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Triple T Studios Cat Toys

All the cats’ favorite toys are back in stock, even the large Annie Kicker!  Annie, Eddie and Mercy wanted to share with your cats so they are hosting a Triple T Studios Cat Toy Bundle Giveaway!

The Gracey Shaker

Gracey Shaker Triple T Studios

The Gracey Shaker was Triple T Studio’s first cat toy.  It was created for us by our friend Kate at Hauspanther for the Academy Awards Red Carpet Event. Kate used our “Gracey” fabric for these great catnip toys, and she added in a super fun “shaker” that makes just the right amount of noise when your cat bats the shaker across the floor or tosses in the air.

The Annie Kicker

Annie kickers Triple T Studios

Annie loves to attack and bunny-kick her toys.  The Annie Catnip Kickers are stuffed with organic catnip, polyfill for extra kick and the same sturdy designer fabric as our popular Gracey Shaker only with the cute Sweet Annie design.  These kickers might be purrfect for your bunny-kicking cats too.

Annie with Annie Kicker

I Love Black Cats Shaker

I Love Black Cats Toy Triple T Studios

We created our I Love Black Cats Shaker using our  I Love Black Cats Fabric in honor of our Mercy and black cats everywhere.  This is one of our best selling items!

Mercy with Black Cat Shaker

Look at that face with that little velvet nose!  Mercy doesn’t like to play as much as Eddie and Annie but we catch him tossing a shaker toy from time to time.

Eddie Door Shaker

Eddie Door Shaker Triple T Studios

Our Eddie loves to play.  He will entertain himself for hours with his toys.  We hang toys on the doorknobs to keep our little guy busy so we thought the DoorShakers that Kate makes would be purr-fect for Eddie.

Eddie playing with Eddie Door Shaker

The Eddie DoorShaker catnip rattle toy hangs from your doorknob. When your cat walks by and get s a whiff of the potent organic catnip inside, they will be sure to give the toy a smack.  The elastic cord makes the DoorShaker bounce in the air enticing your cat to engage in play.  The rattle sound inside adds to the excitement.

All of our toys are stuffed with organic catnip grown in Bend, Oregon and are sewn in USA.

The Triple T Studios Cat Toy Bundle Giveaway

One member of The Tiniest Tiger community will receive a bundle of cat toys from Triple T Studios. The bundle will include one of each of our toys! The Gracey Shaker,  Annie Kicker, I Love Black Cats Shaker, and the Eddie Door Shaker.

If you can’t wait, you can learn more about the cat toys here: Satisfy the Big Cat in Your House Cat®

How to Enter

Enter your information in the contest widget so we know where to ship your prize if you win.

Then come back and tell Annie, Eddie and Mercy in a comment below: What type of toy does your cat like best?  Is she/he a bunny-kicker like Annie or more of a toss and pounce player like Eddie and Mercy?

This giveaway is open to everyone!  Void Where Prohibited

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  1. Teresa Mayle says

    I’ve seen all 3 of my kitties kick and pounce so I’m not sure what they prefer. I know they love to kick and pounce whatever flies best!

  2. Barbara McIntosh says

    My two kitties are both more tossers and pouncers, but would enjoy all these toys.

  3. Christina Serrano says

    I got a small one of these for a young cat we took in, but my other cats who I never see show interest in toys were rolling all over it, soaking in the catnip smell, and flinging it up in the air and chasing it.

  4. Mary Jo Krause says

    Toys filled with catnip and like this exactly.

  5. My boys are kickers. I love the bkack cat shaker

  6. Sharon A. Allen says

    My Mini would love any of these toys cause he likes the toss and pounce ones and he can also be a bunny kicker.

  7. I’d have to go with bunny-kicking – they sure like to do that when I tickle their bellies 😉

  8. Cleo's Mama says

    Cleo loves anything mouse shaped. Don’t know how she knows a toy is mouse shaped, but she does. She also loves to play hockey with her toys, bats them around the house like a hockey puck. I find them all over. We have hard surface floors so they can go a long way.

  9. Kathleen Austin says

    My cat Grey is a kicker he loves them.

  10. sillykittygirl51 says

    My cats each love different toys! My oldest is a bunny-kicker, my middle kitty loves to play with tennis balls, and my youngest is a total jumper-catcher-awesome-fetch kitty!

  11. sandy weinstein says

    i dont have cats, entering to win to donate to safe haven for cats, shelter and rescue. i know my dogs likes to toss and pounce on their toys.

  12. Ann A'Brial Singleton says

    I have 6 kitties and they all love throwing their toys or rabbit kicking them. 4 of them carry the toys around to different rooms to play with them especially their little soft balls and anything that has a long tail on them

  13. Cat Fleming says

    2 of my cats are ‘toy tossers’ and the young one is a bunny kicker, so any of the toys would work great!

  14. Domesticating a gorgeous feral girl who has discovered toys and playtime with meowma. She’s less and less interested in being feral. 😉

  15. Maria Appleby says

    My cats love catnip toys and jingle balls. A couple are bunny kickers and a couple are pounce like crazy kitties.

  16. My cats love to play with balls, cat tip and fuzzy things

  17. Lisa Pecora says

    My cats love the pom pom balls

  18. My cat is a pouncer and loves to chase things

  19. Dana Matthews says

    Our wild child cat is a bunny kicker! He likes to play with his stuffed mouse more than anything!

  20. Stephanie Jones says

    i have 2 that are kickers and 1 that is more of a bat and chase kind of guy. but they all like anything with catnip in it!

  21. My cats are more about hugging and kicking so I think the Annie Kicker would be great!

  22. Mine like to roll and kick!

  23. Cheryl Young says

    Oz like things he can chase and grab!

  24. It varies. One cat loves to chase the red dot of the laser pointer. Another loves to chase a cat fisher toy – the one that looks like a mini fishing pole & you “cast” the mouse at the end across the room.

  25. Linda Szymoniak says

    I have three cats. My old girl, Moko, has never cared much for toys. Arata, who is 3-1/2, loves toys – especially the “bunny kicker” type and laser lights. My kitten, Kotoha, loves just about anything, but especially dangling types (string, fishing pole toys, etc.) and small balls and other small toys she can bat around. She also loves the laser light. So, no matter what kind of cat toy, at least one of my cats would like it.

    • Congratulations!! Super Hurrah!! Linda, you are a winner of the cat toy bundle! We will ship your package to you via USPS. Thank you for being a member of The Tiniest Tiger community

      • Linda Szymoniak says

        Fantastic! My cats are going to love these! Love your blog! Hugs to Annie, Eddie and Mercy, too!

  26. Creams favourite toy is her mouse that makes squeaky noises. She likes to pounce on it.

  27. Mahdi Martin says

    My girl cat only likes laser pens and live prey. My boy cat likes to play with just about anything! Things on a string are best for him.

  28. Alexis & Mitzi for GinnyCat says

    My girls are both toss and pounce huntresses!

  29. Wendy Hatton says

    Luna likes trying to catch long dangly pieces of ribbon or fluffy yarn that are attached to the top level of her sitting post. Occasionally she looses balance and tumbles off but this doesn’t deter her.

  30. Susan Beamon says

    Kaine is the toss and pounce boy, although he doesn’t play with toys as much as I’d like. He would rather play with the laser pointer red dot.

  31. Julia Johnson says

    We have 5 kitties and they all like toys in one form or another. Fionnlach, our 13 pound boy, is a bunny kicker. He needs toys that will hold up. Sasha is more dainty and like to throw things around. The other three, Merlin, Miss Kitty and Mandy, especially like to roll around on catnip toys. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  32. We love these! Our cat has some and they are his favorite toys! He does both the bunny kick and the toss and pounce but I’d say he does the toss and pounce more. He’s a typical rowdy boy! Since he enjoys them so much, we’ve given some to our friends as gifts for their cats.

  33. Vickie Kohn says

    My 3 enjoy all toys. But my little black cat LOVES his kicker, he carries it to me when he wants to play or cuddle

  34. Tracy Shafer says

    I have one who tosses and pounces, and 2 bunny kickers!

  35. Ebony is more of a bunny kicker. Peanut loves tossing and throwing toys

  36. Vicki DeRider Stoner says

    I have 4 cats. The eldest likes to lick and cuddle cloth toys with catnip. The middle 2 are pounce and chasers. The youngest one is just fun. He likes everything and likes to try every way he can think of to enjoy himself!

  37. Toss and ponce. My cats love their toy mice the best.

  38. Meg Bennett says

    My 14 cats love kicking the kickers!

  39. The Island Cats says

    We’re a little bit of both…but probably more bunny-kicker.

  40. Cathy Keisha says

    I’m more of a toss and pounce kitteh. I’m not much of a kicker with the one exception being a Hauspanther kicker.

  41. Maisie is a pouncer and so is Taffy, but Milo could be described as a bunny-kicker. Taffy is our youngest foundling and we are trying to try her to bring her crinkly ball back after it has been thrown to her. She is great at doing high 5’s and rolling over on command. Thanks for the giveaway.

  42. Ashley Ferrara says

    My cats love anything they can kick and roll around with. They beat up their toys. Favorites are kickers and Yeoww catnip toys.

  43. MaggieMae likes both. She will kick the kickers, but also loves to toss and play. She loves to play fetch and if I don’t throw something far enough for her liking she will pick it up in both front paws and throw it overhand further away and then get it and bring it back. When I don’t pay attention to her she will take her toys up her play tree and throw them at the back of my head to get my attention.

  44. Gaby Savaria says

    they love anything catnip and balls and paper bags/boxes! LOL

  45. Toby is more a toss and pounce player — and he loves toys that make noise!

  46. My cats are more toss and pounce type players!

  47. With three felines in the furmily at present, there would be interest in each of these types of toys, as there already is with the kickers and shakers we have!

  48. Elise Hitchings says

    My kitty loves ball toys that rattle. But she’s willing to play with anything!

  49. Judy Thomas says

    Our cat Tiny likes to throw toys around but her sister Aio likes to try and disembowel them .

  50. Pooky does both; she’ll chase, pounce, then tackle and bunny kick. Fuzzy just enjoys the chase. Both cats particularly like toys with ribbons or strings, but they also love ball toys.

  51. Susan Pertierra says

    Caboodle likes to toss things in the air and Kit is more a kicker.

  52. francesmary says

    My Nigel is definitely a tosser, he loves to toss his toys and then pounce.

  53. Shelley Joy P says

    My cats are more of the swat, toss and pounce kinda kitties.

  54. My male is a kicker and my female a tosser.

  55. My kitties are bunny kickers!!!

  56. Actually they like to both. Some days it is pouncing like they are seeing things and other days they feel like kicking something 🙂

    ellen beck on form

  57. LauraRichardson says

    My kids are some of each. A good mid-weight toss toy can almost reach the ceiling!

  58. Jana Leah B says

    My kitty plays with everything, however, she likes to pounce on toys the most.

  59. We’d love either one of these toys – there are both kickers and whappers in our family!

  60. I have two cats that like kicker toys and couple that like to toss toys.
    Sue B

  61. My cat is a toss and pounce player.

  62. Krista Shull says

    I have three kitties and they each play differently. One loves little mices to play with…Another loves catnip toys and my blind kitty likes ones that make noise. So this bundle is a purrfect fit for my 3 girls!

  63. My cat had kittens and we gave them up for adoption, but she carries a tissue in her mouth and crying. Not sure if she thinks they are her kittens, but she needs something else to play with

  64. Le’alani likes batting balls or milk jug rings around by herself and catnip makes her super playful. Ezekiel prefers to chase the red dot or a dangling fishpole-type toy with me.

  65. Noreen Pazderski says

    My cat Sherlock likes to toss and fetch toys……if I don’t pay enough attention to him, he will set the toy in my hand to remind me to throw it for him. He prefers smaller toys that he can carry easily in his mouth. He enjoys catnip filled toys, but really loves the fur covered mice. I suspect there are about a 100 of those under the bed at this point.

  66. Mary Friedling says

    Pink likes to play fetch with little rubber balls. She also has a favorite wand toy that has 4 strips of rabbit fur on it. She neither bunny kicks nor toss and pounce her toys. Joe loves his catnip banana, and catnip tea bags. He bunny kicks them. Squeaky has 3 faves, a 2×3# ziplock bag, a little catnip mouse with a fluffy feather tipped tail, and the laser pointer. She is a mighty hunter so she toss and pounces her toys.

  67. One of my cats is a kicker and the others are more pounce and attack. They would all love to play with these toys.

  68. Kittie Danger says

    All of my kitties are different, most are kickers & hunters LOL

  69. Jayedee Halpin Dewitt says

    i have kickeres AND pouncer /hunters….play time can get kind of wild around here lol

  70. My 3 kitties all like to do both depending on their mood and which toy they come upon. Playing is a big part of their everyday life!

  71. Theresa Spaid says

    Both Sneaky Pie and Mushu like batting small stuffed toys around and hugging them.

  72. My three amigos are definitely all bunny kickers and catnip addicts!

  73. All of mine are bunny kickers, and they love catnip-filled toys. Every now and then, my calico will toss a toy in the air. It’s fun to watch!

  74. Definitely bunny kickers! Right now they are obsessed with a catnip filled banana.

  75. They are all bunny kickers and love any kind of cat nip toys or toys with a crinkly sound to it.

  76. Jenna Allensworth says

    Marceline is definitely a kicker. He favorite toy is a crinkle butterfly with ribbons.

  77. All of my cats are different…some like the kicker, mostly the younger cats, Alice loves the shakers as well as Dot & Tinkerbells..Orca likes the shakers, he is not much of a player any longer, but loves to lick the nip from the toys. Onyx of course loves the Black Cat Shaker, since he is a black cat, he does go for that toy more so than the others. He & Alice love to throw them & then chase 🙂 This is Onyx with the Annie Kicker falling asleep in my arms.

  78. Miss Kiki likes all kinds of play. Pono and Pele like to lick toys or kick them around the house.

  79. Sonya Allstun says

    Yahoo likes tennis balls she chases them sits on them and kicks them

  80. My blind kitty Bella is a toss and pounce player while my Cooper is a rabbit kicker. How can you not smile while they are playing, it’s my therapy!

  81. Tina L. Fleck says

    My kitty Abby’s favorite toy is my hair ties!! She is a toss and pounce player and it is so fun and funny to watch her!! She would love the one of these toys! <3