We Need Your Help for our New Cat Tunic

We have been hard at work designing our new Embroidered Cat Tunic. There are so many details involved and my zoology classes didn’t cover how to size garments! Annie has been by my side the entire time so if you see a stray cat hair on your shirt, we apologize in advance. 😉  Fortunately, I found a professional fashion designer to help me out formulating the sizes and putting together what they call a tech pack for production.  The fabric has been ordered and sewing is about to begin.

close up Triple T Studios cat tunic

The tunic is made from a mid-weight french terry material and is adorned with embroidered cats down the arm and around the sleeve.  The tone-on-tone embroidery allows for a subtle cat design in line with our feline finesse™ style. The tunic will be available in two colors, classic black and the Pantone Color of the Year…Ultra Violet!

Ultra Violet


We need your help in determining the percentage of tunics in each color.  Would you be willing to tell us which color you would be most likely to purchase?

If you are reading this in your email, you might need to click through to participate in the survey. Click Here.

We also need your help to determine the number of each size to order.

size chart

Would you be willing to take our informal survey so we can get an idea of the popularity of sizes?

Thank you so much for your feedback.  The Embroidered Cat Tunics will be available for shipping the beginning of March.

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  1. I like the black the best, though I think I could try the violet. I’d really love to see more dark blues in your products, though!

  2. Sonya Allstun says

    With my multi cat household black clothes are a no no they show way too much hair

  3. Not a fan of either color, really. Seems like cat companies only offer clothes in purple or black and neither one is animal friendly. I would love to either see a grey, white, or even red. These colors would also show the cat pattern better. Thanks –

    • Hi Katt, Thank you so much for your feedback. We are now working on a light grey. Black is always the number one choice when surveyed but I too love grey. Will update when the grey is available.

  4. Dana Rodriguez says

    I really like them both!

  5. Love them both, but I love black. You can dress it up or dress it down; same with white ..hint, hint…

  6. Purple is my favorite color and I love many different shades of it, so that’s my first choice, but I will get both colors if I can afford it. I hope that this will be all cotton or mostly cotton; I prefer natural fabrics.

  7. Marilyn Hamill says

    Not having sewn for quite a few years, now, or bought any new clothes, I didn’t realize how sizing has changed! The norm used to be about 10 inches between waist and hips or bust. It seems we have lost our waistlines.

  8. Both colors would work great for me. I really like the violet color. Since they are solid colors any color of pant would match. Thankfully I have a black cat to match the black one, LOL. The cat pattern on the sleeve is a really nice elegant touch. Voted!

  9. Love both colors. I wear them often. Look forward to ordering mine.

  10. Sandra Oldham Horne says

    love the pattern!! cant wait to order

  11. catchatcaren says

    LOVE both colors and the versatility of sizing……..voted!

  12. databbiesotrouttowne says

    The violet is a nice spring color though I think it would be hard to “pair” with something except for maybe jeans or black or white pants/skirt. The black is a bit more versatile. I can’t help with the sizing; I always wear my
    clothing on the loose side. The embroidery is a very nice touch; well done !!! ??

  13. Lea Turbert says

    The black would show less hair (since I have many black cats) but I love the violet one too!

  14. Vicky Kurowski says

    Although I love the black, I would be wearing cat hair and greyhound hair . I avoid buying black for this reason. Violet is not my favorite color, but of the two I would buy black. Love the idea of grey material with white kitties

  15. Shannon L Miranda says

    I would be thrilled with a gray color. The tunic embroidery is beautiful.

  16. Sir Pickle Longpaw says

    Meeyow! Love the concept! I do agree with the other posters, that a third tone needs to be made, how about a limited edition off white (cream) with grey or orange cat-broidery? In any event, put me in for a black tunic, 3xl, as I have to buy for my chest and take in from there. Also will match my bag and backpack.

    Also, I definitely agree that there should be 4x and 5x.

    Love what you do Joanne, hugs from Canada

  17. The 3X would be too small for me, consider offering a 4X or 5X? Thank you.

  18. JoAnn Mowels Ridenour says

    For those of us who love our light colored cats, please offer colors besides the black! I have three long-haired mostly-white cats, and black is the worst color to have in my house -and no one wants to do anything but black it seems! I spend more time with the lint roller than I do with my husband. I’m not buying anything else that’s black or navy blue. BORING! Even straight out of the washer and dryer there’s cat hair on my black pants and shirts.

  19. Gaby Savaria says

    I would love one, but those colors are hell for cats with long hair…..is there a white coming soon??

  20. Cindy Loohoo says

    I would need know the fiber content to help determine the size I would order. For example, when something is 100% cotton, I always order one size larger than a proper fit in order to allow for inevitable shrinkage.

  21. sandy weinstein says

    i like the cat pattern very much

  22. Cindy Martin says

    Probably wouldn’t buy if it isn’t long enough, hate the purple.

  23. They seem very large according to the size chart! Even the XS would be big on me if it is accurate. Also, purple is my second-least-favorite color after white. Black is okay, not my favorite either. I’d prefer some other colors, green and brown being my favorites but I also love all other colors except purple and white.

  24. Not sure if these tops will be loose fitting or clingy. I don’t like clingy tops but like them long enough and loose enough to wear with my kitty leggings! I’m more into color so I really like the purple!

  25. Susan Marie says

    Thank you, liking the cat pattern on this very nice top.