NEW! Tidy Cats Free & Clean Unscented Giveaway

Annie with Tidy Cats Free & Clean

Annie checking out the new Tidy Cats Free & Clean

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NEW! Tidy Cats Free & Clean™

Tidy Cats Free & Clean™ is Tidy’s  first unscented litter! Eddie and I are both super happy about this new unscented litter that is powered with activated charcoal instead of fragrance.

Eddie with Tidy Free and Clean

Eddie checking out the new Tidy Cats Free & Clean.

Tidy Cats sent us several jugs of the new Free & Clean™ Unscented litter to try and we could not be happier. We love walking by the litter pan area and not smelling anything! This new litter has the Guaranteed TidyLock technology too offering the most odor control possible. The formula is 99.9% dust-free too which is great for our little kicker Eddie who could create a dust storm every time he goes to the box otherwise. This is the cat litter of choice for us now!

Activated Charcoal Power

Activated Charcoal

Eddie and I both have allergies and scented litters make us both sneeze and me wheeze.  Tidy’s activated charcoal is made from coconut shells that have been treated with high-pressure heat and steam, which created millions of tiny surface pores that “activate” its amazing odor-absorbing ability. And, coconut shells provide a cleaner and durable form of charcoal so it doesn’t leave any dust or black residue behind.

These pores in the charcoal create space to trap odor molecules.  In fact, one pound of activated charcoal has the stink-sucking surface area of 75 football fields! What a relief to have this activated charcoal sucking up the odor from your cats litter boxes.

Free of Fragrances, Free of Dyes, Free of Compromise

The activated charcoal enables the litter to be free of fragrances and free of dyes. Tidy’s Free & Clean has the same ability to form tight, scoopable clumps. This litter has everything you want and nothing you don’t. The Free & Clean comes in regular clumping and LightWeight clumping formulas and is available at Petco, Target, and

Mercy with Tidy Free and Clean

Mercy is all in for the change to the new Free & Clean litter.

The New! Tidy Cats Free & Clean Unscented Giveaway

Tidy Cats Free and Clean

One member of The Tiniest Tiger community will receive a coupon for a free Tidy Cats Free & Clean Unscented Litter.

While you are waiting to see if you are the lucky winner, you can save $2.00  to try the new Tidy Cats Free & Clean.

$2 Coupon for Tidy Cats Free & Clean Unscented Litter.

To learn more about Tidy Cats Free & Clean Unscented and print out a coupon to save $2.00  pounce here: Tidy Cats Free & Clean $2 Coupon

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