NEW! Cat Cross-Body Bag Giveaway

Cat Cross-Body Bag

Just In!  The new Cat Cross-Body Bag

The Cat Cross-Body Bag features a happy cat walking with their tail up and curled just like our popular  Cat Walk Tote designed by Triple T Studios and made exclusively for us.

Cat Cross-Body Bag

The back of the cat cross-body bag features a whimsical trail of cat paws creating a pretty pattern across the bag.  The cat and the cat paws are carefully stitched in place.

The Cat Cross-body bag features:

  • Zip-top closure
  • Fabric lined
  • Outside open pocket
  • Inside open pocket
  • Inside zip-close pocket
  • Adjustable strap with 23″ drop for shoulder or cross-body wear
  • 8 1/4″ H x 7 3/4″ W x 1″ D
  • Vegan-Friendly

By request, we created this smaller cross-body bag that is lightweight and full of feline finesse®  Not too small, and not too large…just purrfect!

Cat Cross-Body Bag

The NEW! Cat Cross-Body Bag Giveaway

One member of The Tiniest Tiger community will receive our new Cat Cross-body Bag from Triple T Studios.

If you can’t wait, you can learn more about Triple T Studios here: Fashion With a Passion®

How to Enter

Enter your information in the contest widget so we know where to ship your prize if you win.

Let us know in the comment section below: Do you prefer a hands-free cross-body bag, handbag or shoulder bag?

This giveaway is open to everyone! Void where prohibited.

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  1. http://Sandra%20Oldham%20Horne says

    Thank you Gracie!! I love the bag and will use it for many years to come.

  2. http://Sharvia%20Sultana says

    i prefer a hands-free cross-body bag.

  3. http://wetnosegang says

    I prefer a hands-free bag. Otherwise, I just overstuff my pockets. I love this!

  4. I prefer a hands-free cross-body bag.

  5. http://Beth%20Ackerman says

    Usually I carry shoulder strap bags, but I’d love to try the cross-body bag. I like to have my hands available to pet the kitties, lol.

  6. http://Linda says

    I prefer the hands free cross body bag… how else can I pet my grandcats????

  7. http://john says

    Actually, I will donate to a charity in my area for needy children…any type will be fine

  8. http://Sonya%20Allstun says

    I like them all especially if they have anything to do with cats like this

  9. http://Kitty%20MacAlpine says

    I’m definitely a cross-body bag person. I lose handbags because I set them down and forget about them, and should bags keep falling off my shoulder.

  10. http://Cindy%20Loohoo says

    Honestly, I cannot choose! I love all kind of bags/purses. It depends on what I am wearing and where I am going. I frequently change my purse match my clothes and the events for my day. I love them all!! Especially ones with cats on them–I like talking about my passion for cats and cat rescue when I am complimented on my cat accessories! ? Thank you!

  11. http://katboxjanitor says

    Primarily I prefer a cross-body since it allows me to keep my stuff contained and handy while I walk my foster dogs. Some are from a Humane Society and other are Assistance Dog candidates.

    This one would be a wonderful addition for my less casual days.

  12. http://Jeffrey says

    I prefer a hands free bag.

  13. http://Nicole%20Cutchens says

    Shoulder bag

  14. http://Deborah%20Trout says

    I would definitely prefer the Hands Free Cross Body Bag, thanks so much for this chance to win!

  15. http://susan says

    I like shoulder bags, I’m tall and very busty so cross bags are never long enough for me. I would love to find one that would fit cause I have shoulder issues and sometimes my purse hurts my shoulder; I also can only wear a shoulder purse on my dominant shoulder, otherwise it just slides off me.

  16. http://Shelley%20Joy%20P says

    I prefer a hands-free cross-body bag.

  17. http://Mary%20Jo%20Krause says

    I like them all but my favorite is a shoulder bag, but I prefer a crossbody when I am someplace with a lot of people.

  18. http://chantz428 says

    I really haven’t used a cross-body bag before, but I do like the idea of hands free. I usually use a shoulder bag.

  19. http://Lisa%20F. says

    I really do like hands free like this one, but so many of your purses are so pretty I’d love most of them.

  20. http://Krysta says

    With shoulder problems a cross body bag sounds like a good compromise.

  21. http://Caryn%20Coates says

    I prefer shoulder bags but depends on the occasion and the outfit 🙂

  22. http://LauraRichardson says

    Cross-body, definitely.

  23. http://Rita%20Spratlen says

    I love different bags for different activities. This is so neat! Love cats!

  24. http://Amy%20D. says

    I ALWAYS prefer a cross-body bag. Regrettably, I am not sufficiently coordinated to handle carrying any other type of bag and conducting basic everyday tasks, like playing with kitties or walking.

  25. http://Janet%20Meisner says

    I do like a shoulder bag but am interested in hands free bags also.

  26. Crossbody is cool for small and portable like phone and purse and I love the style. For my A4 notebook I like a larger bag. The is great for being hands free without shoving stuff in bulging pockets!

  27. http://sandy%20weinstein says

    i prefer a shoulder bag. the cross body bags dont hold very much.

  28. http://Cheryl%20Young says

    I always carry a crossbody when I go out. I love this one. I love black cats. Especially mine. =^..^=

  29. http://sillykittygirl51 says

    Hands-free crossbody bag most definitely as it makes shopping aswell as stopping to pet all the cute cats and dogs in my neighborhood a breeze!

  30. My first preference would be a cross body bag, second shoulder bag. These are so pretty. I love them!

  31. http://Barbara%20Consbruck says

    That cross-body looks fantastic and that’s what I prefer but shoulder strap also works.

  32. http://Tracy%20Moorhead says

    I forgot, I would still use a cross body bag, I need my hands free for railings and such!!

  33. http://Tracy%20Moorhead says

    That bag is sweet! It would be a more dress up bag then my others!

  34. http://Pat%20DeWald says

    I’ve been begging for this. There are just times when you need a bag just big enough to hold your phone, some cash and your lipstick. So cute.

  35. http://DJohnson says

    I really like hands-free cross-body bags.

  36. http://Sandra%20Oldham%20Horne says

    Would love to have this bag to hold all of my kitty essentials

    • Congratulations and Super Hurrah!! You are the winner of the Cat Cross-Body Bag! Your package is shipping today via USPS Priority Mail. Watch for the email notification.
      Thank you for being a part of The Tiniest Tiger community!

  37. http://Kat%20Poling%20Olmstead says

    I prefer a cross body. Keeps my purse safe and my hands free.

  38. http://Patchycat says

    Depends on the circumstances. If we’re doing a theme park or concert then a cross-body bag. For everyday running around & errands then a shoulder bag.

  39. http://Holly%20Thomas says

    I prefer a shoulder bag.

  40. http://leighnichols says

    I actually prefer a shoulder bag

  41. http://Rochelle%20Hess says

    I like the cross body bag. A slightly smaller bag is perfect when I don’t need to carry all my stuff.

  42. http://Tracy%20Brewer says

    I prefer a shoulder bag. They are all beautiful.

  43. http://Lori%20N says

    A hands-free bag would be perfect. I think this bag is so cute and would be fun to use.

  44. http://Teresa says

    I prefer a hands free cross body just like this beautiful black one here. This is so pretty! Love the little feet prints across the back! Thanks so much for the giveaway and good luck to everyone!

  45. http://Rpeska says

    I actually prefer a backpack-style bag – I’d totally buy it if you had one made! But between shoulder, hand, and cross-body, I’d definitely say the latter. I want it out of the way and ungrabbable.

  46. http://Deb%20Philippon says

    My favorite has always been a shoulder bag.

  47. http://Solange says

    I prefer a hands-free cross-body bag.

  48. http://Alexis%20&%20Mitzi%20for%20GinnyCat says

    I, want the combo of all hand bag styles as depending on what I’m doing determines how I handle my bag!

  49. http://Marilyn%20Nawara says

    I prefer the cross body so I can go hands free.

  50. http://Catherine%20Mora says

    I adore the paw prints & would love to cross body bag.

  51. http://tannawings says

    I really like a hands free cross body bag.
    ellen beck

  52. http://Suzanne says

    Shoulder bags

  53. http://ecrosheck says

    I like all types of bags, but my favorite is the cross-body bag.

  54. http://Lesley%20F says

    I like the shoulder bag

  55. http://Rajeeva%20Jayaratne says

    i like the shoulder bag.

  56. http://Tracy%20Schalk says

    Shoulder or cross body bags

  57. http://Cindy says

    I love the size and design!

  58. http://Tracy%20Shafer says

    I am really liking the cross body bags.

  59. http://Evelyn%20Hubbard says

    My favorite purse is the cross over bag. Less stress on my shoulders.

  60. http://Debra%20Guillen says

    I prefer a bag that can be used as a cross body, shoulder, and handbag.

  61. http://Susan%20Beamon says

    I need a new bag.

  62. Betcha if we won this bag, our kitties would be the first ones to investigate it. It is a PURRfect siize for our little Aki. He sends holiday greetings to you and is purring that he wins this adorable bag.

  63. http://Jean%20Collier says

    Love a hands free cross body???

  64. http://Cat%20Fleming says

    Actually I use both, just depends where I’m going & what I’ll be doing! ?

  65. http://Karen says

    I prefer a longer strap across the body bag, but I never actually wear it across the body – i’m weird like that!

  66. http://katsrus says

    I prefer the hands free bag, Don’t have to worry about it.

  67. http://Judy%20Stella says

    I love the cross-body bag! All your items are beautiful!!

  68. http://CubbiBear says

    I would really love a beautiful shoulder bag. My name is Sheila Dabiri and thank you for this give away

  69. http://Angela%20Amenta says

    I’d love the hands-free cross-body bag Thanks!

  70. http://Sandra%20Gaultois says

    I like a shoulder bag and crossbody 🙂

  71. http://Krista%20Shull says

    I prefer a shoulder bag…2nd choice is cross body as I need my hands free to pet my cats!

  72. http://Vickie%20Kohn says


  73. http://Susan%20Snider says

    I’d prefer a cross body bag. My second choice would be a shoulder bag. Just not into handbags.

  74. http://Linda%20Brethauer says

    I love the crossbody bags, so much convenient than a regular purse. Plus hands free is always great when shopping

  75. http://Susan%20G%20Brown says

    I prefer a hands free purse.

  76. http://Barbara%20McIntosh says

    I prefer crossbody bags, but shoulder bags are a close second. Depends where I’m going & what I’m doing.

  77. http://Joy%20Q says

    I prefer a hands-free cross-body bag because it is always helpful to have my hands free for other items

  78. http://ravens_nest says

    I prefer cross-body, hands-free bags always!

  79. http://Juli says

    I love cross body bags, this giveaway is so cute!

  80. I like a hands free for travelling, but should every where else.

  81. http://Cindy says

    I like cross body bags.

  82. http://Kim%20Woodmansee-%20Hopkins says

    I prefer a cross body bag as it is lightweight and leaves me hands free!

  83. http://biggie55 says

    I love love this bag! The crossbody bag is the one for me. I will ask santa for one if i dont win, cause i really do love it.

  84. http://Theresa%20Spaid says

    I usually use a shoulder bag but I like to try a cross over one.

  85. http://CATherine says

    I really have no preference for a crossbody bag or a handbag as I often switch between both. Once one gets to a certain .. age, or should I better say, level of living, flexibility within choices becomes so much more laid back. Or at least with this Cat-goil! Grinnns…

    Both purses are very classy designs and I’d be more than proud and delighted to tote either… via a trip to the library or local cafe .. up to a friend’s home also populated with felines or .. wherever. With gratitude! >^..^<

  86. http://Desires%20Pennell says

    I prefer a cross the body or handbag. I think the cross the body bags are the safest because it’s harder to get the bag off you and can be hidden under a coat or sweater. Teresa

  87. http://Judy%20Thomas says

    I prefer cross body and shoulder bags.

  88. http://Courtney says

    I prefer a cross body bag over a shoulder bag. However, my favorite is a shoulder bag that has a removable cross body strap so it can be used as a shoulder bag or cross body bag.

  89. http://tammy says

    I prefer a shoulder bag for myself

  90. http://Jenna%20Allensworth says

    I prefer a hands-free cross body bag

  91. http://Dana%20Rodriguez says

    I prefer a hands-free cross-body bag.

  92. I’ve always been a cross-body. Hands free all the way!

  93. http://Heike%20Obergantschnig says

    I like the shoulder bag best

  94. http://Phyllis%20Beeler says

    This is really cute. I would like it in a shoulder bag.

  95. http://jmuhj says

    I like a hands-free cross-body bag so my hands are free for my phone, keys, door, or whatever.

  96. http://Jenny%20Exelbierd says

    I prefer a hands-free bag. I need to be able to hold two cats at once, as well as my purse! 😉 The cat cross-body bag is super cute!

  97. http://ClickClick says

    I prefer a hands free bag.

  98. http://Allie%20Futterer says

    I would love the hands free cross body bag!

  99. http://catholland says

    My master, a fluffy house panther named Figaro, says I definitely need this.

  100. http://Noreen%20Pazderski says

    I love this bag! I definitely prefer the hands free cross body style bag.

  101. http://Carri%20O says

    This is so cute. I like having a hands free cross body type bag.

  102. http://Julie%20Baker%20Parlacoski says

    This bag is so cute, love the paw prints. I prefer cross-body bag for shopping hands-free

  103. http://Gail%20Goldsby%20Reid says

    Since being robbed at a grocery store a couple of years ago, I have fallen in love with cross body bags. I feel much safer carrying a purse closer to my body instead of having a handbag that sits in a shopping cart – easy target. I also love that this purse is black and white. I have lunch eat month with a group of women who dress only in black and white, with black and white hats! My friends know my love for cats, and would love seeing me with this black and white kitty purse! Thank you!

  104. http://Cheryl%20Roarke says

    I love your bags, always top quality, I have the black and white cross-body bag but would love the all black one. =^..^=

  105. http://Sharon%20Vinet%20Reames says

    I love anything “kitty” and the cross-body bag is ideal for anywhere I go!

  106. http://Kathy%20Gale says

    I like cross body bags for shopping. Easier to carry and keep safe.

  107. I usually carry a shoulder bag

  108. I like to use cross body bags. Easier to carry and more secure.