Cats In The Bag! Eddie and Annie Playing

Eddie on Bag

Eddie keeps Annie inside the bag

Lots of toys, perches and places to play but nothing is as exciting as a brown paper bag.  Annie and Eddie love to play and each day brings shenanigans of some sort.  These two kittens make us laugh every single day and while in the wee hours of the morning we might wish for sleep, we wouldn’t trade a minute of our lives with them.

Well, we wouldn’t but don’t ask Mercy. 🙂

Mercy on Chair

Don’t ask me.

I put a paper bag on the floor and it wasn’t but a minute before we heard the familiar crinkle and pounce of play.

Eddie on Bag

Annie dove headfirst into the sack.  Keeping quiet as she could, Eddie began to investigate.

Eddie on Bag with Annie insdie

Eddie tried to get Annie to come out but she remained still.  Paul was able to capture them on his phone with this video.

After Annie surrendered the bag, it was Eddie’s turn inside.  And the crinkle and pounce sounds continued warming our hearts.

Eddie inside the bag

Although at 1:30am Paul decided that the paper bag might need to be put in the closet until morning.

We hope you are having a peaceful and playful Thanksgiving weekend.  Thanks for stopping by and being our friends.

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  1. This is too cute! I love it.

  2. Eddie and Annie are so gorgeous!

  3. Tracy Moorhead says

    Nothing better than Cats and paper bags! I was waiting for Annie to swat a paw out!!

  4. They look so cute. Thanks for sharing.
    Sue B

  5. Ann Richter Hickox says

    Mercy’s expression, heeheehee. 🙂 Thank you for brightening up my life with your posts, I love them all, but most especially the ones about the kittens, Mercy, and their antics. Happy Holidays. <3

  6. Morriel Shangrila says

    Mercy’s expression, heeheehee… thank you for brightening my life with your pawsome updates, I love seeing everything you post. <3