Cats In The Bag Giveaway

Mercy with Shopping bag

 Surprise Gift Bags!

We receive cat toys and other products to try and as much as we like all the items we receive, there comes a time when we just have too much and the cats have too many toys.  We have been sorting through items that are both for cats and for cat ladies and decided it is time to share these fun items with you.  Each of the cats have different favorites, so we have sorted the items to be a gift bag from each cat.  We will give you a hint about each cat to help you decide which Cat’s Bag you will choose.

Annie with Shopping Bag

Annie’s Cat Gift Bag

Annie likes toys but she likes only certain toys.  She doesn’t seem to be fond of interactive toys but more the soft plush toys, specifically her green worm.  Annie likes to  spend the afternoon inside The Cat Ball® Shark.  If there is something shiny, Annie is the first one to pounce. Annie likes to snuggle with us on the sofa and is the first to pounce when we shake the treat bag.

Eddie with gift bag

Eddie’s Cat Gift Bag

Eddie likes to play and play all day.  He likes his CatIt Senses Circuit Track and he likes other interactive toys too.  His favorite plush toy is his Little Lion but as you know he has been known to play with Annie’s green worm.  Eddie  will run off with shiny items if we are not careful but he is a little more sneaky than Annie.  Eddie likes to spend the afternoon lounging inside his race track but will snuggle a little bit if there is a chill in the air.

Mercy with Shopping bag

Mercy’s Cat Gift Bag

Mercy isn’t much for playing with toys, but every once in a while he will toss one around.  Mercy prefers to lounge the afternoon away soaking up sunshine on the sofa in the sunroom. Mercy doesn’t seem to care about shiny things but if there is a plastic bag around he will be quick to chomp it. We have to keep all plastic away from Mercy.  He, like Gracey, is obsessed with the office cactus.

The Cats In The Bag Giveaway

Three members of The Tiniest Tiger community will receive one of the Cats In The Bag Surprise Gift Bags! One bag from Annie, one from Eddie and one from Mercy.

How to Enter

Enter your information in the contest widget so we know where to ship your prize if you win.

Let us know in the comment section below: Will you choose Annie, Eddie or Mercy’s Cats in the Bag Surprise Gift Bag?

1) Pounce over to Triple T Studios and choose what you would like to find inside your gift bag than come back here and

2) tell us which cat’s bag you will choose, Annie, Eddie or Mercy and what you think might be inside.

This giveaway is open to everyone! Void Where Prohibited

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  1. Mary Friedling says

    Thank you do much! And please thank both fir babies for their generous donations!

  2. Kathleen Austin says

    I’ll pick Mercy’s for Grey and Eddie’s for Iris

  3. Cathy Keisha says

    I think I’ll pick Annie’s bag. I’ll bet it’s lots of fun.

  4. Jeri Dickinson says

    my cats would have a field day with the bag

  5. Desires Pennell says

    I think my girl would like Eddie’s bag, she’s a lot like him and would love ANY toys in it!

  6. wetnosegang says

    I guess I would pick Annie’s bag. I can never predict what my cats would play with. Whenever I buy something, they snub it in favor of something picked from the trash, which is gross. So, I have no idea, but would be happy with anything!

  7. kellydye says

    My cats like to play with toys, but they really are a bunch of lazy bones kitties. I think Mercy’s bag would suit us, but we’d be happy with any of them. What would I like to see in the bag? For my kitties – any of the kick toys would be great. For myself – I really like the TTT logo necklace, or the beret. I won’t be choosy though, because everything I’ve ever gotten from TTT has been top notch, excellent quality stuff!

  8. Lisa Pecora says

    We choose Annie’s. We are hoping for a cat night light, in the midst of turning the walk in closet into a room for the cats and I think they would prefer the nightlight instead of the full on hanging light.

  9. Dana Barela says

    Any bag would delight my loving kitties. They love to play.

  10. Maria Ginger-Wiley says

    I cannot choose, Annie, Eddie, or Mercy must choose me. Meow-

  11. Wendy Hatton says

    We’d love an Edie’s bag perhaps with an Edie’s Door Shaker inside. Hours of fun!

  12. chantz428 says

    I think most of my cats would enjoy Annie’s catnip kicker so I would choose Annie’s bag, but when you have five cats of your own and two fosters I’m sure any bag and any toy will find someone to love it 😉

  13. Sheryl Lynn says

    I think my playful Mia would love Eddie’s gift bag!

  14. Dyana Hulgan says

    Eddie’s Gift Bag. We have a player in the family. And also we have a lounger cat. So many cute things are in your shop. I love so many things. The purses, wallets, cat night light, cat pillows and pillow cases, paw print ear rings. Can you narrow it down a little? lol!

  15. Sue C Snider says

    Our cats would love any one of these bags. Perhaps Annie’s bag would work best.

  16. Well we think Yin, Yang and Chimera are most like Eddie so we choose Eddie’s gift bag and we hope a CatIt Senses Circuit Track is hiding inside.

  17. Kathryn Caswell says

    I have 4 fur kids 3 boys and a girl they would love this

  18. Cleo's Mama says

    My baby Cleo will be 13 next month. She loves to lounge around and would love Mercy’s bag, especially if there is a blanket for her to snooze under. Her mama would like the cat night light or either the Tiniest Tiger or Gracey hipster. Maybe a pair of Shining Star or Black Cat earrings or a Feline Philosophy bracelet, Mercy’s choice.

  19. I think Eddie’s bag would be perfect!

  20. Vicki DeRider Stoner says

    I have 4 boys, each with a completely different personality. Krishna is 14, a little overweight and never in a hurry. He will lay on the floor and wait for the toy to come to him (like strings, lasers, ribbons etc.)Then we have have Orange Kitty who loves the small plastic balls with holes in them and a jingle bell. He is 7 years old, definitely belongs to my daughter (she’s 35.) When she is not home, he mostly lays somewhere and watches the door for her to come home. My Ranger is also 7 and he’s my baby. He loves paper bags, plastic bags, which we hide, things that crinkle, ribbons, sticks and is terrified of strangers, especially men.Lastly we have Pantherton Wing who is a 4 year old Bombay Cat that we rescues from abuse. It took us over 2 years to get him to relax and let us hold him and pet him. He does love to play! He will play with anything and everything! We love all our boys! I think Annies bag would get the most use!

  21. pkkonkol says

    I have 3 boys ages 1 – 3 years old. All are so different but the one thing they have in common is plastic bags! So I think we’d choose Mercy’s bag of goodies 🙂

  22. Monica Best says

    It’s fun trying to guess what is in each bag. I bet they are all wonderful.

  23. Jeanette Richards says

    My cats are very different from each other, so any of the bags would probably be great. Eddie’s might be best though, for all around satisfaction.

  24. I think Annie’s would be just what my Cari would like. She’s definitely a Momma’s girl and loves to play with her plush toys. She knows Mom loves shiny things too!! And treats?? She loves them!!

  25. Cynthia Began says

    Piper the Puma would be happy with any of the bags, She would just be happy with bag. But if she had to choose she would choose Mercy. She loves the sound of that name.

  26. I would like either Annie’s or Mercy’s, they sound more like my cats

  27. Kittie Danger says

    I’d also love Annie’s bag! My middle name is Annette. My birthday was Friday & my human family forgot, my Kittie family didn’t, they celebrated with me. Especially BooBoo Kittie

  28. Jeri Dickinson says

    I would like Annie’s my middle name is Ann so I have to go with Annie

  29. annifive says

    Since we share a name, I would like Annie’s. bag! I hope a cat night light is in there!

  30. LauraRichardson says

    I think my kids would like Mercy’s bag. They’re all 17 years old and are more into lounging than playing.

  31. Shadow Dance Ranch Kittehs says

    If we win, we would choose Eddie’s! We love all 3 of you the same, but we really like shiny things. And we especially love to steal each others toys!
    Xoxoxo Dancer and the SDR Clan

    • Hurrah!!! Congratulations you are the winner of Eddie’s Bag! Eddie and I will pack up your prize package and get it on the way to you via USPS. Thank you for being a long time friend of The Tiniest Tiger community.

  32. Sandra M Litton says

    I enjoy looking at your purses. But I wish you would make the shirts alot bigger. Cause I am not a small person, please

  33. Oh you made us laugh with your email. I thinkwe have all done that as bloggers (I am so good at posting a blog post with… TaDAAA – no content 😉 Oh and any bag will do – it was worth it for the giggle!

  34. I would like to get the bag Mercy likes. I have several older cats, including three that are sixteen, and they like to lounge around. Maybe there will be something they can enjoy while doing that!

  35. Lois Curcio says

    I think my Kensey would love Eddie’s Bag! She loves to pounce and throw toys up in the air! I loved the cat night light 🙂 Angel and Sammy love to play too, but not as much as mischievous Kensey, who is, also, my therapy kitty!

  36. Jana Leah says

    I think my kitty would like Annie’s bag best. She’s a pouncer, too!

  37. Kelly Hacker says

    I can’t decide which bag would be best! I guess it doesn’t matter anyway, since I love surprises! 🙂

  38. Annie’s bag would be the best!! I’m sure she chose some good catnip toys, perhaps like her beloved green worm. My Sassy and Moose would be thrilled!! As a 2X, I’d be doubly excited by anything!!

  39. Mercy’s Surprise Gift Bag would be purrfect! Everyone knows black cats have an air of mystery about them, so I could only imagine what he’d surprise me with – maybe a Purrfect Cat Nap Pillow Case, an XS Irish Proverb Cat T-shirt, Cartoon Cat Socks or even Shining Star Earrings. Who knows what will strike his fancy? The only think I know for sure is that what ever he chooses, it’s bound to bring a smile to my face. Mercy, Annie and Eddie never disappoint!

  40. Linda Szymoniak says

    I’ll happily take any of the bags, but I guess I’d want Annie’s the most. Hoping there’s something for the cats in there, and perhaps a piece of jewelry for me?

  41. My chaats would love any of the bags, but the best one would be Annie’s bag. All three would love it. Thanks for hosting this giveaway.

  42. Stephanie Federowicz says

    Thank you for sharing!! Any of the choices are good. If a choice is necessary then I think Annie’s would fit my Honey Girl pretty well.

  43. Phyllis Beeler says

    Eddie’s bag. My grandcats love to play like him.

  44. Kim Woodmansee- Hopkins says

    I would pick any of the bags as my 3 cats and my 8 foster cats/kittens are always looking for new toys to keep them occupied!!!

  45. Lynda Lee Nelson says

    Youpeyoupe would definitely like Annie’s bag. Especially the green worm. He’s kind of lazy any more so he sleeps most of the afternoon away on his favorite pillow. If I shake the treat bag, hje sounds like thunder when he comes running. He’s a big guy (20 lbs) but keeps in shape with the laser toy. Such a spoiled big boy. Hopefully a toy and some treats are in the bag.

  46. I love Mercy, adorable and than you can surprise me!! I love surprises and so does my kitties 🙂 !!

  47. Nancy Dehm says

    Angie would like Mercy’s bag she loves to crinkle paper and play with boxes ,toys are Ok. Her best thing to do is sit in my lap and be petted

  48. Shelley Joy P says

    My cats and I would pick Annie’s Cats in the Bag Surprise Gift Bag. They love soft toys and treats and I think that’s what is inside. Of course I’d love to find the

    Cat Chain Link Bracelet in there as well 🙂 A favorite of mine and something pretty for the cat mom to wear.

  49. Jennifer A says

    I’d pick Eddie’s bag and hope for an interactive toy!

  50. Judy Simon says

    HI! I would like to see the lil night light in the bag. I would choose Eddie’s bag 🙂 Thank you for the contests!! we are grateful for anything. <3

  51. Peggy Von Seggern says

    I think Eddie’s bag would be great for my boys. They are very active. Would be nice if there was a blanket in there for my 18 year old girl. She loves laying on soft things.

  52. Shelly Cundiff says

    Love this web-site, I would pick Eddie’s bag. so much cute stuff and they help kitties too.

  53. We’d pick Annie’s bag because our Zombie cat likes to play with toys and would put them to good use.

  54. Teresa Taylor says

    My kitties would probably pick Eddie’s bag.

  55. Billie-Renee Knight says

    We would pick Eddie’s bag because all of our cats are unusually active and love all kinds of toys.

  56. Susan Marie says

    I would choose Eddie’s bag for Jazz, who is 10 years old already. Like all kitties, she loves her beauty sleep and would enjoy a new cuddly blanket.
    Jazz loves treats too, silly girl licks her mouth when we reach for the treat container. Thank you.

  57. I think we would choose Eddie’s bag…or Annie’s…or Eddie’s…we can’t decide!!!

  58. My Girls would probably love Mercy’s Gift Bag. They are the queens of lounging. Perhaps a nice soft something to lay on or a cat night light would be in the bag

  59. Tracy Shafer says

    I would pick Mercy as he sounds the most like my cats. I would love to find some toys, a blanket, or a tshirt and bracelet for mom!

  60. buddlites1 says

    My spoiled black cat Sassy would love Annie Cat Gift Bag. She loves plush cat toys and totes them all over the house. I would love to find cat nip toys in the bag because she goes crazy over them. Annie’s green worm would be a great addition too. Thanks for the chance to win. Good luck everyone.

  61. Sharon A. Allen says

    My Mini would love Eddie’s bag. He likes the interactive toys & sometimes the soft toys especially if they have cat nip.

  62. I want Annie’s bag because my Sienna looks just like her, Also Has a twin brother who acts like Eddie. I would think there is ponce treats, maybe a yowl cat nip toy and a soft blanket in the bag

  63. Jean Collier says

    I think my Fred Astaire would like Eddie’s bag…but then I look at Annie’s!

  64. Dana Rodriguez says

    I think they all rock but I am going with Mercy because my indoor cat is almost 16. Thank you for all you do! I have about 3 ferals w/kittens right now and I think you are sending a positive message JoAnne.I have been following you forever and will continue to. You are the bomb diggety girl.

  65. Cheryl Young says

    I’d like Mercy’s bag cause I love her name! We hope there are toys inside!

  66. sillykittygirl51 says

    I think my little girlkitty Cannoli would like Eddie’s bag since she enjoys playing with interactive toys, as well as cuddle when it starts to get chilly out. My 2 older boykittiess will play with whatever Cannoli has 😉

  67. Angela Wise says

    I would chose Mercy’s bag and would hope that there was a Cat Night Light and some plastic bags in it!

  68. My fluffers have agreed that they would purr over Annie’s bag. >^..^<

  69. Dash Kitten in NZ says

    Edie’s bag would quit us, although we would be glad for any bag full of ANY toys!!!

  70. tannawings says

    I think I would choose Mercy’s toys. I have 5 cats. None really play with plush and are older now and kind of lazy but will play with interesting things. They like to play on their own terms although at times are wild and play with anything.

  71. Totally in for Annie’s. My girl would love it.

  72. Marilyn Hamill says

    I’d choose Mercy’s bag, as I’m sure there would be black cat items in it, like socks, and a necklace.

  73. Although I’m sure all the bags are great, I’d probably take a chance on Annie’s bag. I’d hope they’re be something soft to lay on in it.

  74. I think I would pick annie’s bag for my Creamy

  75. Kris Gilley says

    I would choose Mercy’s bag because my Shamrock is a lounger like Mercy. It would be cool if there was a cat nightlight, cat tail ring, or Purrfect Cat Nap pillowcases!

  76. That’s a tough call, but I’d probably choose Eddie or Mercy’s bag. The cat tail ring, the new cat link bracelet are just a couple of things I’d like, but the duffle is my ‘dream’ pick.

    • Super Hurrah! Congratulations Mona, you are the winner of Mercy’s Surprise Gift bag! Mercy and I will be preparing your package to ship via USPS so be on the lookout for the shipping notification. Thank you for being a part of The Tiniest Tiger community. Mercy has made a note of your favorite things. 😉

      • Oh gosh! Thank you so much! The kiddos, all six, will look forward to having packaging to play with. ?

  77. Toby likes soft toys, so I think we’ll go with Annie’s bag.

  78. Riley0100 says

    I love everything from the Tiniest Tiger ;). I would pick Mercy’s bag, I have a soft spot for black cats, especially ones with white spots on their chest <3

  79. Mary Friedling says

    I choose Eddie’s bag. My three love to play play play. Squeaky has her favorite soft mouse. She calls it Prey. Joe plays with everything except Squeaky’s mouse, and Pink’s rabbit fur wand. I think/hope toys are in the bag. Squeaky also has a tiny zip lock bag she calls Preytu.

    • Hurrah Mary! You are the winner of Annie’s Surprise Gift Bag but don’t worry, Annie has asked Eddie to assist in choosing items that will go into your package. We will be shipping via USPS so be on the lookout for a shipping notification. Thank you for being a part of The Tiniest Tiger community.

  80. Mary Jo Krause says

    I think I would like Eddie’s bag and surprise me!!

  81. Susan Beamon says

    Kaine likes toys he can chase, catch, toss in the air and knock around with his feet. While he love the laser pointer, he’s not much for interactive toys. So, I’m thinking Annie’s bag would be more up his alley. It doesn’t matter to me which bag, I’m sure they are all three very nice. It would be wonderful if the bag Kaine wins has a size 3x t-shirt or a night light.

  82. Deb Philippon says

    Our choice would be Eddie’s bag, with the interactive playthings. So many nice things. What an adorable night light!

  83. Jocelyn J says

    Annie’s bag! Sounds like a good mix of items to keep the cats busy!: My five rescues enjoy a mix of toys especially soft plushies to carry around…treats, which all five love…cute/fun cat beds, which cats and humans alike love…and maybe something shiny from TTT like their ameowzing jewelry, purses and accessories!! Thank you for sharing, kitties! <3

  84. Stephanie Federowicz says

    Any of the kitty’s bags would be great!! Honey would appreciate any toy, however, if a preference then Annie’s bag would be great. Thanx for sharing!!

  85. Nancy Nemer says

    My fur-babies would definitely prefer Annie’s bag. They adore soft toys that they can carry around in their mouths like prey. I really hope that there is a The Cat Ball® Shark in the Surprise Gift Bag. My boys would love that!

  86. Lisa Gibbs says

    My babies would love any bag. I have 4 with different personalities. I also generally have a foster kitty or 2. I am certain they to would love a prize bag.

  87. I would pick Annie’s bag. I just rescued my lil calico baby and am enjoying getting to know each other. (it’s only been 5 weeks). She loves, loves, loves any toy that is soft and or bounces but is afraid of wand type toys for some reason. She naps off and on in her bed all afternoon so she seems most like Annie w a dash of Eddie in for good measure. Her name is Katniss Everdeen and her favorite toy to patrol her District is a water polo practice ball (my nephews) that fits in your hand. She bounces that thing all around for hours. So Katniss hopes there is a bouncy ball of some sort or a cuddly worm in the bag =)

  88. Judy Thomas says

    I would pick Eddies bag as he looks a bit like my Dobby 🙂

  89. Judith S. Anderson says

    Buddy likes softer toys that he can bunny kick, but we will like whatever gifts arrive!!!

  90. Susan Pertierra says

    My guys would prefer Annie’s Cat Gift Bag. They love plush toys that look like mice, lizards, butterflies or moths as well as crinkly toys.

  91. Ashley Ferrara says

    My cats like cuddly toys and love to play. They would pick Annie’s bag for sure.

  92. Tina L. Fleck says

    I think that Abby and Mercy are kindred spirits. She prefers to lounge and sleep. She has been known to sleep on a plastic bag from time to time. Hoping for some treats for both me and Abby!

  93. sandy weinstein says

    i think my girls would love Eddie’s bag because of all of the toys, interactive toys as well. they would like Eddie’s DoorShaker and I Love Black Cats Shaker, for me i would love the tiniest tiger tote..maybe Eddie would put one in for me.

  94. I think my four would love Mercy’s bag. They like a stuffed toy ( especially if it has catnip in it) but love lounging around on soft blankets. The crinkle of bags gets to all of them so maybe a crinkle bag to go with the blankeyt and catnip toys.

  95. Melissa White says

    I think that my cats would like Eddies bag, especially if it had the door toy inside.

  96. Vickie Kohn says

    Honestly any of them, but Annie’s bag has the top spot. I think it will have toys for my Abbie and Batti and treats for my Leo.

  97. Elise Hitchings says

    I think my kitty would like Eddie’s bag the best

  98. Nancy Dehm says

    I would be interested in Mercys bag my Angie is a lap cat but loves plastic grocery bags to crinkle also and purse to climb into. She will occasionally bat da bird toy but loses interest fast. I can bearly text now she is annoying me to pet her but who can resist such a pretty girl hope I win love the bag an Angie will love sleeping on it when I empty it

  99. Julie Baker Parlacoski says

    Would love the Eddie Gift Bag. Most of the cats are playful and would love the interactive toys. It helps to keep them in shape and keeps them from chasing each other around the house.

  100. My three are very interested in Annie’s Cat Bag. It sounds just right for them!

  101. Kim Woodmansee- Hopkins says

    I would probably choose Eddie’s cat bag. I have several cats that sound just like him!

  102. Lea Turbert says

    Since of have 10 cats with all ages from 6-14 all the bags would be great but my youngest is blind and she loves the feather toys or ones that have bells in them. So Eddie’s bag sounds like fun for Helen.

  103. catchatcaren says

    what a cute idea! I think we would choose Annie’s bag!

    • catchatcaren says

      oh and Cody likes plush too, so if something like that is inside that is great!

  104. Nini Lacuesta says

    I’m sure my cats will enjoy any of the bags!

  105. Cat Fleming says

    With 9 cats of all ages, I’m sure any bag will do, but most of my older cats aren’t excited about most toys anymore, except for Da Bird. So I guess I would pick Mercy’s bag

  106. We like the Eddie Gift Bag. We hope there are jingle balls and interactive toys especially if they have feathers.

  107. You’re really going to make us choose? LOL! I have three different cats all with different personalities. So, I guess I will have to go with my youngest and most playful. I bet she would like Annie’s bag.

  108. Patchycat says

    I’d pick Annie’s bag because our cats love toys & treats. It’d be great if the bag had a Cat Ball® Shark!

  109. I love everything I see on this site. My kitties are more like Mercy but I’d like them to play more so I’m going with Annie’s bag and hope that some kittiy toys are in there for my fur boys Prince and Dusty!

  110. Krista Shull says

    I have 3 kitties and I foster so any of the bags would be great. My kitties would lean toward Annie but the fosters would probably looove Eddie’s bag!

  111. Mary Kay Beattie says

    Well, I have six kitties so I suspect any of the bags would be loved by some/all kitties. I think I would lean towards Eddie’s bag, though.

  112. Theresa Spaid says

    My two old boys are much into toys either so would probably like Mercy’s Bag.

  113. Kathy Gale says

    Eddie’s toys would probably make my cats happy.

  114. Alexis & Mitzi for GinnyCat says

    I think Eddie would be a match to my Luna!