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Eddie with Nutrish Giveaway

Rachael Ray Nutrish has sponsored this post, but all opinions are my own.

CatCon 2017!

The CatCon experience is hard to put into words.  The energy, the buzz from thousands of cat-loving people gathered in one location to celebrate all things cat is a true experience. This was Triple T Studios third year as a CatCon vendor and I have to say, every year just gets better!  Here you see our friend Kate from Hauspanther with her husband Mark carrying our Cat Walk Tote sneaking in a photo before the doors opened.

Kate and Mark at CatCon

Our friend Kate from Hauspanter and her husband Mark Photo: Kate Benjamin

Nutrish Helped over 100 Cats Find Furever Homes

This year Nutrish partnered with the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA to help cats find their Furever Homes!  New Cat Parents didn’t just leave with their new family member either, because Nutrish generously gave each new pet parent a year’s supply of cat food!!!

So in addition to all the fun merchandise, activities,  and meet and greets, over 100 cats found a home.  And that makes CatCon even more amazing!

Furever Home Nutrish CatCon 2017Nutrish Adoption Center CatCon 2017

The photos I took were early in the morning before the doors opened because once the day began…we couldn’t leave our booth! There were so many cat lovers that we were busy from start to finish.

Even if you didn’t  make it to CatCon this year, we wanted to offer you a chance to win the CatCon Tote, program and two of the Nutrish Tee-Shirts made just for CatCon 2017.  One, Catify Your Life  and one Cats Rule Everything Around Me t-shirt.

Cat Con Nutrish T-ShirtNutrish CatCon 2017 t shirt cats are everything

We also picked up a couple CatCon Totes and programs to share with you.

The CatCon Presented by Rachael Ray Nutrish Giveaway

Eddie with CatCon Nutrish Giveaway

Two members of The Tiniest Tiger Community will win the CatCon Tote, CatCon Program and 2 Nutrish T-Shirts!
How to EnterEnter your information in the contest widget so we know where to ship your prize if you win. Leave a comment below this post telling us; Why did you “Catify” your life?

This giveaway is open to everyone.

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Rachael’s Rescue®

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Rachael’s Rescue® was created for all of the forgotten pets – the ones who might not have someone who loves them as much as they deserve. A portion of proceeds from each sale of Nutrish is donated to The Rachael Ray Foundation, which helps animals in need through Rachael’s Rescue. Through December 2016, Rachael’s Rescue has donated more than $17.5 million dollars to pet charities and other organizations that do good for animals. The funds are used for food, medical supplies, treatments, and more for animals in need. Many more animals around the country need help, and through Rachael’s Rescue, together we can make a difference in the lives of many four-legged friends.

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  1. Maria Appleby says

    We took in a few rescues many years ago, and thought we were saving them, when in truth they saved us. We’ve been taking in rescues ever since. Our lives have been so full of their love….there is nothing like the love of a good cat.

  2. the truth is out there says

    I have always loved cats and had them all my life. As I got to know their habits and personalities I loved them even more. I have catified my home with toys, trees and even wall shelves for them to be their true cat selves.

  3. Our cat is a rescue who is a huge part of our family

  4. I couldn’t imagine my life without at least one cat.

  5. Maria DiMeglio says

    My mother’s supervisor gave us one of her last kittens that was rejected by two previous people. She was a beautiful calico, and I named her Rainbow because of all her beautiful colors. She was my best friend and we were very close. Since then, cats have been part of my life. All of my cats are strays that somehow know my husband and I will give them a good life. At this point in our lives, we have 10 cats that enrich our lives completely. I could not live without them.

  6. Christine Stutz says

    My ex-boyfriend had a 22 lb traditional Applehead Siamese who I fell in love with. When he passed away in my arms (he was an indoor/outdoor boy, unfortunately, and was attacked by 2 stray dogs in 2009) I catified my life by adopting Sam, a 4 year old Applehead. He is now gone and missed every day, but I re-catified my life by adopting Boris, a sealpoint and Natasha, a chocolate point. I loved and love them all!

  7. Monica Barnett says

    Why did I catify my life? Let’s start with when I was a little girl, I was given a pretty kitty whom I named Ginger. I was in total love. I’ve loved kitties ever since. I can’t imagine my life right now without my FurBaby Tigger. He turned 13 years old in April this year and I know he will not be with me furever in this life. For now, we will love each other until it’s time. Either way, one of us will be waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for the other, ready to welcome, love and play again.

  8. naturegirly says

    I’m pretty sure I was a cat in my former life. I brought home every cat I got near as a child. My mom eventually caved and I have never been without since. Just like with children my home is set up for safety and stimulation. All my furry friends are rescues and all are spoiled rotten. I cannot imagine living without their influence in my life and I feel sorry for those who have never discovered their special aura. <3

  9. Wendi Watson says

    my kids wanted a cat

  10. Susan Beamon says

    I have had cats, either family cats or my cats, since 1960. I can’t imagine living without a cat. The longest I went without a cat was one month, and that was a very lonely month.

  11. I’ve always been a cat lover since my parents had lots of cats when we were young…I love them and my life has always been “Catifyed” even as a child with allergies. I wouldn’t give my babies up despite my parents’ urging. Even my husband who is more a dog person loves our furry babies.

  12. veronica gerber says

    My cats “Catifyed” my life. They found me and I cannot imagine my life without them. Ella Fitzgerald and Trillius are the most important things in my life…I live to serve 🙂 I was lucky enough to meet Kate at BlogPaws!

  13. Queenhollyfay says

    There are 3 in my “Pride” and I can’t imagine my life without them!

  14. I’ve had cats since I was a kid and wouldn’t be able to live without them! We currently have 5 – had 6 when someone dropped a kitten off in the back of my husband’s truck while he was at work, but we found a good home for him – and they do a good job catifying our house for us, lol! We have 3 cat trees of various sizes in front of our main window as well as plenty of perch places in our Florida room.

  15. Beth Caffrey says

    I catified my life when my niece needed a place for her cat to go since they were moving and she couldn’t take her beloved cat Scorina! Scorina lived with us for the rest of her life!

  16. Daniele Boulaghlem says

    I was born catified!!!

  17. katboxjanitor says

    My first cat chose me in 1996 and as I learned more about making her life the best I could I fully embraced the fact that I was catted. (Catify had not been defined yet!)
    Each of my feline friends have been amazing friends and sources of laughter.

  18. Julie Baker Parlacoski says

    Love everything about cats, their emotions, their personalities, their looks.

  19. Vicki Andrew says

    Have always had cats, they have a great sense of know what mood you are in and will sit quietly with you, entertain you when you are down cuddle when you need a friend

  20. Caroline Mayer says

    Because I love cats!!!

  21. aleshamom4 says

    My boys are my babies so I do what I can for them

  22. My life was catified from day one, with my first cat sharing my crib, bouncy seat, and mom’s lap when I was a baby. I have never lived without a cat, and add to my family either by rescuing from shelters or, more recently, rescuing from my courtyard. I can’t fathom life without my cats to keep me loved and entertained!

  23. I’ll never be without cats!!

  24. Andrea Baumann Kim says

    I have 5 cats, so my home is a cat heaven.

  25. Judy Thomas says

    I have always loved cats , they are so loving and smart and we are so lucky to have them in our lives.

  26. Our cat Cream decided to Catify our Lives-She adopted us-never had a cat before she came into our lives-not sure how we lucked out with the greatest cat ever as our first.

  27. I decided to Catify my life because I love cats and being able to provide a shelter cat with a loving home is a great feeling, and my cat is so loving and a great companion!

  28. Mary Jo Krause says

    Cause I love cats. I would not know how to live without a cat.

  29. sandy weinstein says

    i have never really had cats. they were at the barn. i have dogs, however, i am a big supporter of the local safe haven for cats rescue/shelter. i donate a lot there for the local pet food bank for both cats and dogs as well as to their events that they hold to raise money.

  30. Laura Ruetz says

    I catified my life as a small child. Now, as an adult, I would have survived some really dark times in my life if not for the love of my cats. They are family and I would be lost without them.

  31. Judith Taylor says

    Our cats are family and we love them. We have always had cats and our lives are more enriched for it.

  32. Mary Denaro says

    I have always had cats and now I couldn’t be without them. They are part of my life!

  33. Michelle Dovin says

    Our Kami just passed away. We know there will never be another Kami, but someday we maybe able to adopt a new kitty to love.

  34. Vickie Kohn says

    My cats found me. And we’ve never regretted it

  35. Sharvia Sultana says

    Cats help me feel better when I am depressed.

  36. Dicey Efantis says

    I identify with cats more than dogs. Maybe I was a cat in a former life? As a newborn, my parents used a wicker basket as my bassinet and our cat used to sleep with me. I’ve had cats exclusively since moving out of my parents’ house 20+ years ago and volunteer with local cat rescues.

  37. Cheryl Young says

    I love cats!

  38. what they want..THEY GET

  39. Krista Shull says

    My cats run the house…I just live there, because they let me. I also foster so need lots of catify in my home!

  40. Heike Obergantschnig says

    My cats need a good home that has everything they need

  41. Well, my cats made me! 🙂 Our first three chose us and we adopted our last one.

  42. I could not help but ‘catify’ my life…Cats are irresistible to me!

  43. I was born into “catification” so my life has always been filled with cats, although once I was out living on my own that number increased 😉

  44. Simply put, cats have crazy personalities.

  45. Linda Szymoniak says

    I have both dogs and cats (three of each – all rescues). I have loved animals for my entire life, and started with a dog when I was little. Each one – dog and cat – is special in their own way. I like to catify my house, though, so the cats have the freedom to get up and away from the dogs if they want. They all get along beautifully and often sleep next to each other on the couch or pet bed, but even my cats sometimes want to be away from the other cats. We have one cat tree in the living room right now and I need to build the second one I just bought and put it in the TV room (first I need to clear out some clutter and organize things in there). I really wish I have a place to safely put in a catio. My cats are indoor-only but I know they’d like to see more of the outdoors.

  46. Melissa White says

    I catified my life because cats are so wonderful!

  47. Jeffrey Raiffe says

    I catified my life because I love my cat.

  48. Jeffrey Raiffe says

    I would have loved to have gone to catcon.

  49. “Why did you ‘Catify Your Life?'” Because they’re beautiful and they’re also not saps.

  50. Betsy Pear says

    There has always been at least 1 cat in my life since 1960. He was rescued during a blizzard. And many many more since. At this moment we have 2 rescues that are indoor kitties. Outside is a feral colony . Right now there are 8 kittens from 2 mommas and Boy. Boy is a lovey dove guy! We fixed the garage so they can come and go. Out of the wear her and I do use a heater in winter as well as heated bowls. They have dry food at all times as well as water and milk. They get canned food every day also. We’ve enclosed the patio next to the garage ,it too is filled with cozy warm beds and dry food. Again they are out of the elements. I love watching them play and romp as well as the head bumps and kisses from Boy. I am trying to save money to get Boy neutered as well as the kittens. For now, I hope keeping them warm and dry and fed helps.
    I can’t imagine a life without a cat…or 4 rescue dogs and 3 rescued cockatiels !

  51. Kathy Gale says

    I can’t imagine waking up and not having a cat staring straight at me. I have had cats since I was a small child. They are my fur babies and I can’t believe life would be complete without them.

  52. says

    A cat rescuer colleague ‘purr’suaded me to catify ….said she had ‘the perfect cat’ for me! The rest is history!….25 years and many cats later I seem to be well on my way to “crazy cat lady-dom”!

  53. Kim Henrichs says

    Since I was teeny living on a farm I have had kitties. I can’t think of a time in my life except for college that I didn’t have cats, especially rescues, in my home.

  54. ClickClick says

    I have loved cats my whole life. I shelter elderly cats, and feed several feral colonies. I do my best to trap them, spay and neuter, and then they stay with me until I can find a home. I am fortunate to have a husband that loves cats also.

  55. Tracy Brewer says

    I’ve had cats my whole life. To me it’s a given to have cats. They help me relax and I love to play with them.

  56. Cats are my spirit animal. I cannot imagine not having them in my life for the rest of my life, period. They are my heart & soul.

    • Super Hurrah! Congratulations Chris, you are a winner of the CatCon Prize Package. We will ship your package to you via USPS Priority Mail. You will receive a shipping notification when your package scans at the post office. Thank you for being a part of The Tiniest Tiger community.

      • Oh my goodness!!! Thank you! I’m so very excited to have won. I love being a part of the Tiniest Tiger community! Thank you again! >^..^<

  57. We catify because cats are awesome!

  58. Kris Gilley says

    I stumbled into catifying my life. A family friend was fostering a pregnant Siamese cat found at a dumpster. When we visited her, she came and laid down by me for the entire visit. Our friend said she’d never done that with anyone. I considered adopting one of the kittens, but I had never owned a cat, only dogs. After another visit and some research, I decided that I needed that mama cat in my life. I had her for almost five years before she passed away in 2013. I still miss her all the time!

  59. Theresa Spaid says

    When I was a child I was really the only one in the famil that loved cats. Getting out on my own and buying a house I was able to get my own and have enjoy the companionship and friendship fo my furkids for years now.

  60. I catify my life because he’s a part of the family

  61. Lisa Pecora says

    I have had cats since I was 12. I love cats. My life would not be complete without cats in it. I try to give them a very nice home since all cats deserve a nice home.

  62. My cats favorite food! I catified because ive loved them since i was a child. And always had 1 to love.And i have always treated them like my human children, as they gave me love back that made me so very happy no matter what happened in my day. They are the best companions in the world!!!

  63. I catified my life because my cats are my children. I will do anything to keep them happy.

  64. Paula Gaudet says

    I catified because a wonderful kitty without a home found me on his own and I am forever grateful that he did. He has a big chunk of my heart!

  65. I catified my life because there’s nothing better than sharing my life with 2 furry babies.

  66. Tracy Shafer says

    I have always had cats in my life! They comfort me and make me laugh.

  67. Susan Marie says

    Of all the cats that I have met, they all have been wonderful companions.

    Their dear friendship includes a love that never ends.
    Yes I am happy to be Catified, Thank you.

  68. To keep my cats happy and healthy.
    Sue B

  69. Anna Violette says

    I catified my life because my daughter was off to college and I wanted some fur babies!! We have two! One will be 11 in september and the other is 10!

  70. Veronica Bohan says

    I need cats to keep things interesting.