Cats Birdwatching in Winter

Cardinals and Sparrows

We are experiencing a few super cold winter days. Last night and early morning temperatures dipped below zero. Now we are at a balmy 9 degrees with a high of 12 expected.

I am grateful that I am able to work from home. Annie, Eddie and Mercy are grateful for the two heaters in their sunroom that enable them to birdwatch in comfort.

Gorgeous cardinal waiting his turn to land on a bird feeder.

The snow-covered yard is filled with birds visiting one of the twelve feeders. Today we have mostly cardinals and sparrows. Not a single blue jay in sight. This is odd for us as we normally have at least a dozen or more jays swooping in and out for peanuts.

Pretty female cardinal

I know some people don’t like sparrows at their feeders but we don’t mind. All birds are welcome.

Sparrows waiting to swoop in on a feeder.

Mercy Watches From the Sofa

Mercy prefers the comfort of the sofa.

Mercy prefers the comfort of the sofa. I also think that Annie’s leaping up and down on the Cat Power Tower starts to annoy him. Mercy is much calmer in his approach to birdwatching.

Isn’t this sparrow cute?

Eddie Alternates Between Sunroom and Windows

Eddie keeping watch.

Eddie alternates between the sunroom and the windows throughout the house. I will know when the crows arrive when I hear Eddie chattering.

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