We Are Helping Save American Lions #GivingTuesday

The Mountain Lion Foundation on #GivingTuesday

The Mountain Lion Foundation‘s Giving Tuesday focused on their livestock protection program.  This year, they are telling the story of P-56, a California mountain lion placed in peril when he preyed on a flock of sheep.  The landowner welcomed help from the Mountain Lion Foundation staff biologists Korinna Domingo and Diana Lakeland, who left their families Thanksgiving activities to meet with the landowner of the property and help secure the remaining sheep.  The landowner had taken precaution to protect their sheep by housing them in a pen from dusk to dawn but a broken chain led to the loss of four sheep.

The biologists replaced the chain with a heavy-duty alternative and spent three hours inspecting the pen to ensure it was as secure as possible. The existing fencing was reinforced with additional wire, holes were patched and recommendations were made to the landowner. Domingo and Lakeland set up a trail camera to capture video if the lion returns.  California Department of Fish and Wildlife will visit the landowner to install foxlights as an additional deterrent.

The Mountain Lion Foundation will return next month to check the trail camera and to inspect other enclosures.  The Mountain Lion Foundation is committed to helping keep P-56 and other lions safe as well as protecting livestock.

Safer Livestock Safer Lions

The Mountain Lion Foundation helps livestock owners improve existing lion-proof enclosures, build safe new pens, and utilize new technology that can frighten away a hungry lion. Livestock owners often prefer anonymity, so the foundations work is not often publicized making our support even more important.

Watch and share the safety tips for lion-proof enclosures in the Safer Livestock Safer Lions video.

Thanks to your support of Triple T Studios, The Tiniest Tiger community was able to donate once again to the Mountain Lion Foundation to help save Americas lions by keeping them away from livestock.

When you support Triple T Studios, we are able to support global conservation projects.  Fashion with a Passion®

We will be sharing our #GivingTuesday Donations all week.  Thank you for caring for all cats big and small.

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  1. katboxjanitor says

    I am pleased to read of a rancher who was willing to work with the Foundation’s biologists to address many of the issues and allow the use of the cameras as well.

    The news usually doesn’t share the facts and work that has gone into the conservation.