Tidy Cats Gives Thanks to Good Karma Pet Rescue

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Good Karma for Thanksgiving!

Good Karma

Good Karma Pet Rescue of South Florida is an amazing  non-profit organization dedicated to saving the lives of cats and dogs.  The mission is: To rescue dogs and cats in need in South Florida and beyond, offering them shelter, care, and love until their forever homes find them. To help curb pet overpopulation and suffering by supporting spay/neuter programs. To maintain responsible rescue practices.

 You might remember The Tiniest Tiger community donated to help Good Karma raise money to purchase a shuttle bus to transport cats to their forever homes.  We donated 20 crates to keep the kitties safe during their journey too.  Kitty Transports are an important part of rescue because with the help of transport, cats can be relocated to areas of the country in need of cats to adopt from areas where there are more cats than homes!

Dorian with Good Karma Van

Tidy Cats Gives Thanks to Good Karma Pet Rescue of South Florida

Hurricane season was especially rough this year stressing the resources of many shelters.  Good Karma Pet Rescue operates as a foster network to provide safe and loving homes to as many animals as possible until they find their forever homes. With resources stretched and money tight from post-storm recovery Tidy Cats stepped in to return some love and good karma back to the rescue by donating two pallets of Tidy Cats on behalf of The Tiniest Tiger community to Good Karma Pet Rescue. A perfect kickoff to the Help Meowt Season of Giving!

Tidy Cats

Help Meowt Season of Giving

We were thrilled to learn that Tidy Cats was making this donation to help out so many foster parents taking care of cats waiting for their forever homes.  There are more houses that need a cat to make it a home.  This Thanksgiving we are so grateful to all the hardworking people in animal rescue that donate, foster, volunteer and adopt to create happy homes for both humans and cats.


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