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Annie with guide to Nice list

I am a little worried I might not be on Santa’s Nice List. ~ Annie

Guide To Santa’s Nice List

I have heard that some people consider the coming days  “the most wonderful time of the year“. When I asked why, Mercy said that the holiday season is when people gather together to celebrate family and friendship, and it is the season of giving. (Make sure you visit us on #GivingTuesday in a few short days!)  Mercy said if his memory serves him, that humans tend to eat too much, decorate their habitats with bright, shiny things and might even be overheard singing.  If a cat if fortunate to make it on Santa’s Nice List, they might get extra treats, toys and other wonderful surprises in their stocking.

Annie reading

Let me see what I can find out from this Guide to Santa’s Nice List.

Mercy told me if I was worried about making Santa’s Nice List, I could study the Guide and find out what to do to improve my behavior even though it is a little late in the year to make any significant changes. I am not sure but I think Mercy was smirking as he walked away.

Annie thinking about being nice

Uh oh. I might need to ask Eddie what he thinks about this.

Friends, I don’t know if I can make the list this year.  I mean, I haven’t been completely rotten all the time, but let’s say curiosity tends to get the best of me. I better ask Eddie what he thinks.

Eddie reads the guide to the nice list

Eddie looks worried for me, doesn’t he?

I must admit, I am a little nervous.  Eddie looks worried, doesn’t he? But honestly, he isn’t an angel either.  I know he looks like he would never do anything wrong, but it was Eddie that knocked the owl off the mantle, not me.

Annie and Eddie with GUide to nice list

My fears are valid. Eddie said we both might not make the nice list.

My fears are valid.  Eddie said that according to the Guide to Santa’s Nice List, we both might not make the cut this year. The list of our transgressions is long, even too numerous to count on our paws.

Eddie said, he is pretty sure Mercy will be at the top of the list, no problem.  That isn’t fair.  Mercy is older than us so he isn’t as impulsive and he doesn’t like shiny things as much.   Eddie often runs off with the silver ribbons for Triple T Studios packages.  And sometimes if you see chomp marks on your envelopes…that might be me.

Annie worried

I must do something nice to get back on the list!

In order to get back in good graces and make the nice list, we have decided to be in the spirit of the season and giveaway two $100 Triple T Studios Shopping Sprees!   One from Eddie and one from me.  Thanks for reading my post.  Annie

The Triple T Studios $200 Gift Card Giveaway



Two Members of The Tiniest Tiger Community will win a $100 Triple T Studios Shopping Spree!  You can find more information about Triple T Studios here: Fashion With a Passion™

How to Enter

Enter your information in the contest widget so we know who you are and where to find you.

  •  Pounce over to Triple T Studios to see what you might like to buy on your shopping spree.
  •  Then come back here and tell Eddie and me what you will choose.
  •  Then tell us what chance you think we have of making Santa’s Nice List this year.

The comment is important.  We won’t know if you think we will make Santa’s Nice List if you don’t tell us.

This giveaway is open to everyone.

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  1. You can’t be a cat without being a little naughty. ? It’s totally a cat thing and I’m pretty sure Santa knows that. The first shopping spree gifts I’d pick, must have’s to keep and share, would be the purffect cat nap pillowcases, cat night light and a paw lace tote (black).

  2. First things first, fear not, you and Eddie will definitely make Santa’s Nice List this year! Santa knows your hearts are always in the right place and your intentions are always well meaning, even when they result in actions that don’t seem to please humans. Santa is very cat savvy, and understands that sometimes feline curiosity gets the better of you. He unconditionally loves all kitties , and secretly admires their free-spirted playfulness and resulting tendency to get into mischief. As long as you always try your best, that’s all that matters. Now, as to what I might choose as shopping spree gifts, you have inspired so many great options that it is hard to decide. I’d lean towards the Shining Star Earrings, Paw Print Earrings, Cat’s Meow Striped Socks, Feline Philosophy Bracelet and Puffect Cat Nap Pillowcases.

  3. I would get the cat night light. Soo cute.
    and you would definitely make the nice list! look at all the contests you host! 🙂

  4. mary potter says

    Too many toys to choose from

  5. Cindy Loohoo says

    I would get the Paw lace tote in black AND the cat ears headband also in black. ADORABLE!! Happy Holidays! (Dare is say, “Meow-y Christmas!”?) Thanks for the great contests!

  6. LauraRichardson says

    My kitties would love all of the toys.

  7. I would buy with the intention of donating to a charity for needy children. A little bot of everything I guess.

  8. Shelley Joy P says

    I’d buy the Lion and Cub Necklace and the The Dog Hipster.

  9. Mary Shawley says

    Hi Eddie & Annie! Gosh! So much great stuff from which to choose!! I would probably go with either the Cat Paw or Cat Walk tote, some Cat Lovers Night Lights, the Shining Star necklace (it matches my new gorgeous earrings!) &/or a mix of the Shakers & Kicker toys! Love the night lights! Matching necklace….hmmm….Balance definitely the shakers & kicker toys! The toys I would share with other less fortunate kitties…

  10. The Hipster & the paw print earrings.

  11. The hipster, grey gloves with the black cat, anything with black cats on them, cat toys…..And, of course you’ll make Santa’s NICE list!!

  12. Me, me, and my kitties???

  13. Terry Patterson Blue Holly says

    Love all these items

  14. Kathy Kuykendall says

    I will buy more cat socks and scarves for me and my 2 best cat loving friends. Of course I must also buy a new kicker for my 4 rescues

  15. Lynda Lee Nelson says

    My favorites are the TT hipster and I love the kitty night light. I also have a passion for black cats and the Cat Moon necklace is a perfect fit for me. My kitties agree with my selections.

  16. wetnosegang says

    I would love the hipster, and I think my nieces would each love the cat light. No cat is ever truly naughty. But they do like to keep us on our toes, don’t they? Worth it!

  17. You have very cute items. If I were to win I would definitely get the Cat Paw Lace Tote in lavender gray. Santa is rather forgiving, so since my darling monster-kitty Maleika made his good list, I can guarantee EVERY kitty will be on the good list.

  18. Luv your products and am sure you will make Santa’s NICE list.

  19. Luv to have The Tiniest Tiger Hipster…I have wanted since the first time I saw it!!!

  20. i love that lilac lace tote

  21. Caryn Coates says

    I would buy some earrings

  22. Jacqueline Moon says

    Naughty? There’s no such thing as a naughty cat. If I were to win, I would have to start with the hipster. Lots of room for treats!

  23. Mary Shawley says

    Love this company!

  24. Elise Hitchings says

    How can any kitty get on the naughty list? They’re just too cute. I would buy the Annie gloves. They are just so cute!

  25. Janice Reed says

    I love the products offered on your website — and I have purchased many. Plus it is such a treat to see your darling kitties! Love that night light.

  26. naturegirly says

    Hi ! I see Eddie and Annie are ready for Christmas! And I’m pretty sure they don’t have to worry about any naughty list. I know all mine are sure excited. Percy even managed to dig through and find his gift of bell toys early even though I told him that if you see it before Christmas you don’t get it! He knows I won’t follow through. If I had $ 100 to spend at Triple-T I’d love to get that little cat coin purse. I’m a black cat fanatic (shh don’t tell Percy) and I think it’s just the cutest. Also the Sweet Annie Gloves! OMGosh how cute. Oh geez who am I kidding. I’d be days figuring out how to spend that much. I want to wish you and yours a very happy holiday season and Merry Christmas. And also to thank you for all you do. <3

  27. Deborah Zarett says

    Cat night light, black cat necklace, catwalk tote…. and you’re all on the “nice” list!

  28. I would get the cat night light, pillow cases, classy silver cat necklace, one of the cat pillows (maybe both kinds!), and maybe a couple cat toys. I definitely think they’ll get on the Nice List! 🙂

  29. Mary Jo Krause says

    I want some socks, deciding which ones will be tough. And probably a scarf and some earrings for my daughter.

  30. marialuisa12 says

    I will buy a pair of earrings!

  31. Ahh, so many beautiful options! The first thing I would buy would definitely be the cat night light! I am in love!


  33. Dana Matthews says

    I would get my niece’s each a pair of the Paw Print Earrings!

  34. Dyana Hulgan says

    Love, love, love all your items! So many things I would like to have!

  35. I would buy one of everything if I had the money, but in particular, I’ve had my eye on the cute little kitty socks! <3 kitties!! 🙂

  36. I simply canNOT visit this site without purchasing SOMETHING! Most recent purchase was the “Mercy Black Cat Shoulder Bag”; was going to gift this but darn it … MUST hold onto this for myself! LOL Love CATS and LOVE Triple T Studios!! >^..^<

  37. I would get the Mercy black cat clutch, the cat night light, the cat coin purse, cat tail ring, and cat night light!!

  38. I would get the pretty pink hand bag, it is so cute.

  39. Patricia Eileen Bradley says

    Dear Mercy and Eddie. I would choose the Contemporary Cat Handbag, and the Pretty in Pink Cat Wallet of course. You are very clever kitties. I think giving away the two shopping sprees was a purrfect idea and will guarantee you both a spot on Santa’s nice list.

  40. aleshamom4 says

    I would buy some gloves

  41. CAROLSUE is the named used in the form
    One of the things I would get is a Cat Paw Bangle
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  42. I would buy one of the bags or purses if i win

  43. Holly Thomas says

    I would stock up on socks.

  44. Erica Weaver says

    i would love to stock up on some socks they are so cute

  45. It would be hard to choose exactly which one but one of the bags for sure and maybe some of the jewellery.

  46. Carol Roberts clark says

    The Contemporary Cat Handbag

  47. Rochelle Hess says

    I think I would like the Gracey hipster and the Annie gloves.

  48. Vikki Billings says

    One of the things I might get would be the The Contemporary Cat Handbag, its really nice and my daughter would love it.

  49. I would get a lace tote and some jewelry. I’m sure Santa will put Annie and Eddie on the nice list. He understands curiosity and how it sometimes gets the best kitties to act naughty, when they are actually very good fur babies.

  50. Kathleen Austin says

    I would definitely order the gloves and the nightlight. Santa ? loves mischievous ?

  51. Phyllis Leonard says

    I would get a lot of jewelry and the night light. I just ordered a purse and gloves. Love your stuff. Santa never expects 100% purrfect. That would be a robot. You are on his nice list!

  52. I would like the feline philosophy bracelets, the silver cat tail ring, or some of the cute ear bands or berets. The hipster and Gracie coin purse are cute too. Dearest Annie and Eddie, Santa loved all purrsons and would never keep one off the nice list. This goes for Mercy, too. Meowy Christmas to you precious furry ones, and to Mom and Dad as well.

  53. I would pounce on the Mercy shoulder bag or clutch, and/or the Annie wristlet. If I had any more left on my gift, I would probably get earrings or socks. And if Annie is making her list and checking it twice, Santa should see that while she might be a little naughty, her intentions are to be nice — even to mice!

  54. I love quite a few of the purses in your store, so I’d choose one of those. Thanks!

  55. Marilyn Hamill says

    I’d get the Hipster, Night Light, and Gray Wool Gloves. If all dogs can go to Heaven, all cats can be on the nice list.

  56. Kathy Mueller says

    Love the pink purse with the 2 short handles!

  57. I would by the beautiful pink purse to go with the white one I have already bought from here??

  58. Sue Schlagel Waters says

    Need a new purse desperately … waiting to buy it for myself for Christmas!

  59. Cindy Vanderbur says

    I always wanted the hipster, and I love the night light!

  60. Lea Turbert says

    I would first buy the hipster bag, the Annie Wristlet and the glove. I have no doubt that Annie and Eddie will be on Santa’s nice list. Santa knows how kitties make there families happy.

  61. I would definitely get the triple zip cross body bag and the new cat gloves. Annie and Eddie shouldn’t worry about Santa, I know he takes lots into account and only really bad kids don’t make the list and I’m certain that’s not the case here. 🙂

  62. Mary Friedling says

    And just to let you know, I think Annie and Eddie should be on Santa’s nice list.

  63. Mary Friedling says

    I love the cat walk tote. And the night lights! How adorable those night lights are!!! Pretty in Pink hand bag….oh! There is so much to choose.

  64. Deborah Zarett says

    Cat night light, black cat necklace, & cat walk tote. Undoubtedly on the “nice” list!

  65. I would buy the led color changing cat lamp and probably the cat gloves too

  66. Cheryl Young says

    I would buy the gray black cat gloves and a Hipster to begin with! Of course you will be on Santa’s Nice List. Santa loves kitties! =^..^=

  67. I love the pink cat gloves and earrings! I just recently purchased the black cat hat which I love!!

  68. Gosh I would get the black cat gloves, a cat tail coin purse, cable knit cat hat, and all kids of wonderful things!

    PS Annie, and Edddie Santa is pretty forgiving. He knows kitties are curious!

    ellen beck on the form

  69. Melissa White says

    I would get a cat night light and a pair of the gloves. Eddie, Annie and Mercy are all too sweet not to be on Santa’s “nice” list.

  70. I love the black cat earrings — they would top my list.

  71. Dana Rodriguez says

    I want the silver cat ring and socks! I just love you guys!

  72. Kris Gilley says

    I like so much on the Triple T Studios page! I’d probably get the cat tail ring, cat tail coin purse, and the cute nightlight. I always love fun socks, too. Of course you guys will be on the nice list, Annie!

  73. Linda Wagar says

    I would get any thing that Luckys Place cat rescue could us and give it to them!! No kill cat rescue in Sauk Rapids MN!!

  74. Barbara Consbruck says

    Of course you all will make the nice list. I would choose the cat paw lace tote because I like it a lot and could never afford it. If I had enough left I would choose the cat face watch or the cat print scarf.

  75. Cheryl Roarke says

    There are a lot of cat lovers in my life, who would love your items, thanks for this opportunity and happy holidays.

  76. Wendy Hatton says

    The Mercy Black Cat Shoulder Bag is my favorite bag in the shop. And I might choose a Cat Tail Ring to go with it too.

  77. Suzanne Paterno says

    I would buy the pink handbag and the Annie Gloves

  78. Cat Fleming says

    I have it on good authority that Annie, Eddie & even Mercy will make the Nice List… Even if they just squeek in by a tail!
    As for the gift card, I’d start with toys & kickers for my kitties, plus I’ve really been eyeing those Mercy black cat bags & change purses. I also love the night light! Decisions, decisions…

  79. Lisa Pecora says

    I would get the cat night light and the Eddie’s DoorShaker

  80. I think that Annie, Eddie, and Mercy will all make Santa’s nice list because they bring so much joy to the TTT readership.

  81. I like the Cat Paw Lace Tote in black, but then I would use up most of my gift all at once, so I might instead buy some cat earrings (like the ones with the heart shaped tail) and then the Happy Together necklace that kind of matches them, and also the cat striped socks! I like a lot of little gifts sometimes, too!

  82. Jeanne Owens says

    Oh, I’m sure you both will make Santa’s nice list! Santa can be pretty forgiving and understanding of a cat’s natural instincts. As for what I’d get on the shopping spree, I’d love a pair of the cat gloves and either one of the pretty in pink handbags or the cat walk tote bag.

  83. Cathy Keisha says

    I’m gonna start with the cashmere Annie gloves and then add some kickers and a cat nightlight! TW wants those gloves but will prolly order them herself.

  84. I like the cat night light, cat pillow, jewelry (hard to choose!), and the Pretty in Pink handbag. It would be hard to narrow it down to just a few things!

    I think that you both have a good chance at making Santa’s nice list. Santa is very forgiving, you seem apologetic and you’re trying to be good kitties now. I’ll put in a good word for you both with Santa. 😉

    • Congratulations Charlotte! You are one of the winners of the $100 Shopping Spree at Triple T Studios. I will send you an email with your gift card code! Thank you for being a part of The Tiniest Tiger community!

  85. Judy Thomas says

    I think I would buy the Cat Paw Lace Tote, I love it!

  86. Stephanie Federowicz says

    The wool Cat Gloves for the upcoming brrrr winter days. The Napping Cat pillowcases for a loooong winter’s nap. LOL

  87. Linda Szymoniak says

    I’ve been really wanting the My Heart Cat Necklace. I’d then let two of my daughters pick something they like (or perhaps let my cats pick – LOL!)

  88. I would buy at least one of each of the toys for my kitties, and then some goodies for myself – a Feline Philosophy Bracelet, and the Triple Zip Cross-Body Bag (I love my hipster).

    Annie & Eddie ~ I think Santa understands the natural curiosity of cats, and I’m sure you’ll make the Nice list this year! 🙂

  89. Noreen Pazderski says

    I would like to get the Mercy Black Cat Shoulder Bag or the Cat Walk Tote. Also, I would like two of the cat gloves, one for me and one for my best friend for Christmas And I think both Annie and Eddie both belong on Santa’s Nice List…..they are cats, they are adorable and they can do no wrong. 🙂

  90. I like their Cat Paw Lace Tote in black.

  91. sandy weinstein says

    i know i would buy the dog Hipster, i have the dog tote and i love it. i would also get the cat’s meow watch, or maybe the cat watch. and maybe another tote bag, cat tote.

  92. I would get a Contemporary Cat Handbag and a Pretty In Pink Cat Wallet.

  93. Lynnette Cooley says

    I love everything Cats. These products are top quality. If I win I will probably purchase the Cat Paw Lace Tote. Can you have too many totes or purses???

  94. Suz-Anne Seuss says

    I love all of it, but would choose the pretty in pink handbag

  95. Connie Tucker says

    I would buy the Cat Paw Lace Tote in black as I have been eyeing it for quite some time. Just love it!!!

  96. I’ve admired the sparkly black cat earrings for a long time. Those would definitely be in my order. The Black Cat Hipster bag would, too. And cat socks! Oh YEAH!

  97. well, i would start with the sparkly paw print earrings, the night light, and toys for Toby. Annie and Eddie, i think you are looking at a book on the nice list for humans…kitties are always on the nice list!!

  98. The Island Cats says

    The mom says she would buy one of of the things in the Mercy collection. She loves black cats.

  99. Deb Philippon says

    I would definitely choose on of the larger handbags or a backpack. My daughter-in-law would love the cat socks.

  100. I would chose a purse or tote!

  101. Milene Mittelhauser says

    I love the microfiber cat print. I have the hipster, duffel and tote bag, but would love to have the backpack and some of the Gracey accessories.

  102. Here are some of the items I would like: The Hipster purse, Cat Tail Ring, Cat Night Light, Annie Cat Gloves. Thanks for the chance.

  103. So many cute items to choose from! I’d probably buy the cat coin purse & cat sox. I like the following jewelry: Maneki Neko necklace, shining star cat necklace, owl & leaf necklace/bracelet, love heart necklace, sterling cat ring & sterling kitten jewelry. I’d want the night light too. Annie and Eddie, I KNOW you’ll make Santa’s nice list (along with Mercy) because ALL cats are angels! Love to all three of you kitties.

  104. I will use my cats instead on everything

  105. Kristi Kellberg says

    I would buy the Mercy Black Cat Shoulder Bag and wristlet for my sister who was adopted by an amazing black cat.

  106. Sonya Allstun says

    Cat purse would be awesome

  107. I would choose one of the big purses and a cat design ring.

  108. Christina Serrano says

    I would get either the tiniest tiger cat backpack, duffel or tote. I can’t decide. I’d also like to get a toy or 2 for my fur babies.

  109. Marilyn Nawara says

    I would get the Dog Tote Bag from the Tiniest Tiger Collection.

  110. I want a purse and wallet. And then cat toys as they have been so good.

  111. Stephanie Lichtman-Price says

    I would love to get a Mercy purse and a pair of gloves. I also think that Eddie and Annie will definitely get on the Nice list. After all, they’re very caring kitties. ??

  112. Theresa Spaid says

    I have a wallet from you but the zipper is broken now but I still use it so I do need a new one. I also love your purses.

  113. I want the lovely pet paw earrings and the cat ring that wraps around your finger . . . because they remind me of all the pets we love and have loved and lost and how they are such an important part of my heart. The little cat lamp that changes color would also be welcome as it reminds me of the way our felines light up our lives with inspiration. It has been a very hard year. Two of the eight precious felines we rescued last year from the creek bank where they had been abandoned crossed the Rainbow Bridge this year much, much too soon. Dearest Midnight and darling Greysee, you are both gone but never, ever forgotten. We love and cherish your remaining siblings all the more. No one should ever be “thrown away” . . . and we welcomed two more kittens who had been dumped. We will keep loving and keep rescuing.

  114. Tons of new cat toys and maybe a new bag for myself:)

  115. Mary Jo Krause says

    I need the pretty in pink bag and some socks and scarfs.

  116. JoAnn Mowels Ridenour says

    I want the pretty in pink cat handbag and some cat socks. It’s cold here. My feet are cold. I’ve been so good this year. I’ve spayed and neutered three cats that didn’t even belong to me, and set up a feral feeding station for the starving cats, and got a momma kitty to St Francis Care humane society before she delivered her babies in the cold (they all found homes!) Now I’m working on making feral cat houses for the winter and I have two more to spay as soon as I can afford it.

  117. Cyndee De Lara-Padilla says

    I would buy a purse to show I love kitties and support them when they need help!

  118. I will get one of the cat purses. Or the gloves.

  119. Tina L. Fleck says

    There are so many things I would love to have from Triple T Studios but most importantly I would never mind a few chomp marks from Annie!! Merry Christmas!!

  120. sillykittygirl51 says

    I’d love to buy the I Heart Cat ring and the kitty nightlight. Seriously cute stuff, thanks for the giveaway!!! happy holidays everyone!!

  121. Dicey Efantis says

    I need a new purse and can’t decide between the Contemporaryu Cat Handbag or Mercy Shoulder Bag. Maybe Santa thinks I’ve been good enough for BOTH!!

  122. I have been longing for the Cat Paw Lace Tote for a long time. That’s what I would use the gift card for. What a cat treat!

  123. I want to get one of the those large cat-face pillows and some cat jewellery. Oh, and I really want some of those socks with the cat face on the heel — sold out when I was last shopping.

  124. I would have a ball shopping for the Black Cat Charm Bracelet, Annie Catnip Kicker , and the Happy Together Cat Necklace.

  125. I would love to have some of the cat jewelry or one of the pretty handbags.

  126. Elizabeth Thompson says

    I’d love the Cat Paw Lace Tote. I’ve had my eye on it for a while. Hopefully I’m on the good list!

  127. I would buy a purse and a Wallet. Thanks for the chance.
    Sue B

  128. I would get some cat slippers.

  129. Rebecca Hendricks says

    Don’t worry, Annie, “nice” is about much more than whether you play with envelopes. I think I’d start with a cat-eared headband.

  130. Alexis & Mitzi for GinnyCat says

    So many pretty things to see, i would buy The Contemporary Cat Handbag for sure and the Mercy Shoulder bag!

  131. Stephanie Petruso says

    I would get the Tiniest Tiger hipster and a bunch of cat socks. And I have no doubt that Santa has you (all of you) on the Nice list.

  132. I’d start with the Black Cat Scarf! I think I’ll be on the nice list, but we’ll have to check with Santa!