New Cat Walk Tote Giveaway

 Triple T Studios Cat Walk Tote

Triple T Studios Cat Walk Tote is one of our most popular!

The Triple T Studios Cat Walk Tote features a happy cat walking with their tail up and curled!  The back of the tote features a whimsical trail of cat paws creating a pretty pattern across the bag.  The cat and the cat paws are carefully stitched in place. We added a hidden magnetic snap closure instead of a zipper for a more streamlined look.

The original Winter White with black cat and cat paws, black trim inside top and  black shoulder straps includes an additional detachable cross-body strap. The vegan-friendly tote has a softer hand-feel that you are sure to love.  The bottom of the new tote features our signature design patent-pending cat paw protective feet.
Cat Walk Tote Paw feet

Behind the scenes with Kate Benjamin

The Winter White Cat Walk Tote is a favorite of our friend Kate from Hauspanther.
Kate makes being a cat lady cool! Check out Kate in this video shoot for Phoenix Magazine.  Look close and you might see the Cat Walk Tote too.

 The Cat Walk Tote is one of our most popular!  And now by request, The Cat Walk Tote is available in Black with White Cat and Paws.

The New Cat Walk Tote Giveaway

Triple T Studios Cat Walk Tote

One member of The Tiniest Tiger community will receive their choice of the new Black Cat Walk Tote or the original White Cat Walk Tote from Triple T Studios.

If you can’t wait, you can learn more about the Cat Walk Totes pounce here: Fashion With a Passion®

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Enter your information in the contest widget so we know where to ship your prize if you win.

Let us know in the comment section below:   What do you like the most about the new Cat Walk Tote?  Will you choose the new black or the original white Cat Walk Tote?

This giveaway is open to everyone!  Void Where Prohibited

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  1. i love the patent pending feet and the new black that showcases the white kitty!

  2. Judie Cooper says

    I like the black one. The cat is so cute and the size is perfect!

  3. Abigail Hamilton says

    I love the size & style. I would love it in the white. I’ve always been called a cat because of my green eyes , so this would make a great addition to my cat collection .

  4. Cat Paw Protective metal feet, adorable!!

  5. Debbie Dearmin says

    A dream bag come true. Love your stuff. Very happy to have found u 🙂

    • Congratulations Debbie! You are the winner of the Cat Walk Tote! We will ship our package out via USPS First Class International Mail. You will receive a shipping notification. Thank you for being a part of The Tiniest Tiger community.

  6. Kim Woodmansee- Hopkins says

    I would LOVE either of these bags! I would proudly carry it and share my love of cats and rescue!

  7. Iesadora says

    I love that I can use is as a purse or fit a little purse in it AND a crochet project to take on the go. You’d be surprised how much hooking I get done at the doctors/pharmacy/check out lines/stopped in traffic ~ so bad but I only did it a couple of times lol I would need the black one, white wouldn’t stay white for very long =D

    I’m Lisa Mills on the contest widget

  8. Dicey Efantis says

    The tote looks big enough to hold my laptop which would be a stylish & unique upgrade from my boring old laptop bag ?. I would choose the white tote with the black cat in honor of my black cat, Taz!

  9. I love these purses! I’ve been hinting at one for a B-day present. The black with white cat looks cool.

  10. Susan Marie says

    This is a very classy cat tote, I would love to win it in white. The pawprints on the bottom are purrfect, Thankyou for the chance to win.

  11. Judith S. Anderson says

    I must admit, I purrrfer the black tote, mostly because things can spill when everyone is playing!

  12. Yvonne Davis says

    The white is very striking, but the new black option is very practical.

  13. Teri Caruso says

    I was so excited to hear at Cat Camp that it was getting made in black !!! . . and now. it is here!!!!!

  14. Cat Fleming says

    It’s difficult to choose between the black & white totes. Of course my favorite part of them is the cats & paws! I guess I’ll choose the black, simply because I’m a klutz & I spill things a lot and the black won’t show as much. ?

  15. Kris Gilley says

    Normally I don’t go for white, but I do prefer this tote in white with the black cat on it. Thanks!

  16. Sonya Allstun says

    Love the white bag. The protective kitty feet on the bottom are too cute.

  17. Robyn Hardin says

    I like the white bag because it has a black cat and I have a black cat.
    I hope I win.

  18. Erin Stevenson says

    I’d love the black bag. Such a great cat accessory with the little paw feet.

  19. Diane Ogden says

    I love all of purses, my daughter gave me the pink purse and wallet for Mother’s Day. I’ve gotten so many compliments on that purse. I’d love the black purse, great addition to my wardrobe!

  20. Lisa F. says

    This is just a beautiful design. I think the white one is striking, but might have to get the black one for it to stay clean.

  21. DJohnson says

    I love the black tote. I really like how large it is so that I can carry all of my belongings in it. It’s also super cute.

  22. Lynnae Clark says

    i love white bag.. myself.. those tiny feet on the bottom are simply adorable.. i have had a cats my entire life.. tabetha lived to be 23 years old.. i know presious misses him… presious is now 16… i just learned that she also has bone cancer.. were two peas in a pod now.. i have such a close emotional relationship with her… she has allways been there for me.. an ill allways be there for her… my cats are not pets.. there my children too…. i love them dearly…. she is in her sewing basket…

  23. sandy weinstein says

    i like the black one because it will not show dirt as well. i like the contrasting handles on either color as well as the little cat walking along the bottom of the tote.

  24. Vickie Kohn says

    I love the cat feet on the bottom, they are adorable. I’d have to go with the black.

  25. Wendy Hatton says

    I like that this tote has a shoulder strap as well as short handles so it’s practical as well as good looking.

  26. Pamela Garding-Smith says

    I love this design

  27. Angyl Muse says

    Omg I love this!! I’d get the white with the black cat since my Lola is all black ????

  28. Jeri Dickinson says

    The white one is so good for summer

  29. Susan Greenwood says

    Love this gorgeous kitty bag think black would be my first choice!

  30. Rose Redinger says

    Love this just right size love the black

  31. Monica Wong says

    Love the white bag. The protective kitty feet on the bottom are too cute.

  32. Lea Turbert says

    OMG what a beautiful classy looking bag. Being a black cat lover, I would would the white bag so the black cat stands out. These bags are so well made-love them!

  33. Nancy Nemer says

    I love the white one!!!

  34. Vicky C says

    Love this bag! My favorite feature is the lovely black cat on one side and all the kitty toes on the other. I would choose the white bag with the black cat, just like my Inky.

  35. Katie Kirwan says

    I like the simple design of the tote.

  36. chantz428 says

    I would love either color, but my preference would be the white. My favorite feature of the tote is the pawprint feet on the bottom — ridiculously cute!

  37. Cheryl Roarke says

    I just love your purses and bags, I’ve bought several and use them all regularly, I really love the black bag with the white cat ( but truth be told, I like both) and could see myself getting much use out of it.

  38. Patchycat says

    I like the black bag with the white cat. My first cat as an adult was a solid white kitty.

  39. Krista Shull says

    I love love this bag! It would be hard to choose as they are both adorable but I think I’d go for the new black one!

  40. Marilyn Hamill says

    The black one is more practical for me.

  41. stephanie spiers says

    Love the 3-D look of the black one! The white one really shows up the black kitty. I’m torn! guess I would buy BOTH!

  42. I love the style and the black bag!

  43. Julie Baker Parlacoski says

    I love the design of the bag, you can use a long handle or short. I also love how the black bag looks, the cat “pops” right off it.

  44. Cat Fleming says

    I love the black tote with white cat because, of course, black goes with everything!

  45. Vegan friendly is my favorite feature (but I so adore the little cat feet on the bottom too)! I would choose the black one.

  46. Gail Goldsby Reid says

    I’d love the black bag with the white silhouette. That perky little cat with her tail in the air looks like she’s headed somewhere with purpose. I adore your extra touch of kitty feet on the bottom.

  47. nekromistress says

    I think it is adorable and a white cat would be clo
    ser to being like a siamese on my bag. The size looks perfect

  48. Peggy Balch says

    I love the black one! Big enough to carry all of my things but not too big!

  49. Cheryl Young says

    Definitely the black one!

  50. PaisleyCat says

    I have been eyeing this bag in White since it came out. I have almost enough saved up to buy one! THEN I see the black one, even more gorgeous, and if I should win, that is the one I will choose. I love the sillouette, and the size, and of course, the bottom kitty feet!

  51. Gloria Tretiak says

    I want this tote for my daughter. She loves her cats and this would be perfect for her. I’d like it in black

  52. Tracy Shafer says

    I love how it looks. I would love the black one.

  53. tannawings says

    I love the black ur colony of ferals has black cats. I love how everything you offer is so beautiful.

    ellen beck

  54. The black bag to match my cats.

  55. Sierra M. Koester says

    I love that this bag has a magnetic closure. It’s such an adorable bag! If I win, I’d choose the black bag with the white cat. 🙂

  56. Rajeeva Jayaratne says

    its beautiful. i would choose the black one.

  57. Love the white and would like to choose it but fear it would get dirty way to easily-so I would have to choose the black

  58. Shelley Joy P says

    I’d choose it in black. I love the cat paw protective feet feature the most.

  59. Heather Cookerly Kranz says

    I’d choose the black bag. I love size of the bag too!

  60. Kat Poling Olmstead says

    The white one is adorable. The details are so cute.

  61. ClickClick says

    I will pick the black one.

  62. Stephanie Federowicz says

    I like the two different handle options, over the shoulder (removable) or the handles..very nice to have options. I like the black as it is easier to keep clean!! Nice size to carry lots of stuff!! Honey Girl approves!!

  63. I’d choose the black bag. I love how large this bag is because I always carry a ton of stuff in my purse.

  64. disqus_0S16OLSCOR says

    I like the white one the best. What I like most about the bag is the cat on it.

  65. Deb Philippon says

    I still like the original white bag better. It has a nice, clean summer look.

  66. Mary Friedling says

    I love black cats, though the 3 that adopted me are not. So, I would choose the white with the black cat, in honor of Sneezee.

  67. I would choose the black bag with the white cat.

  68. The Island Cats says

    It’s got a cat on it…how cool is that! The mom would probably like the black one.

  69. Nancy Bueno says

    What a great tote. The option of shoulder strap or handle makes it a perfect tote for cat shows. I could throw it over my shoulder and keep my hands free to carry my cat. I have a feeling that he would be in that tote in an instant. It looks roomy enough for him. I like black best because often the floor at shows is concrete. The black would not soil as easily.

  70. Lorena Keech says

    It is subtle, not overly “blingy.” I like the black one best.

  71. Mary Jo Krause says

    I actually like the white better but it would get way too dirty so I would go for the black.

  72. Allie Futterer says

    I would choose the black and love the overall shape and cat cut out at the bottom!!

  73. Jenna Allensworth says

    I like the cute paw details, I’d choose the black color.

  74. Kathie Fredricks-Slingbaum says

    I love both totes. I think they’re sleek looking. I however would prefer the black as it won’t show the dirt. LOL

  75. Melissa White says

    I like the magnet closure. I would like the black one if I won.

  76. Wendy Hatton says

    Love that it has a shoulder strap as well as short handles. I’d prefer the black, very stylish and doesn’t show the dirt!

  77. Linda Szymoniak says

    I’d have to go with the black tote (with the white cat). I’d have the white one looking dirty in no time!

  78. I love both colors. I love the cat on them. it makes the bag stand out from all of the other bags on the market. I think I would go with the white one for summer and the lighter colors that I wear this time of year.

  79. Judy Thomas says

    I would choose black but love either one. They are a great size for me as I carry heaps of stuff in my bag 🙂

  80. Noreen Pazderski says

    I love this tote…..can show off my love for cats but in a classy, stylish way. I love cross body bags as I find it easier to manage and walk with a cane if I can sling the bag and know it will stay on my shoulder. I would probably choose the black tote as this is less likely to show the dirt…..although the white bag would be great too as it can be all season…..light enough for summer wear.

  81. Peggy Von Seggern says

    Love this. I have the white and would like to have a black one too. Perfect size for me!

  82. Nice size..white bag

  83. Looks like you could fit a lot stuff in it. I like the black tote. Both are pretty. Thanks for the chance.
    Sue B

  84. I would pick the black tote. I like the longer strap along with the handles, not to mention love the overall design.

  85. Theresa Spaid says

    Of course love the cat. I also like the size. I can carry lots of stuff in it.