Cat Snow Day

Mercy Prefers Warmth of the Fire

The weather this weekend is a bit unpredictable. We are prepared for rain, sleet, 3-5 inches of snow or ice. We are hoping that we don’t get the ice. We are ready with plenty of cat food, treats, toys and warm napping locations.

We have also filled the bird feeders so Bossy Backyard Blue Jay and all the birds are happy. Annie and Eddie are birdwatching already. Mercy took a soft resting place in front of the warm fire.

Eddie and Annie Birdwatching

Eddie watching birds

Eddie loves to watch the birds. Annie does too, but perhaps not quite as much as Eddie. Paul calls Eddie the Chief of Security because he walks the perimeter of the house several times each day making sure everything is in order.

Annie wondering what Eddie is chattering about.

Eddie watches all the birds, but when the big crows land in the yard, he begins to chatter. He gets so excited he shakes all over. Annie looks at him like he is crazy. Annie prefers the smaller birds. When the crows appear she lays low, crouching below the window sill until they are gone.

Fireside Nap Time

Annie caught napping by the fire.

Annie loves to nap on the warm floor in front of the fire.

Annie hears Mercy sneaking up on her.

Sometimes Mercy sneaks up on Annie to feel the warmth of the fire. As you can see, she is typically not amused by his antics.

Mercy would rather nap than rumble.

Mercy opted to return to the soft blanket on the ottoman over rumbling with Annie for fire front real estate.

Eddie Waits for the Snow

Eddie is waiting for the rain to turn to snow.

Eddie patiently waits for the rain to turn to snow. It might be a long wait for him. I bet it won’t be long until he is all curled up in a soft blanket on the sofa for a long afternoon rest.

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