said he didn’t think that was likely.  I told Mercy not to tell Annie about the Fox.

Annie sleeping in the sunroom

While Annie was sleeping in the sunroom, I snuck back into the office to see if Mercy had any luck.  He said there was no sign of the chipmunk.

Eddie sad looking for chipmunk

Friends, I am sorry to tell you I fear the worst.  It has been many days, even before the Harvest Moon, and no sight of him.   I will let Annie sleep and keep hoping the little guy will show up.

Annie waiting for Chipmunk

The sun is disappearing again and still no sign of Annie’s friend.  There she sits waiting.

Eddie and Annie Waiting

It is hard to see your best friend sad.  All I can do is sit quietly with her and wait too.  If you see our Chipmunk, will you tell him to come home?  Thank you,  Eddie.

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  1. Aww Annie I hope your friend comes back <3

  2. Eddie, we are so sorry Annie’s friend Chipmunk is missing. We will let you know if we see him and we will ask Fenris’ friend the squirrel if he has any ideas where Friend Chipmunk might be.

  3. I hope the chipmunk didn’t come to some awful end. 🙁

  4. databbiesotrouttowne says

    pleez due knot be sad annie, yur friend iz knot reel lee missin…heez prob ablee on de chippeez exprezz two flor a duh…they due that everee yeer round thiz time….take a trane down ta flor a duh coz they due knot like
    winter……brrrrrrrrrr…..they all borded de trane heer last fryday N they will be bak most like lee in march….may be February….just deependz…..any way, thatz a promize~~~~~~??????

  5. I hope he comes back soon.
    Sue B

  6. Sharon Vinet Reames says

    AW-W-W-S-S-S, poor sweet Annie. I’ll keep prayers going that your chipmunk friend comes home to you!! I have bunnies where I live, and my babies like to visit with them through our screen porch. And I know they would miss their friends if they all of a sudden weren’t there anymore. Please ask your mommy to post updates about your little friend.

  7. Lee in Phoenix says

    That is sad. I hope the chipmunk comes back.

  8. Oh, poor little Annie! I feel so bad for you, looking everywhere for your friend. But you are so lucky to have Eddie and Mercy helping you and keeping you company. BTW, your mom takes the BEST pictures of you and your brothers! You are a very elegant trio. Emma and I will be thinking of you. (I wish I could send you some squirrels!)
    Love from your friend in St.Paul,

  9. Oh Annie. I would be happy to share some of the squirrels and geckos that frequent my yard and windows.
    …….Miss Kiki

  10. Theresa Spaid says

    Mushu and Sneaky Pie say they are sorry for Annie. They know how hard it is to lose a best friend.

  11. Eddie, I can just hear you telling this story in your quiet, dignified voice! Thank you for bringing us into your world! I can only hope that the chipmunk shows up again! Even Bad Kitty looks concerned. I will look forward to your next tale!

  12. Nancy Blue Moon says

    Oh sweet beautiful Annie…I am so sorry you are missing your little friend…all sorts of animals can become friends…they just have to have a good loving heart like you do…If I see your friend anywhere I will tell him or her to get on home cause her friend Annie the cat misses her her very much…Hugs from me and my kitties…