No Tricks All Treats For Cats This Halloween

Annie with a little pumpkin

Rachael Ray Nutrish has sponsored this post, but all opinions are my own.

Annie, Eddie and Mercy, like most cats, like to get new toys.  When we saw these cute little jack-o-lantern cat toys we couldn’t resist putting them in our cart.

Eddie is typically the one that plays the longest with toys, but today, he sniffed the little pumpkin and then walked away.

Eddie with little pumpkin

Eddie checks out the little jack-o-lantern

When I looked in on them, I noticed that Annie had gathered up Eddie’s little jack-o-lantern and put it beside her own.

Annie with two little pumpkins

Annie taking over Eddie’s jack-o-lantern toy.

 Eddie didn’t really seem to mind, but I thought I would get the toy and give him another go at it. So I walked over to pick up one of the toys but Annie wasn’t having any part of giving up one of the toys.

Annie hiding toy

“What? I don’t have Eddie’s jack-o-lantern toy”

She even went so far as to throw one of the toys behind her in an attempt to hide the second pumpkin toy from me.  I had to laugh and said, Ok Annie,  you can keep Eddie’s pumpkin.  Eddie didn’t seem to be too interested in it anyway.

Mercy and little pumpkin

Mercy is intrigued but not excited over his little jack-o-lantern toy.

Mercy looked over his little jack-0-lantern toy but he didn’t seem to excited either.  Paul decided to get in on the action by wearing a tiger mask and presenting Mercy with the toy.

Paul in Tiger Mask

I told Paul to make sure that Annie didn’t see him in that mask.  This is the one thing that we have found that scares Annie.  She doesn’t like Paul wearing that mask at all.

Annie with all three pumpkins

Annie takes ownership of all three jack-o-lantern toys.

This time Annie didn’t seem to care about Paul wearing the tiger mask but took the opportunity to sieze Mercy’s jack-o-lantern toy.  When I checked in on the cats and Paul, Annie was hoarding all three toys.

We never know for sure what the cats will enjoy playing with and most of the time it is Eddie that plays the longest with toys. Mercy plays off and on and Annie picks a favorite and plays with it for awhile before looking for another one.

One thing all the cats love is a tasty treat at the end of a long play day. Mercy and Eddie don’t even mind sharing a  dish when it comes time for their  wet food. This night they are feasting on Rachael Ray’s Nutrish Chicken Purrcata. Annie is eating too, but as you just saw, she isn’t in the mood for sharing.  Happy Halloween!

Eddie and MErcy eating Nutrish

Mercy and Eddie don’t even mind sharing when it comes time for their wet food treats.

chicken purrcata

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  1. Sheree Harrell says

    Annie is so cute hording the pumpkins. I love the little pumpkins! I wish I could get my cats to eat the Rachael Ray wet food, but they turn their noses up at it. They will only eat Fancy Feast unfortunately.

  2. catchatcaren says

    So cute and I love Paul’s Halloween mask!! lmao! Happy Halloween!

  3. Happy Halloween. Cute photos.
    Sue B

  4. Annie really did love those pumpkins!

  5. Annie is so cute with those little toys!