All Three Cats Are Playing Today

Annie under ottoman

Annie couldn’t believe her eyes!  She scooted underneath the ottoman where she could get a better view.

Eddie under the ottoman

Eddie’s curiosity got the best of him too after seeing Annie engaged in what was happening in the middle of the room.

Mercy plays with toys

Mercy was playing with toys!  He went over to the toy basket and pulled out a couple of toys and began playing like a kitten.  He chose the flower toy and was bunny-kicking and rolling all around the floor.  Then he tossed another toy in the air and jumped and ran after it.   Paul and I were so happy to see Mercy playing but Annie and Eddie weren’t sure what to think

Eddie in living room

Eddie began to worry about his favorite toys and quickly ran over to claim his pumpkin.  His eyes were focused on his Little Lion across the room.  Nobody is permitted to play with the Little Lion.  That might start a wrestling match.

Annie in the sun

Annie slipped out from under the ottoman and ran under the table for a better look.  She is not used to seeing Mercy playing with toys.

Eddie and Paul

Paul picked up Eddie’s Little Lion and showed him that it was safe and secure.  Eddie was most grateful.

Annie in the sun

Annie thinks Eddie is spoiled.

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  1. microtyger says

    lolol… had to post on FB! What an adventurous time for the tiny tigers!

  2. databbiesotrouttowne says

    mercy….dood !!! how…kewl…..iz…thiz !!! we R happee ewe R happee….N ya choze sum awesum toyz ta play with two ??? hope ya had a grate snax afturr yur werk out….ham samich may bee ! ???

  3. Looks like everyone had a lot of fun! So cute!

  4. Mary Friedling says

    Too funny! I am glad Mercy was playing. Yes Annie, Eddie is spoiled. My Pink doesn’t understand why Joe is spoiled either. Squeaky couldn’t care less. She bowls Joe over chasing the laser. She makes sure she is the one playing.

  5. My girls will usually play with toys, but my old guy doesn’t really get very playful anymore. he will be 15 this year. He has trouble jumping and tires out easy. but every once in a while he will run through the house after one of the girl or play with a toy like he’s a kitten again. It makes me so happy to see him like that. I always remember him as the little mischievous little boy that he was when I first got him. he got in so much trouble he thought his name was no. Of course I made the mistake of naming him Pono ans saying no Pono probably confused him so when I called Pono he stopped what he was doing and looked around like he didn’t do anything wrong. I love the memories.

  6. Melissa White says

    I love the posts of your cats’ adventures. This was a ray of sunshine in my day!

  7. Ann Richter Hickox says

    Awwwwwwwww 🙂 Thank you for sharing this, it made me smile. <3

  8. We love it when our frightened friends find their inner kitten! It means we’ve done a good job of telling them things are okay. Mercy even looks younger! We hope it’s not a one-time thing.

  9. Aww they sound adorable.
    Sue B

  10. How cute that Mercy was playing! <3