Five Years Later. Bad Kitty Tells Annie Stories of Gracey

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Long time friends of The Tiniest Tiger might remember the antics of Gracey and Bad Kitty.  Although Bad Kitty remained stoic throughout all of their adventures, he nevertheless was a big part of Gracey’s day to day life.  She loved spending time in the office daydreaming with her buddy looking out the sliding door window.

Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger and Bad Kitty

Yesterday, I was holding Annie and caught myself calling her Gracey.  It took a few seconds to register after I heard Gracey’s name slip out until I felt that familiar knot in my throat. I kissed the back of Annie’s sweet head and held her tight.  Her little pink ears twitching slightly as I placed my cheek against her head.

Annie and Bad Kitty

Annie and Bad Kitty

Five years have passed.  You can see the  front garden has grown larger since you’ve been gone.  When we moved into the house, there was a huge Maple tree in the back yard that provided not only shade but beautiful green in the spring and summer.  Experts said the tree was rotted on the inside and posed a danger to not only our home but to our neighbors house as well. So, the tree had to be taken down, an event I am not over to this day.

The tree left an empty place not only in the yard but in my heart.

Lonley winter tree

The Maple Tree 2013

We planted a new Maple tree in the same location but knew it would take a long time to grow and be able to provide shade and gorgeous green during the spring and summer.

This morning I looked outside and saw brilliant green brightening our yard and lifting my spirits.  She must be 30 feet high now and despite a bit of a setback when the cicada visited, the tree is filling out the yard and the space in my heart that has been empty.

Maple tree in her green glory

Annie and Eddie have been with us for almost five years now.  They bring joy into our lives every single day. Annie is super mischievous like you were and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Bad Kitty looking after Annie as a kitten

Annie took to Bad Kitty right away as a kitten.  She likes to spend time near him during the day.  Sometimes I look in on her and catch her gazing out the door as you did.  It warms my heart.   I like to think Bad Kitty is telling Annie stories about you.

Bad Kitty telling Annie stories about Gracey

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