Happy Halloween From Annie, Eddie and Mercy

halloween park bench with cats

Halloween Day

It is a dark, gloomy, rainy day. Even our Maple tree in the backyard has been stripped of its gorgeous red leaves. The tree’s red color was glorious for only half a day this year as wind and rain took their toll.

Annie Eddie inspect pumpkins
Mercy Pumpkin
Mercy supervises the activity.

Mercy has left his favorite napping place on the ottoman in the sunroom to join me in the office. He is curled up in his office bed where he can catnap without the sound of the rain beating against the glass and roof.

Mercy and little pumpkin
Mercy is intrigued but not excited over his little jack-o-lantern toy.

Trick or Treat Night

We have stocked up on candy for Trick or Treat. Rumor has it that beggar’s night might be cancelled due to the cold and rain. We have way too much candy for that to happen. Even more candy than Paul can eat!

Tiger and Lion Trick or Treat Bags
Trick or Treat Bags

Annie hasn’t given up on the sunroom just yet. Even if raining, she is waiting to see if she gets a visit from her little chipmunk friend or catches a glimpse of the fox as he lopes across the yard.

Even the blue jays and crows are hiding from the rain today.

Gracey and Bad Kitty getting ready for Trick or Treat Night

I remember when Gracey would sit at the office door with Bad Kitty and wait for the children to arrive for Trick or Treat. She loved to watch from the safety of the office with her soft blanket and bed nearby. Of course, with Bad Kitty by her side for added security.

Gracey Halloween night

I have fond memories of our Gracey admiring the jack-o-lantern on Halloween night. Gracey will always be in our hearts.

Annie and the Jack O Lantern
Happy Halloween!

Annie carries on Gracey’s tradition. Wishing all of you fun today and everyday.

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