Shop Cats of New York Review and Book Giveaway

Shop Cats of New York

Tamar Arslanian’s Shop Cats of New York

You might know our friend Tamar Arslanian from her blog – “Single in the City with Cat(s)” where she writes about the life she shares in NYC with her cats.  We are so excited for Tamar’s first book Shop Cats of New York (Amazon Affilitate) published by Harper Design. One day in the shower, Tamar thought about all the shop cats that she meets while shopping in her city and wondered how they became a shop cat.

Shop Cats of New York introduces you to 40 of New York City’s  felines that perch on wine crates, books in the Algonquin Hotel, bodegas, bookstores, and more. Tamar enlisted pet photographer Andrew Marttila  to capture all the amazing felines she introduces us to in the book. Marttila’s images help tell the story of these deeply loved cats and how they came to be a Shop Cat of New York.

I could keep writing but this short video will do a better job of giving you a sneak peek inside the book.

Tamar’s book is the perfect companion for your cat and you to curl up on the sofa with a nice cup of tea and escape into the story of each of the unique cats in the book.  I think you will love this book as much as I do.

The Shop Cats of New Your Book Giveaway

Shop Cats of New York Cover

In celebration of Tamar’s new book, we wanted to share a copy with a member of The Tiniest Tiger community. A Member of The Tiniest Tiger Community will win a copy of Shop Cats of New York by Tamar Arslanian.  If you can’t wait and would like to get our own copy now, pounce here: Shop Cats of New York  ( Amazon affiliate)

How to Enter

Enter your information in the contest widget so we know where to ship your prize if you win. Leave a comment below this post telling us;  Have you met any Shop Cats in stores where you shop?

This giveaway is open to everyone.

I received a review copy of Shop Cats of New York  but all opinions are my own.

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  1. Judith Taylor says

    I received the book but was not notified I won. Thank you so much and Shop Cats is a lovely book!

  2. musicalnote says

    I so wish there were shop cats in my area … but, alas, we are a catless retail area! My vet’s office, though, The Scratching Post Cat Hospital & Resort, has two adorable kitties; Mocha and Gigi. I love seeing, petting and chatting with them.

  3. No, but I would love to have some near me.

  4. Judith Taylor says

    I’ve read great reviews of this book and would love to win a copy.

    • Super Hurrah!!! Congratulations Judith! You are the winner of Shop Cats of New York!
      We will be sending your copy to you via USPS 2 Day Priority Mail! Thank you for being a member of The Tiniest Tiger Community.

      • Judith Taylor says

        Thank you so much Joanne and I’m so sorry I’m just now responding. I received and email that the book would be shipped soon, but had no idea until now that I won. Shop Cats of New York is a beautiful book. I really love it and so happy i won!

  5. The Fenton Feed Mill has two sweet kitties to keep away the mice. And a cat café finally opened in St. Louis! It’s called Mauhaus. I look forward to going there. =^..^=

  6. My vet has 2 shop cats that hang out in the office.

  7. Ruth Morrow says

    I have known some wonderful shop cats all over the world!!

  8. I have never met any in shops. I know some from the vet’s office.

  9. Patricia Eileen Bradley says

    Oh! I would love to read this. I have never seen a Shop Cat per se, but some some years back there was an old boy that ran a service station in Wyoming who had a resident cat. He was a big burly tabby. My Vet has three that wander around the office.

  10. Chelsi Stewart says

    I wish I has some shop kitties near me! I’ll have to visit NYC again sometime just for this!

  11. I wish I lived near a store with a shop cat, there used to be one I would visit at a local art house movie theater though.

  12. mary potter says

    Can’t wait to read this book

  13. I wish there were, but do see cats who greet visitors at the vet!

  14. Bookstore cats are wonderful, because what is more fun than to settle back in a comfy chair with a book in your lap and a cat nearby (or in your lap, too!)?

  15. We have a cat in our demolition office in Long Island – I am in charge of her evening treats!

  16. Cleo's Mama says

    Our local automotive paint supply store has a shop cat named Bondo.

  17. Deborah Zarett says

    Some independent bookstores here have shop cats. Some people show up just to visit the cats!

  18. katboxjanitor says

    The SeattleTacoma area has a number of shop cats.
    Some in pet stores, others in book stores – like Atticus at King’s Books.

  19. The hardware store in my town has a shop cat.

  20. Usually the shop I see cats in are used book stores and every time I do see one I’m so happy to find them. I’m a big cat lover and I think everyone should adopt one for themselves. They will bring you great joy!

  21. Oh, if only! I’d love shopping if being greeted by a cat and, if not petting it, then a least talking to it. Have visited a little shop with a small dog sleeping in window, but I sadly think it’d be frowned upon by people with allergies if there were more pets in shops here…

  22. I’ve met several bookstore cats, & also at a couple of my vets.

  23. Just a few, mostly small local shops in our downtown area.

  24. Kathleen Austin says

    I love walking into a shop and finding a cat inside.

  25. Not a shop but a bed & breakfast I stayed at once had a Russian Blue that was the unofficial boss of the place.

  26. Yes! I met a wonderful kitty in a gift shop down in Manteo, NC, a few years back. There’s also a beautiful kitty at a magazine and comic book store in Phoebus, VA.

  27. Milene Mittelhauser says

    WE have a flower shop with a resident cat.

  28. Caryn Coates says

    I haven’t met any Shop Cats in stores near me

  29. Lea Turbert says

    We have one pet food/supplies store that has four cats that help you pick out items for your cats

  30. Shelley Joy P says

    I haven’t met any Shop Cats in stores where I shop. I have met some lovely Office Cats though 🙂

  31. Marjorie Dawsona t Dash Kitten here. We saw a 23 year old cat in a bookshop in England. he was thin (thyroid) but active and awesome!

  32. Alexis & Mitzi for GinnyCat says

    Not recently but my old used books store had a wonderful grey tabby shop cat!

  33. Molly Pitcher says

    i would love a sweet kitty when I am shopping. I have only seen one at my vet.

  34. The Island Cats says

    Yes, the mom has met some shop cats when she’s been on vacation.

  35. I am not much of a shopper, no I have not seen these

  36. Longtime fan and admirer of Tamar Arslanian *one of her very first blog followers, in fact!* and though I haven’t seen any shop cats for some time due to the fact that most of my shopping is done online, I have fond memories of several — yes, even here in L.A. Metro and out in the Mojave! Shop cats are wonderful — they’re consummate rodent control, lovely to look at and they keep the premises safe and clean!

  37. I’ve met a shop cat named Geri before, and there are two cats who live at my vet’s office, too. Love them!

  38. There is the craft store close to my house that has a shop cat. And of course, my vet has a cat that lounges in the waiting area of the office.

  39. Angela Giannini says

    Yes a few here in the San Francisco area! So happy this book is out so next time I am NYC I can do a cat tour!
    Great job Tamar!

  40. no kitties here where i live. which makes me very sad.

  41. The local Motor Vehicle office has a ginger named Cinnamon. She greets the clients and checks over the license plates.

  42. I have met some shop cats at a local thrift shop that also serves as a cat rescue, where all proceeds save the current and future shop cats all of whom are up for adoption.

  43. There are several near me!

  44. No I have not met any shop cats where I live.

  45. I have met some very lovable shop cats where I shop!

  46. I grew up in New York and there were bodega cats everywhere. I loved seeing them because we lived in a small apartment and my parents wouldn’t let us have pets in the city!

  47. Marilyn Hamill says

    A local pet supply chain had a cat in every store some years back, and a local gardening center had a cat I met a few times.

  48. Kim Henrichs says

    Our hardware store here in town has a kitty. 🙂

  49. Pat DeWald says

    I haven’t yet, but I’m going to NYC in two weeks and I’m going to be looking for them.

  50. Jayedee Halpin Dewitt says

    No shop cats come to mind but spaynsave, a low cost spay and neuter clinic in longwood, fl, has office kitties – Cupcake and Midnight!

  51. Susan Beamon says

    Willow Run in Broomfield, CO, has several cats in the store. They sell animal feed for all sorts of animals.

  52. My local tire shop has a group of cats they feed.

  53. Marilyn Nawara says

    I’ve seen cats that live in a few stores downtown, but never really gave it much thought until now. Book sounds interesting.

  54. Judy Thomas says

    I have seen quite a few craft shops with cats and there is a cat cafe where my daughter lives with lots of cats 🙂

  55. Lisa Pecora says

    Only at the vets, never seen cats in any shops around here.

  56. Jane Strauss says

    One of my favorite shop kitties in my travels was a young one at the WIZO thrift shop in Haifa. Another was helping in an outdoor craft market in Trakai, Lithuania. Janesprints.

  57. Lucia Gill says

    I have met shop cats at the vet’s office that take care of my cats.

  58. sandy weinstein says

    i see shop cats at several of the local pet stores and one vet that i go to has several rescued cats running around the office. i have never seen any in regular retail stores though.

  59. Laura Ruetz says

    I wish that I had met a shop cat before. None of the stores I go to have one.

  60. Unfortunately not. Thanks for the chance.

  61. Sheree Harrell says

    I have met many shop cats, one in a bookstore in Petaluma, CA and my Vet also has a resident feline.

  62. Stephanie Petruso says

    I have met shop cats — none since my move back East though. Favorite one lives in a yarn shop.

  63. Deborah Zarett says

    I have met shop cats- mostly in bookstores, which seems like an ideal environment for them!

  64. Cheryl Young says

    I’ve seen a shop cat or two at different vet offices. I’m afraid that’s about it.

  65. Krista Shull says

    I have shopped a few places with a resident cat…one such store is the Cat Connection. They have a resident cat as well as cats for adoption!

  66. We have this book too, and love it!

  67. We have a shop, here in Nashville – the Cat Shoppe – and there are many cats roaming the store, or on the cat perches. some interact with you, some don’t, but ALL are up for adoption!! love this shop – best ever!

  68. Desires Pennell says

    I have only seen them at my Vet’s office, I would LOVE to see them every where. I LOVE cats so much!!!!

  69. Lea Turbert says

    We have a local pet shop that sells healthy food for cats and dogs and we get to visit her 3 cats!

  70. i haven’t seen a kitty in a shop recently, but my sister shops at a natural pet food store that has a kitty name Frodo

  71. Linda Szymoniak says

    I haven’t met shop cats, but a dog kennel I used to take my dogs to on occasion had a cat. We nicknamed him “Boss Cat”

  72. yes, the vet I go to has a yellow kitty that wonders around and greats people when they come in the building.

  73. Dana Rodriguez says

    No I haven’t. This looks like a great book!

  74. Julie Baker Parlacoski says

    I wish I had met some cats in the stores I shopped in. Such a great idea

  75. Ruth Morrow says

    Howard’s Bookstore (independent store sadly past tense) in Bloomington, IN, had wonderful cats who would shoo me away from certain sections yet stay very close – especially when I was reading cookbooks!

  76. Stephanie Lichtman-Price says

    Sadly, I have not run into any shop cats in my travels. I have met vet office cats, however!

  77. I have encountered a number of bookstore cats and yarn shop cats in my travels. I always love it when I encounter one!

  78. Cat Fleming says

    I personally haven’t run into any shop cats here northwest of Houston. I think it’s because off zoning laws or something. I wish they were allowed, then I would shop those establishments exclusively!

  79. I think cats are welcoming additions to establishments, and many people love the idea of seeing a friendly feline face when going about their daily business. Dewey the Library Cat tells the story of just such a popular “shop cat”. Libraries and book stores seem like natural settings to house a resident cat.

  80. I haven’t where I live now, but I sure did when I visited NYC!!!!

  81. susansmoaks says

    i have not met any shop cats at the stores i shop at . that is a cute idea though.

  82. My vet clinic has a couple cats that wander the office. Years ago when I moved to this side of town, our Walmart used to have a cat the lived in the garden area. They even kept a bed for him on one of the cash registers. but he ended up getting hit by a car (he was ok, just banged up) and one of the cashiers decided to take him home where he could live inside and wouldn’t have to worry about cars anymore. There was also a cat the lived in the city hall of the town next to us. After he passed, they didn’t get another one.

  83. I haven’t met any shop cats where I shop, but what a wonderful idea!! I would be a repeat customer anywhere there was a shop cat! >^.^<

  84. francesmary says

    This sounds like a fabulous book! I have occasionally stopped in shops that had a resident kitty, but there are none locally, such a shame.

  85. I would love this book! I have met a few shop cats & they are the nicest lil kitties, ever!! My husband drives for UPS, so he gets to see more than I do. One business, the owner exchanges goodies with us for our kitties 🙂