Annie and a Snow Leopard

Annie and Snow Leopard

Annie and a Snow Leopard

I was able to sneak into the bathroom to act out my portrayal of a Snow Leopard. In honor of Gracy, The Tiniest Tiger, I wanted to further her work to bring awareness of all cats big and small. If you are new to The Tiniest Tiger, you might not remember Gracey’s award-worthy Compare and Contrast posts.

Today I will do my best to portray one of our favorite cats, the Snow Leopard.

1. Snow Leopard in Snow Storm

Snow Leopard In Snow Storm
Snow Leopard in Snow Storm

Here we are walking in what seems like endless white snow. Notice we both have some spots on our backs and white fur on our chest area. We both have our long beautiful tails to help us keep our balance.

Can you decide which is me, Annie and which is the Snow Leopard?

2. Peeking Snow Leopards

Snow Leopard Peeking
Snow Leopard Peeking

Notice that we both are alert with our eyes focused on our surrounding. I think we look exactly alike. What do you think?

3. Snow Leopards Surveying Surroundings

Snow Leopard on Alert
Snow Leopard on Alert!

Here we are surveying our surroundings. All cats big and small must be acutely aware of their surroundings at all times. Notice our ears are on alert to pick up any spooky sounds. Even though we look calm and collected we can spring into action instantly. I think I nailed this one too. Can you tell which Snow Leopard is me?

Thank You for Visiting Us Today!

Annie in bathtub
Thank you for visiting us today!

Thank you so much for visiting us today! I hope you enjoyed my portrayal of a Snow Leopard. We truly appreciate your friendship and that you care about all cats big and small.

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