Cats Play Hide and Seek

Annie and Eddie Play Hide and Seek

Annie and Eddie still love to play throughout the day. One of their favorite games is hide and seek. One of the “kittens” will hide while the other chirps wandering through the house trying to find the current hiding spot.

Eddie hiding from Annie
Eddie hiding from Annie

Eddie’s Turn to Hide

I saw Eddie’s little paws sticking out from under the blanket we use to protect the chair from cat claws. As you can see….this blanket is not doing such a great job as Eddie is under the blanket and hanging onto the chair.

I knew he must be hiding from Annie

Annie finds Eddie under the blanket
Annie tags Eddie.

Annie Finds Eddie

I love to hear Annie’s little chirp as she wanders around the house looking for Eddie. This round of hide and seek didn’t last too long. Annie was able to tag Eddie after spotting his paws sticking out under the blanket.

Eddie and Annie play hide and seek
Eddie realizes he has been found.

Eddie might realize that leaving his paws exposed wasn’t the best plan of action to remain hidden from Annie. Annie patiently waits for Eddie to accept that it is his turn to seek.

Eddie has been found
I have been found.

Eddie isn’t so quick to concede the round. His face says it all.

Annie gives Eddie the eye
Annie gives Eddie the look.

Annie seems to be telling Eddie that his time is up. She tells Eddie that she is looking right at him!

Annie on her way to hide
Eddie. Close your eyes. I am going to hide now. I know your eyes are open!

Annie tires of waiting for Eddie to jump down so she decides to begin her turn and find a hiding place.

Annie and Eddie hide and seek
Annie admits the spot she chose was not the best.

Annie chooses a location where she can see everyone coming and going but where she can also be seen. Eddie jumps on top of the scratcher house and waits. He lets Annie think she is still hiding. He thinks this is a good place to take a nap.

Mercy on Chair
When is brunch?

Mercy doesn’t seem interested in hide and seek but he sometimes joins in the running laps around the house. He is more interested in when brunch will be served.

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